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More and More Bizarre …

There seems to have been a lot of controversy recently, arising from the release of our latest film, Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited.

This film has apparently been widely viewed, and has attracted some attention from people interested in the facts of the Robin Hood case : some in the form of private questions; more from certain people who have apparently taken an instant dislike to the film. (It really gets more and more bizarre…)

One reply of the former persuasion (on this Blog yesterday) came from Dr. Amy Booth, who was questioning the intricacies of a Blessing Ceremony which Gareth J. Medway and myself performed at Robin Hood’s alleged gravesite in April 2005. Dr. Booth was asking about a couple of comments that she had read elsewhere from a particular individual – rather better described as an ‘antagonist’ – regarding the film. Dr. Booth’s original question, and my initial reply, can be read in the comments on the post on this Blog dated May 13th.

It appears that her response was based on an article for the ‘Yorkshire Robin Hood Society’ newsletter back in 2005. The person in question is apparently trying to interpret this article to justify her own hair-splitting critical conclusions, and is ‘threatening’ to release my article next week as ‘proof’.
Well allow me to save her the trouble…

I am reproducing a copy of the article I wrote, as Patron of the YRHS so that people can make up their own minds about this.

I must apologise for the appalling quality and layout of the scanned pages of the newsletter; however there was very little I could do to improve the presentation and it is presented as published: loosely stapled, off centre, with no contents page or page numbers and with no apparent type or page setting – resorting instead to photocopying emails for inclusion as articles with no editing of sender info etc. This issue has a date on the cover at least unlike most issues. However they did give an ISSN number to each of their photocopied bundles, so this is all on public record as you have probably seen, Amy – indeed I am sure you are aware of the – I believe we call it ‘eccentric’ in England to be polite – content of a lot of their newsletters (not sure how many or which copies you have? I have them all).

I can only hope that the administrative skills of this ‘organisation’ have improved somewhat since then as they were evidently sorely lacking during my official patronage – although there was little I could do about this at the time except suggest that those producing the newsletter attend a course in administrative or secretarial studies should they wish to be taken seriously. . .Sadly even taking up this suggestion did little to improve the quality of their output, which is rather irrelevant now as it is hardly each of the two remaining members producing a newsletter to send to themselves.

I do of course have the article in its original electronic form; but wanted to post it here as it was first published, lest there be any doubt!

Anyway I digress. I am quite confident that the original article I submitted – and which has been published elsewhere – certainly does not elaborate upon the use of scientific equipment during the Blessing Ceremony.

Well that’s all for now folks, have fun!
David Farrant

And just for good measure, to pre-empt these striving  ‘revisionists’ saying that my article as reproduced above was not included in their newsletter as described, here is the following page which can be seen in shadow on the page above. Again, apologies for the poor quality, I have merely reproduced it as it was sent out to members in its original form.



2 Responses

  1. Thank you David for your reply and your reply to my two or three points about the grave vigil. Your account seems to tally exactly with the article in one of the published newsletters which I have in my possession that is dated May 22 2005, almost a month to the day after you performed the vigil. I can vouch for the fact that you did not mention “scientific instruments” in this. In fact it reads:
    “It was a forlorn evening; not too cold, but a stubborn ‘dampness’ pervaded the atmosphere. As well, all observed a distinct ‘coldness’ that seemed to encompass the actual grave within an area of two feet or more. Thermal readings confirmed this, but compass alignments reacted unpredictably – although the latter could have been caused by the old rusty railings that surrounded most of the grave.
    The stone front of the grave was cleared of rubble, and once cleared was adorned with certain mystical accoutrements including burning incense and candles and other symbolism necessary for the successful performance of the ceremony.”
    The reason I am a little perplexed is because in the course of my recent research, I saw a comment on an open Robin Hood group which although purporting to be discussing the Robin Hood case, mostly seems to be dedicated to attacks made against yourself and your wife, David.
    One particular rather nasty entry reads:
    “Remember the news article that you did for us in the YRHS newsletter, well it is there where you claimed you took scientific instruments such as compassess. You’re a perpetual liar Farrant.”
    Well, having seen your published article myself, I can see quite clearly that this is the same one that you put up online and that you didn’t mention “scientific instruments”. Indeed, you made quite clear in your rather detailed reply the significance you put on scientific instruments and their uses but that these were not required on this particular occasion.
    To answer your observation about The Ancient Ram Inn, I have of course heard of it. In fact a member of our own group attended a sightseeing tour a few years ago and took some pictures. I have seen these and it is indeed a fascinating place. Do you plan to return there again?
    Just to return one more time to the Blessing Ceremony, in some vigil type scenarios which I have attended with my paranormal group, it has been noticed that certain types of – how would you say, rituals, or incantations at a haunted site or even sometimes at members’ houses afterwards or before, can create a notable temperature change – i.e. an increase in heat – by themselves, even when there is no negative energy suspected or felt.
    Thanks David,
    Best wishes,
    Dr Amy Booth

  2. Thanks for that Amy, and pointing out my original statements in my Robin Hood article that included an account of the Blessing Ceremony held at the gravesite in April 2005. I really cannot understand why now some people are trying to change the actual facts; unless, of course, their motivations are just motivated by malice. Whatever, certainly not very ‘Christian’ behavior!
    In regard to The Ancient Ram Inn: ‘no’ I have no plans to return there in the immediate future. We spent two all-night vigils there, one in 1998; the other in 2002, and I have many photographs for the record. Unfortunately, I understand (well I know) that now the owner, John Humphries, has taken to charging extortionate fees for the privilege of staying there all night which, in my view, has only served to ‘commercialise’ the Inn’s deeper esoteric values. But our investigations nevertheless continue, with or without The Ram Inn!
    Thanks for your interest,
    David (Farrant)

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