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Naughty Fibs

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Well still very tired tonight. But still feel I have a little time to do another Blog; especially in view of the fact that I keep getting so many requests to try to keep up to date!

Most of you have asked for news on my books or future film projects, but I’ll leave all that for the moment. This stuff is all ongoing, as I think I have explained before. So don’t worry, news on all that will all be forthcoming very shortly.

So to get down to boring statistics again – I mean ‘blog statistics’ – I will try to give you some up to date news on some events as these are progressing.

The latest film has infact been an enormous success. I have had a lot of feedback since its release barely two weeks ago; but as I said – due mainly to all the apparent controversy the film has invoked in some quarters – I will leave comments on that for the moment. It has mainly been complimentary; although with the exception of just one or two ‘critics’ who have apparently taken exception to the film’s release.  As I said, that is really of little consequence, as the majorital response has been in favour of the release of the film, ‘Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited’.

Now having said that I am fully aware of certain critical reviews (albeit minor) that have attacked the film’s content and style quite mercilessly! You should read some of the emails that have been forwarded to me by utterly perplexed recipients, who have been bombarded with unsolicited invitations to view the film, accompanied by ranting, badly spelled diatribes from a couple of people who seemingly have nothing better to do when they are not gossiping about my private life.

It is all very trivial really, but we are only really dealing with the interpretations of two misguided ladies with their own interests in the Robin Hood legend, and quite frankly, nobody takes them seriously! As evidenced by the communications I have been spontaneously receiving from people in the area – from North Huddersfield town centre to Hebden Bridge – who think they are totally ‘mad’! Ah well, each to their own perhaps;  but if it makes them happy, who am I to really argue!? They both seem to have their own particular fantasies about the Robin Hood legend. My opinions happen to vary from theirs based on my own involvement in that particular investigation.

To give a quick example, one of these ‘ladies’ has even misguidedly (read for that : deliberately) stated that I was ‘sacked’ as Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society in 2007.  This, she has apparently been advertising on her self-created Robin Hood group which is still there on public record. Well, lets take her comments on this forum as just a minor example of her ‘naughty fibs’. There have been many other accusations made by this person (including one just this week that I ‘beat my wife’ after she has finished a hard day’s work and given me her wages to spend in the pub.)

I hardly need to state that this is all categorically untrue; and all this from someone who has never met my wife or had any contact with her. I think these obsessive ravings give some indication as to the state of mind of this person and the only other surviving member of the YRHS (who condones these libellous remarks wholeheartedly – although in a very un-Christian manner).

But I digress.  In reality I resigned as Patron of the YRHS in 2007 because I disagreed with some of the militant policies being then employed. Babs the Witch, as she is still known, stated that I was ‘sacked’ from my position in 2007. But she neglects to mention that an additional factor regarding my resignation was a  ‘fall out’  she had with a fellow member involving church matters which I did not really want to become involved with.  Some 18 months later the ‘lady’ invited me back to be Patron of the society again, as she at this stage had no one else to support her. This was in 2008, and I still have a copy of her original request to me which was published on the Internet. I returned again as Patron – somewhat reluctantly – until I finally resigned my position in 2010. 

So somebody is surely ‘telling fibs’ here!

Such omissions of fact have left me truly baffled, and to question the real motivations of people alleging they run this so-called society. They profess that that they have ‘washed their hands’ of the whole issue of gaining access to Robin Hood’s alleged grave – despite the existence of a large community collective effort to oppose planning proposals and decisions etc in a regularised and cohesive fashion.

The reluctance of this organised initiative to involve the YRHS on any level seems indicative of the ‘respect’ with which they are treated locally based upon their reputation and conduct. Their public internet group serves only as a ‘discussion forum’ / hate group where the sole subject is myself and my wife Della. So what useful purpose they actually serve with regard to their professed cause (aside from bumbling their way through outdated Powerpoint presentations to school children – who lack the critical acumen to challenge their eccentric and monomaniacal views) remains an utter mystery. I understand that Babs’ going rate for these services is £10 – £20 a time should anyone wish to book one of her advertised ‘sessions’.

Over to you Babs?!
For now everyone,


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