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“So Go Ahead”! . . .

Gareth gave a Talk last night and quite a few people were impressed by the books.

He took some with him and would you believe I’ve nearly got through the box I’ve got.  I just didn’t know they’d go so quickly; mind you, last night was for a specialized audience.  I’ll have to get some more driven over as I just don’t have room for them here at the moment – all thirty boxes of them!  I’m trying to create space if anything, not obstruct it!

Talking of which, I’m going to have to get another double bed.  The one I’ve got now has been ruined by water damage that happened in 2002.  Its quite dry now, but the mattress  is literally falling to bits.  Point is, I’ll probably get a slightly smaller one as this one’s huge; its about 6 foot wide!  Not to small though, for obvious reasons!

I did get paid quite a bit of compensation from the Court Agreement, so at least in that respect, it won’t cost me anything.

Interesting little incident yesterday which might amuse you – at least, show the limits of some human stupidity.

For weeks now (well months actually) we’ve been bombarded with gumph from the TV licencing people.  I’ve just been tearing it all in half and leaving it on the window sill where everybody can see it.

Well, early evening yesterday two sultry-looking individuals came to the door and asked me if I had a TV licence.  “I don’t need one because I haven’t got a television”,  I said.

Then it started!  They saw the torn up letters and asked who had done it.  “I did, why?  I always tear up junk”.

They didn’t think that was funny, and so started to get verbally threatening.  That really did it!  I don’t like being threatened!

I said . . . “Right. Lets start by getting both your names and seeing your ID”.

They were genuine all right, but I still didn’t like their attitude.

So basically I said . . . “Look, I am not legally obliged to let you in.  Full stop.  But I’ll take you to my flat and then I’ll be demanding a full written apology which your office will have to give me whether they like it or not”.

I showed then each room but when they saw my video player in the lounge, their faces lit up.

“You need a licence for that”, one of them almost snarled.

‘I certainly do NOT” I empathized, “Its only to watch video’s on”.

“We’ll have to check on that”, the other one said.

I said . . . “Check all you want.  You’ll find that that machine has no facilities to see a televison picture.  You’re obviously don’t know your jobs properly if you don’t  even know that”.

They didn’t like that!  But they still wouldn’t concede.

I ended up by saying . . . “A Court  doesn’t have to decide anything.  I fully aware of the law.  But I warn you if you continue to waste my time, I’ll take YOU to Court for undue harassment and I’d get full costs from your Office.  So go ahead!”

In reality, they haven’t got a leg to stand on.  They just don’t like people standing up to them.  They liked it even less when I told them they’d have to leave as I had work to do, and they’d wasted enough of my time already.

I don’t know how they’ll react further, but I’m going to demand a written apology and, with a bit of luck, it might stop those stupid letters.

Anyway, that’s enough of that boring little incident.

But as I started off by saying, the books are going extremely well.

For the moment,



5 Responses

  1. the tv licence is a complete rip off in my opinion david and we shouldnt have to be forced to pay it for the sake of the stupid bbc.
    its like holding the airwaves for ransom.
    they might as well go commercial at least that way they can carry on paying the rubbish talent 6 figure fees and not getting us to fork out for that crap.

  2. Dear David,
    It was nice of you to refer to my talk, but you might have mentioned the subject, which was ‘The Pagan Origins of Heraldry’, a matter until now almost uninvestigated. Afterwards, several people told me that I ought to write it up somewhere, though so far I am not sure where would be appropriate. With regard to your book, people seemed particularly interested in the pictures, even though they do not include so many naked women as I had expected!
    A bit earlier you referred to the fact that people no longer burn witches. This is not entirely true, back in the 1990s a grandmother was burnt at the stake in Serbia for supposedly being a witch, and the same thing also happens in out of the way places in Africa and South America. We may not get actual executions in Britain, but as you say the belief is still alive: a recent ‘Newsletter of the British False Memory Society’ (November 2008) states that a book with the ‘scientific-sounding’ title ‘Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder’ is shortly to be published here, which will be promoting belief in ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’. The contributors include some women whose names I won’t mention, but I have heard them speak and found their evidence highly unconvincing. If belief in these almost certainly fictional crimes does not lead to executions, it can certainly cause unharmed children to be taken ‘into care’, and prison sentences followed by placing on the sexual offenders’ register for innocent adults.
    Though the weather has warmed up, it is just at that temperature where, whilst one does not feel the cold if walking, it does start to penetrate whilst standing still. Unfortunately, today I took part in a riverside ritual by the Thames near Richmond, which involved variously standing or kneeling for nearly two hours, by the end of which the two ladies who had organized it had noticed that I was shivering considerably. Afterwards we went to Binghams, where I had a most welcome pot of Jasmine Gold tea and a cheese sandwich, though this being a very exclusive establishment, the price for these – nearly twelve pounds – was not so delightful.
    Gareth J. Medway

  3. hi David
    hope your feeling beter. i had to smile when i read Gareths account of his day but i could imagine Gareth on his knees and shivering!!! poor Gareth im sure i could have done a beter job of warming him up than that expensive tea!
    will give you a ring tomorrow night for a chat and we can sort out our next meeting.i must admit i have missed you

  4. Thanks Craig,
    Long time, no hear from, on here at least.
    No, I hate being bullied by people or to hear people telling deliberate lies about me.
    But I guess that’s just a part of the human psyche, that hasn’t quite developed enough spiritually, to see the error in lies and deceipt!
    One day I am sure people might learn, but it can be a long process for some people!
    Really, over to them, if they want to take it further!
    Keep posting though,
    For now,

  5. Thanks Speedqueen,
    I met Gereth tonight, as you may have gathered!
    My back seems to have ‘calmed down a bit’ since the latest ‘bang’, but still giving me a bit of trouble. Anyway, won’t be ‘self-piteous’ about that – us ‘witches’ are well used to pain and injury!
    Please phone as agreed, and see you soon,

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