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Headlines and Deadlines

Sorry to have kept you all waiting but here is the link to ”Metro” I promised. (Better late than never, though its ‘early’ if the truth be told!)

The article is on the Press Achives on my main Website I’ve headed this “Headlines & Deadlines” for a reason really. The link will take you to the Metro article. And then  will take you to the latest in the News section which will bring you up to date on the state of the books and publications.

I’ve added a picture to this blog…of course I had to get C to give me step by step instructions! This picture is a slightly more blown up version than the one in the newspaper and is slightly cropped as well. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I’ve blown a section of th picture up because I’m vain, but it’s just that somebody told me it was a good one.

So I hope you all enjoy the article.
For the moment,

The photograph is the copyright of Alex MacNaughton so if certain people are going to steal it and use it, at least ask in advance, or we’ll simply grass you up to the Met(ro)!


22 Responses

  1. A “Catty” Review
    A hugely disappointing article. Where is all the gossip about Police Business, conspiracy with MI5, Bournemouth UFO antics, and topless females leaving their knickers in odd places about your flat? All we get in this rather bland write-up is the usual shopworn history. Nothing new.
    And I must point out, the photo of you clutching a Christian Cross will send some upland rural Twits into spasms. Imagine! The horrible black magick witch posing with the Symbol Of Christ. Also, it looks as if you are wearing a frock and reaching into the opening to massage your nether region. Scandal awaits.

  2. Yes but why did you choose to pose at a Christian Cross? The symbol of all that is Most Holy, Blessed Christ, The Angels Above, Hosannah in The Highest, etc. etc. It could be taken as a slap in the face to the Christians or even a horrible sacrilege against God himself. London’s foremost practicer of Witchcraft, Leader of the unholy Coven, blasphemer in service to the Blacke Arts, partaker in demonic rituals, Hellish sex magick, etc. or so the newspapers say. And you have no trousers on beneath that raincoat I shouldn’t wonder. Where is Craig to talk some sense into you? I hope he isn’t off buying a supply of Hessian sacks for Friday night On The Tiles.

  3. Look you feline monstrosity!
    There is really no ‘scandal’ here – except maybe in your little ‘cat brain’!
    The newspaper wanted a photograph of me in a graveyard, because it was a Halloween story – that’s all!
    Any ‘twits’ are welcome to interupt it how they want.
    I have one (rather more) photograph of one such ‘twit’ posing outside tombs (with graves in the background) on open days in Highgate Cemetery. By your reasoning, that could equally mean that this person was also showing ‘disrespect’ could it not?
    With regard to the ‘dress’ I was wearing, you stupid Cat, that happened to be a rain-coat, which I wore towards the end of the photo-shoot as it started raining!
    So, just go back into your feline basket!

  4. I’ll answer you tomorrow properly, you stupid cat!
    I have no idea where ‘Craigs gone’; but he’s getting almost as bad as you!
    I’ll answer you both tomorrow, if that’s OK.
    Been up since 10.30 this morning, and its now almost 5.30 a.m.
    So, even us witches need some sleep, so I’ll just have to answer you properly tomorrow.
    For now though,

  5. Dear David
    I know that I’ve asked about this before, but is there any chance that you’ll put the 1970 interview you did for the BBC up on your site? Sorry to be a pain, but in many accounts of a certain ‘vampire’ case, this interview has been referred to, it would be great to see it. Do you have any newpaper articles from that period?
    Regards Matt

  6. Hey Cat….did you know that the cross was a pagan symbol long before the Christians adopted it? Yeah. The ‘ankh’ symbol in the Osiris religion of Egypt was just such a cross. It meant ‘life.’ There were other ‘cults of the cross’ spread out over the middle and far east, before and at the time of, Christianity’s birth.
    So there! :0)

  7. well i just went shopping at sainsburys.
    i bought a bag of shopping bags for next friday night.
    i also bought a plant called the ugly plant and i plan on growing it.
    i’ve heard stories that some people have fallen down the ugly tree and hit every branch twice on the way down.
    i think the only surgery is from a harley street sainsbury bag surgeon.
    never mind cat out of the bag. i think one cat could do with a bag.
    anyway nice to see the metro article up david. have any of ur neighbours been giving u funny looks since? i wouldnt be suprised if old people u havent heard from in years suddenly get in touch!

  8. Columbine is absolutely right, Cat. The symbol of the cross was in existence in different cultures long before the early Church adopted it.
    This is not any evasion of your question, but it remains a fact.
    I think you were asking if I was showing respect (rather disrespect) by agreeing to be photographed in a graveyard for a Halloween story about ghosts?
    No. I don’t think I was.
    Had the story been about ‘vampires’ and my remarks were encouraging the gullible to break open coffins; then of course, then my remarks would have been very disrespectful.
    But they were not. In fact, I didn’t even say anything on camera. This just wanted a ‘spooky picture’ to illustrate a Halloween ghost story. That’s all.
    So no. I don’t consider that I did anything wrong.
    No doubt you disagree. But then you always do!

  9. Craig, mind your manners or I’ll grass you up to the SPCA, you bag-toting dobber.
    Question for David: were you a “mod” or a “rocker” in 1962?

