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Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited

As promised, here is the link to the new film Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited.

Its an hour long if you want to watch it through in its entirety – so be prepared for that!  The whole thing is really self-explanatory and really covers the period after I was first invited to be Patron of The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and the involvement of local people in the case up until the present day.

So, watch away and we hope you enjoy it!

For now everyone

David Farrant


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  1. Well we have already had 73 hits on YouTube since the new film “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited” was published only yesterday; and that’s not counting the private messages and emails I have received about its content. It seems people have been happy to see the whole of that particular psychic investigation laid out in its proper context in opposition to the misguided views of a couple of critics who were making all kinds of wild allegations about the investigation proper. (Without even knowing any of the intrinsic details, I might add).
    As explained in the film, the investigation proper about an alleged ghostly phenomenon reported at Robin Hood’s Grave, really began after I was invited to be Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society (YRHS) back in 2003. (Some two years later, a nightly vigil was spent at the grave whereby a Blessing Ceremony was conducted to dispel negative psychic forces which had been encountered – and experienced – in and around the actual gravesite itself; all of which was covered in the new film). In 2007 there was a conflict of interests within the YRHS which resulted in myself abandoning it, and leaving the two remaining protagonists to sort out their private disputes themselves. They had fallen out over a personal dispute that arose within the Catholic church they were both attending. One of these people was given her ‘marching orders’ by the Society’s founder who later approached myself a few months later and stated publicly that she would like me to return as Patron. I agreed; especially as she had written to me privately before this (and I still have her emails) to apologise for her behaviour. This is all a matter of public record and my still be referenced in some Internet Forum achieves. I only mention the matter at all because a few people have asked me about this in their private emails. I will not elaborate on this matter further here as, quite frankly, I find the matter quite trivial and of no real consequence to the real legends and facts surrounding Robin Hood’s Grave. I trust these issues have been portrayed in the film quite accurately, and that is really all that matters in this respect.
    On another matter Anthony, just to say thank you for your post regarding my marriage to Della. I felt it better not to release this however, as I have already made a public statement about this whole silly misunderstanding and I did say I had no wish to prolong this matter in public. Della is still quite upset about the whole business, and I had to take her feelings into account when deciding to withhold your post. That’s the only reason, and I trust you will be able to understand this. After all, it is not very nice to be made the subject of malicious allegations made by some Internet stalker hiding behind invented aliases. I had Della’s feelings to consider, and I chose to give this priority.
    Hope you enjoyed the Robin Hood film anyway.
    That’s it for the moment everyone,

