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Not Always Bad . . .

Well I haven’t heard anything from those petty officials as yet; but then don’t really expect to until a working week day.

There’s nothing they can do anyway, but if they want to try me . . . well, just come on!

If they’ve had second thought about it, then too bad!  I am still going to get a written apology from them one way or the other.  I’m not normally an aggressive person but I do react if I happen to be the subject of untruths.  Its one thing being genuinely mistaken and saying something in good faith – quite another to state things as ‘fact’ when you are fully aware that they are untrue.  It is what’s called ‘lying’, and I know a couple of other people who are quite good at that.

Gareth put that reply up yesterday with my name on it, in case anybody hadn’t gathered.  He’s not on-line at home and just uses my computer.  Its still his own post though.

Talking of which, I may have said but there are 20 pages of b/w photographs in the new book (some half-plate, some full) and my next book will have a load in it as well.  Oh yes!  It will!

Went to the store today to get some wine and a couple of other things.  The ‘Saturday girl’ remembered my name. What happened was, last Saturday she was serving me and she said . ..  ‘Thank you Sir”.

I said, “Its just David my love, not ‘Sir’”.  She laughed, but she remembered it and said

“Hello David”!

Its nice when people are like that.  There’ enough unpleasantness and spite in this world as it is, and so refreshing to see people gentle and friendly. I have to admit though, not many people are ever rude to me.  Probably my ‘witches Karma’ that puts them off!

Does remind me though of another funny little story (not that the Thursday night incident was in any way ‘funny’:   It was last year and I was in a Taxi on my way to give my Library Talk.

On the way there, the driver asked me if he would mind if he stopped for 5 minutes as it was his ‘time to pray’.  I said that of course I didn’t mind (even though we were running a bit late).  He went into some trees just off the pavement with his ‘Praying Mat’ and thanked me profusely when he got back for my patience; especially, he said, because often people objected.  Well, the talk then turned to God and religion and I learned that he was a devout religious person, as he said it was obvious that I also was.

When we arrived, there was a group of youngish kids hanging around outside and one of them said (much to the Taxi driver’s surprise) .  . . “You know, you look like David Farrant”!   “I AM David Farrant, that’s why”, I laughed.  The area was lit by quite bright streetlights and the Library interior lights, but they obviously thought they recognized me because there were posters all over Kensington and Chelsea.

The driver said . . . “I never realized I never realized I had somebody famous in my cab!” We talked a bit as there wasn’t too much time; but then he just went without waiting for his fare.  I am sure he thought that I was paying personally for it and hadn’t got much money, when, in fact, I had gone in to get his money from the Library.  But when I came back, he was just plain gone!

In fact, this gave me quite a good feeling.  It was nice to see such kindness coming about.  And just before my Talk.  It gave me some added incentive to realize that there was not always bad in human nature.

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  Wine time!

For the moment,



One Response

  1. Thanks Carrie,
    And welcome! There is really no need to be ‘shy’ – all I ask is that people don’t mention real names here. Apartart from that, you can really talk about anything you want!
    So, you asked what my favourite music was . . . . well I do not really have any! At least as such.
    I can tell you one I really got used to in Spain in 1966 which Mary really loved and more-or-less introduced me to. It was called “Tes Tendres Anees” (sorry not able to in clude the French accent) by Jonhhy Hallyday.
    I’ve long since lost my original French EP but you might be able to find it on Google. (If you can, please let me know!).
    Thanks again for posting, and please do so again whenever you want,
    For now,
    David (Farrant)

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