  10. Hi Craig,
    Think I’ll leave the first of your post, if you don’t mind. But note please, I’m not disagreeing with it either.
    I really have a tremendous response from the Metro; which might not be so surprising as I was told it had a total daily circulation of over one million. (Beat that for hits; including self-inducedones!).
    You know it is said “Many a true word spoked in jest”.
    Well I actually heard from a girl from 1962 who I went out with for a short while. (In fact, she was my second or third steady girlfriend).
    It was quite a surprise as we were quite serious.
    Just shows you, some people just can’t forget me!
    All for the moment,

  11. You’re a dashed clever cove you are, Sir David, a right sly one. I suppose we’ll never get the answer to what was your 1962 fashions. However I assume from photogs of you wearing ruffled shirts and bell bottom trousers you were a mite more than a “just me”. Not a Ted but maybe a Goth? I know the other vampire hunter fellow was partial to skin tight breeks and rouge, wasn’t he? No disrespect, only curiosity. May I remind all (and you too Craig) of the olde adage: “A cat can look at a King”.

  12. Well, not unless you believe what some purported ‘Christians’ say about me!
    ‘Evil witch’! ‘Satanist’! ’70-year-old + exploiter of women’! ‘Anti Christian and anti God’s knows what else!
    No. I don’t somehow think so!
    Sorry to disappoint you both!

  13. I guess you can’t really blame me you know Cat, with the way in which people have twisted stories about my life and life-style over the years. And its still going on today; even from people you once trusted. Can you really blame me for being suspicious of pathetic human nature sometimes?
    Actually, I really don’t mean that to apply to yourself. If I did, I would have already said so!
    OK. Here is what you want to know:
    I have never followed fashion (or people) and in my younger days I was frequently accused of ‘not being in vogue’.
    I never wore anything that I didn’t like, and if people didn’t like it . . . too bad!
    Maybe this was a form of rebellion against my father who always insisted that I wore ties; even bow ties when he took me to one of his Company dinners.
    I was never a ‘Goth’ or anything else.
    Mostly, I just used to prefer jeans, but I did go through a stage of really liking Indian cheese cloth shirts simple because they were comfortable. I kept buying these long after the ‘fashion’ had passed (early 70’s, I believe) but ironically (and this is true) I never wore them while they were ‘in fashion’, only when the fashion had passed and they were very hard to find. (Don’t believe you can get them at all now).
    Women? Well, I liked these to look simple (without loads of make up) and look feminine.
    I loved the mini-skirt, I must admit, but now unfortunately this has also gone out of fashion. Yes; I have to admit I loved mini skirts and low-cut blouses. (Apart from that, I was quite easy to please!).
    Sorry, you were asking about my own dress. That’s it really. Anything I liked or was comfortable in, as long as it was not in fashion. Then I would never wear it for that fact alone.
    Sorry to sound like a ‘bore’, but I’m only trying to answer without being accused of prevarication!
    The saying is actually (in England anyway) “A cat can look at a queen”.
    Glad you so diplomatically worded that! but I’m not one of them either!
    For the moment,

  14. I was a ‘Teddy Girl’ during the rock revival of the mid 1970’s. My child’s father was a ‘Teddy Boy’, and my cousin was a ‘Teddy Boy’ during the 1950’s.
    I even learned to jive.

  15. Hi David,
    Yes, the cult of the crucified man was prevailent all over Eastern Europe and the Middle/Far East many centuries ago. Moreover, each of the ‘crucified men’ were called ‘Yeshu.’ It is/was akin to the story of Egyptian Isis and Horus, whom many believe was a forerunner of the Madonna and Child. There are many similarities to both stories.

  16. FOR CAT
    I am really not sure about your post yet and I’m going to refer it to see what another person thinks. I was trying to keep off all that stuff as you know and she may agree with me. Either way, I’ll tell you.

  17. Oh leave those “miaowings” off, David, I was just trying to “liven up” your dull-as-dishwater topic a bit.

  18. Sorry Cat, but my colleague felt that this was getting a little to close to the allegations of some other people who are just ‘hell bent’ on following such stories even if they are fictional.
    Bear in mind, there’s more than just the multi-alias person now; there is another ‘innocent’ person (I use that word in quotes deliberately) who has been duped into all this.
    That is their problem and entirely of their own choice, but, much as I personally loved your account, I was told it would probably be best to leave it. I must obey! as I am obligated to other people. Not submissive to them, I just respect their wishes.
    Please don’t be offended Kitty Cat, you are still most welcome to post here (in fact I hope you will) but I was trying to steer clear of all the ‘Highgate business’ and, what do you do?! try and put me right back in the middle of it!
    Ask me about anything you like – other than Highgate!
    Actually, that wasn’t really a wize thing to say, knowing you! But just ask.
    I try never to avoid questions, as long as these are confined to myself and not other people.
    Just thought I owed you some explanation as to why we had to shelve your present miaowings.
    That’s the reason for the small delay in me getting back anyway,

  19. I would like to say that i love your site a lot
    now.. back to business lol
    I cant say that im 100% with what you wrote… care to elaberate?

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