  2. I have just received this from an interested party who is concerned about a serious error in our Robin Hood film – or rather information that I inadvertently gave in error.
    This was certainly not deliberate on my part as I was relying totally on the word of a particular female who showed me a signed letter from the late Lady Armytage in which she was granted personal permission to visit Robin Hood’s grave in Kirklees ‘anytime she wanted’. About eight of us visited the grave (including a small film crew) in April 2005, and this same person had showed this letter to most of us before our particular party set out to meet up at the grave at sunset. I was so convinced that this letter was genuine, that Gareth J Medway, myself and this particular person walked up to the grave in daylight, right past the main esate residence which lay some 50 yards away to our left. The lights in the house were out as it was not yet dark, and we could have been seen quite clearly walking along the main roadway. In fact, the letter was genuine (at least originally) but what we were NOT told about was that this letter had been written by Lady A. several years before and this permission had been long since withdrawn. Somebody from the immediate area has just pointed this out to me after watching the film and thought I should clarify the situation – which I am now doing.
    The following reply was posted by David Hepworth (Lady Armytage’s then manager) on “The Blue Boar Inn” forum on 20th June 2005 to Mrs Barbara Green who (together with this person) helped to organise the gravesite visit.
    The letter reads:
    “Finally you claim that Ms. C_____ F_______ has written permission to attend the grave when ever she likes. This you also know to be a total misrepresentation of the truth and on this I am going to go as far as calling you a liar. When Ms. F_____spoke with Wilby’s the estate managers office she was refused permission and even went as far as to tell them that you and she had fallen out and she had no dealings with you. Once again proving the low levels to which the YRHS will stoop to try and obtain permission. When Ms. F_______ first asked for permission and at the time the letter was written she had absolutley no dealing with YRHS and now she is inextricably associated with you that permission has been rescinded as you full well know from the discussions with Wilby’s and was backed up with a letter . . .”
    Oh dear! it gets even more bizarre. Not only was this person’ s so-called ‘permission’ rescinded before our visit, but this had been reinforced in an official notification sent to her.
    Amazingly, the person concerned decided to say nothing about this to anybody prior to our visit to the grave.
    But yet perhaps not so ‘amazingly’ taking into account all the lies that have been circulated about this matter. There is no question in my own mind that Barbara Green herself must have been fully aware that this permission had been revoked, but she also ‘failed to mention’ this rescinded permission. As then Patron of The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, I of all people should have been informed about this beforehand.
    Finally, on the matter of lies, let me say this to set the record straight:
    We arrived at the gravesite while it was still light; indeed, we spent the best part of 45 minutes clearing the top of the grave in order to put the ritual paraphernalia in place before the film crew were due to arrive. They then had to prepare the film equipment for the filming. By the time the actual ceremony commenced it was dark, and some 3 hours after this that we assembled in a pub near Kirklees.
    I would apolgise to any more local people who may have received a wrong impression by my remarks in the new film. This was NOT deliberate but caused by my relying on people just ‘telling fibs’!
    I am now in possession of a full copy of the posts and answers which appeared on The Blue Boar Inn site.
    If anybody should want a copy of this, please just let me know and I can arrange to have this forwarded.
    David Farrant, President, British Psychic and Occult Society.

  3. As there seems to be some confusion about the timing of our visit to Robin Hood’s Grave on 22 April 2005, some of us decided to approach it from the north side of the ridge, since this involves a relatively easy walk up a gently sloping path, whereas, if you come from the south, the path is quite steep, and David Farrant felt that, since he has a bad limp, he could not manage the latter. As we went past the Gatehouse, we heard a clock strike seven. It was still light when we reached the grave, and, apart from clearing some rubbish, we took some photographs. Some time later the film crew arrived, having walked up from the south. The camera operators said that they had switched to night vision, which surprised me, since it was still light, although since the grave is shaded by trees it was not too bright. I may mention that, although some occult rituals are secret, I would not do such things in front of television cameras, and the blessing that I did perform was based around three of the Orphic Hymns, which are not at all secret, having been public knowledge for thousands of years. I left to the south, which takes one across the old King’s Highway, and I noticed that it was nine o’clock, and now dark. We had therefore been there for just two hours. By car we went to the northwest entrance to the estate to pick up the others. We then went to the Cornmill, where the television crew bought us drinks. They said it was the most interesting programme that they had ever done.
    Gareth J. Medway

  4. Thanks for clarifying the times of the Blessing ceremony Gareth as it seems to confused a certain person.
    Another point that seems to have confused that same person is when she claims that I said we took scientific instruments on that occasion. We did not, neither have I ever said that we did. That is very easy to prove. I challenge her here to reprodce my statements to this effect. She will not be able to as she is just inventing this. Or in other words, she is just ‘fibbing’ again!).
    It was a BLESSING CEREMONY and you do not require scientific instruments in a Blessing Ceremony; anymore than you would need scientific instruments if such a ceremony was performed in Church.
    What mentality!
    David (Farrant)

