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Pointing Out – That’s All

Well, its been quite a quiet day; meaning really not much has happened in a physical sense

It probably will later though being Guy Fawkes night, and we‘ll be subjected to the usual ‘bangs‘ and the ‘whizzing noises‘ of plastic rockets! Doesn‘t take much to amuse human beings, does it?!
Did get an unexpected visitor late last night though. She was rummaging around by the front door, and rang my bell, so I asked her what she wanted. She was only in her twenties and wearing a rucksack and said she wanted somewhere to sleep as she’d been directed to the house by someone saying that they thought there were spare rooms. I told her that it was not in fact a hotel, and there weren’t any and she said sorry, and was about to go.

I told her to ‘wait a minute’ and asked where she was going. To which she replied she ‘didn’t know’ but was just trying to find somewhere to sleep. We got into brief conversation and I felt really sorry for her. She wasn’t a tramp or a ‘beggar’ as such, just truly ‘down on her luck’ and tired. I told her she was welcome to sleep on my floor as I could see she had a sleeping bag attached to her rucksack.

She came in and I made her a hot drink. I could tell she was just grateful to get in off the dark streets. We talked for ages, and I made her a snack, and then laid some giant cushions on the floor for her to sleep on. We spoke until at least 2.30 until at last she un-zipped her sleeping bag, and went to sleep. Nothing further than that happened; she just went to sleep, but left me alone thinking.
This actually reminded me of the days I’d been hitch-hiking in the distant past, and I realised how much just a little company and kindness could console you. She left about eleven this morning after having a shower and some toast and tea. But I have her address (as she now has mine) so maybe in the future I’ll see her again. Who really knows.

So, no more news really. Except ‘Babs the Witch’ is still upright (well almost!).

To get back to this boring Robin Hood thing very briefly:
Just because somebody had a book or a film script idea about this case, does NOT mean that such a project was not originally planned before they might have told anybody else about it. It just means that they (the people planning such a film) might have chosen to keep the details secret from people considered untrustworthy or might have ‘blabbed‘ about it to the wrong people – as indeed has proved to be the case! Anything seems to be possible if we chose to believe some of the malicious gossip going around!

What else? Well I’m still apparently being criticised elsewhere, so I’m told; about what I meant in my books or writings; although such criticisms are based entirely on these peoples’ own particular judgements. If only sometimes people could read what other people say without automatically applying it to themselves, it would make things so much easier.

I have said before, if I am pointing something out, please don’t look at me, just look at what I’m pointing out. Why is it though, that people are so quick to personalise everything? They sometimes (often) cannot look at what is being said, only who’s saying it! It’s a difficult one, I know, because this means looking at ourselves sometimes.

So few people are actually willing to do this.


9 Responses

  1. Dear David
    I’m not sure how many people thesedays would do what you did, i.e. offer a stranger shelter for the night in thier own home. It was a freezing cold and foggy night last night, I would last about 5 minutes without basic comforts. When you consider that there are people who have nowhere to go, it puts things in perspective. You said:
    “This actually reminded me of the days I’d been hitch-hiking in the distant past, and I realised how much just a little company and kindness could console you.”
    How very true! Be interesting to know how often people show genuine, simple kindness over the Christmas period.
    Regards Matt

  2. i think with the exception of a few people most of the western human race has turned into a greedy group of hypocrites.
    they’re always banging on about human rights but seem to have their eyes wide shut.
    its like they just want to be seen saying the right things but in actual fact couldn’t give a shit about people.
    ur a good man David.

  3. Hello David,
    You were very, very kind, allowing that lady to sleep on your floor. The Universe/God bestows situations upon us sometimes, and allows us to deal with them in our own way. Who knows? This poor soul may have been an angel in disguise.
    Your kindness was much appreciated, I am quite certain of it.

  4. -“We spoke until at least 2.30 until at last she un-zipped”
    You chatted up a 20 year old girl and suggested she sleep in your flat? Brilliant move, matey. The sight of a young girl flitting about the premises should put some starch in the old ribbon. Miaow!

  5. -”We spoke until at least 2.30 until at last she un-zipped”
    …her false leg and hopped towards me with eyes full of….

    (I think I’d best ignore that Cat!)
    We have the photos from Metro and hope to put the article up later.
    If the main website and/or go down for a little later, it’ll be because of this.
    But it won’t be for long.
    PS Cat. No . . . Never mind!

  7. Hi David,
    If the lady was genuine, as I am sure she was, the state of your back room would have been of little importance to her.

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