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Veiled Existence article by David Farrant
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Fairly quiet day today but its given me a chance to catch up with some written work I’ve fallen slightly behind with. 

I started with some emails at lunchtime, and brought those mostly up to date.  Some were mainly just acknowledgements but some demanded more detailed response being in relation to on-going projects.  Anyway, I caught up with those in a couple of hours.  Had a short coffee break (well tea actually) then got down to trying to complete another Introduction on a forthcoming book on the supernatural which I’d agreed to write.  That’s finished now, but it took a good few hours to complete. 

Then Della got in from work, so we just relaxed over some food and wine just talking about things in general.  She had had a fairly hectic day at work, and things didn’t improve when she found somebody had ‘nicked’ her parking space near the main building.  They (he or she) hadn’t realized that space had been assigned to her, even though her company owned those particular parking spaces.  She got it all sorted out, although not without a little difficulty.  It didn’t make a good start to the day; especially when she was a little tired anyway.
 She is asleep now anyway, so I’m just finishing off a few things in the early hours.  I thought a quick Blog might be in order, as people keep encouraging me to do more on it.  Easier said than done really, when you get a quiet day like today!

OK.  There have been some very good responses to the new film “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited”.  There has also been a minimal amount of criticism, but as this has only been forthcoming from a couple of very prejudiced people, I just tend to ignore it.  I have had quite a few queries about the DVD copy of the film which apparently some people want as collectors items.  These are now all being processed and should be available in two weeks. We will give details here when the first batch is ready for dispatch.

For the sake of clarity (in view of an earlier Blog here), the new film has no connection whatsoever with an earlier Robin Hood film made (or rather partly made) in 2002.  I was given the rights to this film but decided against using any of it.  That whole film was made as a ‘spoof’ of the Robin Hood legend and I didn’t think it would be appropriate to mix any of that (by means of cuts or short clips) with the current film as it would have seriously distracted from the true facts as portrayed in the current film.  I think the late owner of the Kirklees estate (where Robin Hood supposedly lies buried) would have literally ‘turned in her grave’ had I done so.  (No disrespect intended, but I feel she is quite entitled to be left in peace after the lack of respect that was shown to her in her lifetime by certain people).

Well, its getting late now (maybe I should say early), so better get some well-earned sleep.

So until a little later everyone.


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