  5. Dear David Farrant,
    As a local historian from Yorkshire, and a follower of local myths and legends and paranormal occurrences associated with them, I have been following your society’s investigation into the grave of Robin Hood of Kirklees. I first read about it in a bundle of newsletters which I came across by fluke at a garage sale in Barnsley. I had already read Kai Roberts’ book on his findings regarding Robin’s grave. I have also watched your society’s latest film recently on YouTube, which is the main reason I have contacted you through your blog. I was intrigued by the fact that one commentator stated that you and your group apparently saw no need to take any scientific implements with you when you spent a vigil at the grave in 2005. Was there any particular reason for this? Or was it, as you say, because it was a ceremony of a more esoteric type?
    Finally, could I ask, are you still active Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society? This is not made clear in the film, or maybe I just missed that.
    All the best in the course of your research about the history of the RH grave and your investigations elsewhere,
    Best wishes
    Dr Amy Booth, Stanningley Paranormal Research Society

  6. Hello Amy,
    Thank you for your reply concerning the blessing ceremony at the grave, and I was interested to learn you had seen the film and other things pertaining to this case. Yes, I can confirm that Gareth J. Medway and myself did perform a blessing ceremony at RH’s grave in April 2005 after conducting a fair amount of diligent research. I was Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society during this period, and so know quite a few intrinsic facts about the whole case.
    I appreciate you have asked specific questions relating to what you saw on the film; having read Kai Roberts’ book, and living in Yorkshire yourself.
    However you must forgive me, I am a little tired from a deadline tonight, but I will answer the points you raised. Most likely be tomorrow now though.
    Thanks again for your interest, and do keep posting if you want to, as I would also be interested to perhaps learn more about other cases in the area.
    Thanks Amy, and will reply tomorrow.
    By the way, glad you enjoyed our film!
    Yours for the moment,
    David (Farrant

  7. Thank you again for your reponse Amy concerning the Kirklees Robin Hood film and the BPOS investigation into the case. On the case of scientific instruments, we do often use these before or during paranormal investigations. The ancient Ram Inn is a good example (sure you would have heard of this) that comes to mind when the BPOS amalgamated with the BCPS (Black Country Paranormal Society) in 2002 to spend a nightly vigil there. We went there prepared with night vision cameras (left running in sealed areas), high velocity tape recorders, pendulums and dowsing rods, certain crystals, an electronic thermometer and barometer, and hand-held cameras, among some of the items.
    In the case of the Blessing Ceremony held at the ‘haunted gravesite’ (allegedly that of Robin Hood) held in 2005, neither time nor practicality allowed this: indeed it was only a Blessing Ceremony which did not necessitate their use.
    Apart from the ceremonial paraphernalia, which we laid on the grave itself, the only implements used were a small thermometer and a compass. I used the compass prior to the Cememony to gain the alignment of the grave (it was, of course, also useful as well in the event we got lost in the woods!) and discovered this faced due North from which a strong chilly wind was incoming. In fact, this wind was so persistent that candles would not stay alight on top of the grave, and had to be placed on a low ridge in front which provided more protection from the elements.
    The only other reading I took on this occasion was to measure the air temperature, mainly in response to other people’s observations that the immediate area surrounding the grave seemed unnaturally cold. I duly noted this measurement. As a matter of interest, following the conclusion of the ceremony, the immediate area around the grave seemed to be much higher in temperature than before the ceremony has begun. It was still light whilst we were making these preparations, and before another group of people later joined us. I should perhaps point out that I never stated these items were ‘scientific implements’. They were not, compared to some of the more advanced equipment that we often use.
    Finally, I believe you asked whether I was still the Patron of the YRHS. If I did not make this point clear in the film, then I apologise. In fact I was invited to become Patron in 2003, resigned in 2007, due to an internal dispute with a couple of members as to the fact I considered their attitudes in the campaign to have become far too militant. In 2008 I was asked by the founder of the YRHS to return as Patron following the expulsion of one of these militant members. I agreed, and remained again as Patron until 2010, when I again abandoned the Society due to pressure of work (having to write books etc) and my conviction I could no longer offer be involved in progressing its aims as these had become increasingly disparate with my own views, as had its organisational functions and membership base.
    I hope this answers your queries Amy, and please do post again if there is any further information you might require.
    Yours for the moment,
    David (Farrant)

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