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Just For A Change

Just for a change, I’d give everyone another short break and put up a little piece on the Haunted Silent Pools, in Surrey. Only a short piece which I’m keeping aside for more information so I can include it as a new chapter in my book Dark Journey when that is revised fairly soon.

In the meantime, a couple of recent news snippets . . .

My friend in Yorkshire who works in the film industry, went to his local authorities on November 2nd, to put on record untrue facts being circulated in public about him, and he showed them copies of private correspondence published without his permission. It was confirmed to him that this was, in fact, illegal as the copyright of such material was strictly his own.

Regarding the material itself (regarding some alleged conspiracy on the part of MI5 to ‘cover up’ the fact that the legendary Robin Hood was really buried in Yorkshire) they just laughed. Even more so when it was pointed out to them that this was really only intended as a ‘wind up’ to humour some person who was convinced that Robin Hood was really buried not far from her home in Yorkshire. (Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?!). The result was, everybody ended up having a good laugh about it (including myself, I have to say), although he was assured that releasing the correspondence was nevertheless an illegal and malicious thing to do.

More on gossip (or rather news): I hear that now there has been a temporarily ‘lull’ in the spate of malicious comments being made about myself elsewhere on the Internet. The person actually made a very recent post actually agreeing with something I’ve been saying all along. It was on the subjection of ‘fragmentation’. I have always stressed that things in the physical world are hopelessly divided (or fragmentated) – not least human beings themselves. But I have always insisted that this does not necessarily have to be the case if people could only but realise that there is an Infinite Source (God) beyond all this. To reunite with this source is really the only sure way to ‘de-fragment’ the human psyche. And now the person is actually admitting what I’ve been saying all along but which they have previously been contradicting (silly cow!).

Anyway, enough of that, here is the article . . .


AN ALMOST STRANGE TRANQUILITY seems to lay over the Silent Pools at Shere, a tiny hamlet just five miles south east or so from the bustling suburbs of Guilford.
There are two pools, virtually adjacent to each other, but it is the ‘higher’ one that is reputedly haunted.
There are many stories and legends that surround the Silent Pool, but few are plausible given the rift of time when many of these apparently originated.
It is said, for example, that one of the pools is ‘bottomless’; although such a story must clearly relate to the lower murky pool, as one can clearly discern the bottom of the higher one through its relatively clear water.

The top pool is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman, a mournful figure whose reflection is sometimes seen in the clear water, clearly visible, although its origin without any apparent causation. The common legend relating to this haunting is equally nebulous, but this figure is reputed to be the ghost of the young maiden who drowned in the pool in Saxon times under tragic circumstances. Legend has it that she was bathing in the pool naked but disturbed by an unwanted stranger on horseback, and drowned in the deeper parts of the pool whilst trying to escape his clutches.

It was a warm sunny afternoon when I visited the Silent Pools in late 1979. I was with a friend, but we both noticed the almost ‘melancholy atmosphere’ that seemed to emanate from the placid waters. Almost as if you had stepped back in time; or rather, that time did not apply in that particular vicinity . . ..

David Farrant


3 Responses

  1. Hi David
    Definitely on for a visit to the Silent Pool next Spring/Summer. It would have taken place this year, but for the awful weather.
    The lower pool could well be bottomless, as the Pools are actually springs.

  2. Yes, several people seem interested; that’s partly what gave me the idea of putting up the piece.
    April/May sounds fine.
    Who knows, you might even get to meet someone rather special! (And I’m not talking about ‘Count Dracula’!)
    For now,

  3. “The top pool is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman, a mournful figure whose reflection is sometimes seen in the clear water, clearly visible, although its origin without any apparent causation.”
    This sentence is a wreck. There’s got to be a store of withheld eloquence you can tap to mop this up, your blog is such easy-reading. The use of “origin” and “causation” in the same clause seems especially jarring.

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