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Can You Believe It!?

Can you believe it?  Yet another book mentioning the infamous Highgate Vampire case has just been released.

This American publication (but also available in the UK) is titled “The Everything Vampire Book” and is by Barb Karg, Arjean Spaite and Rick Sutherland.
It deals with the entire vampire legend in art, literature and film.  The section on the vampire-like phenomenon  sighted at Highgate in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s fills up 3 pages [Pgs 127-129] and is titled simply “The Highgate Vampire”.

The authors detail the basic events, but seem mainly interested in deal with an alleged feud between two ‘notorious vampire hunters’.  It names these two vampire hunters then goes on to state (just to give you a ‘taste of blood’!) . . . “went on to create cottage industries out of their respective ‘encounters’ with vampires and have written numerous books describing their exploits.  Self-professed vampire experts and hunters, the pair have maintained the same melodramatic feuding that gained their initial attention and continue the theme to this very day”.

Good Lord, the nerve of it!  There was  no ‘feud’, just a one-sided vendetta.  (although admittedly this goes on ‘to this very day’).  How I should know?   Because I speak as one of the parties directly named, that’s how!

But I guess you can not always expect accuracy in America; especially when many publishing houses have been ‘bombarded’ with ‘cut n’ pasted material about myself and my erroneous involvement at the centre of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case.

Well, thought that might ‘cheer you up’ everyone, and give you something to look up, or maybe research. Not only that, it has saved me from doing a personal ‘diary Blog’.  I really am a bit tired, so easier to do this simple book review instead!

So for the moment,
David  (Farrant)


15 responses

  1. that is typical david and at risk from boring the purry one purrless that is just what happened over robin hoods grave, greatest offender tony robinson who hijacked the whole situation which i had written and published and made mega bucks on the kirklees story –her late ladyship graciously inviting to feel free–cos he was haha-someone ‘important’ not a brighouseian of the peasant class–ie myself.! now they are trying to flog their beastly posh houses—the ones at the hall which her ladyship flogged when she inherited the hall over her stepson—by saying robin hoods grave in in their back garden–well i was interviewed on the beeb and told them the truth but was–unfortnately–cut off before i could mention the vampires.
    its very infuriating i know david but that is what programme makers do–has anyone watched that ludicrous tudors programme for instance with a weedy youthful actor trying to portray henry 8 and as for the robin hood series words fail me
    also net curtains are being dickipoggy but you can look at up on jbc
    tata barbara

  2. also before you start hissing and swishing your taily waily sir or madam or dead cat whatever—both his majesty the bishop of bourmouth and david were quite honoured to assume the title of patron of the yorkshire robin hood society and both did good work in the face of dickipoggy handshakers and sicko cap doffing–though sadly the dear bish succumbed to the lure or ther ladyboys and the******************tell yer later if you know the password

    1. That film was made in 1972, Cat, not the 1960’s. It was made by a group of students from the Hatfield Polytechnic and based on events in June 1971 when we held a second ceremony in Highgate Cemetery which was not interupted by the police. A young lady present was convinced ‘something’ had manifestated during this ceremony and had tried to suffocate her: she was terrified hence the reconstruction. It took two full days of filming to complete – at least the Highgate Cemetery location footage did. Other locations were also used including my (then) flat in Highgate. I do not know where this film ended up, but was told at the time it was for internal (yet public) use in colleges and Universities.
      It obviously was thus circulated because when I was invited to give a lecture at Oxford University on Satanism and white magic in January 1973, I was asked all about the film in the Questions afterwards.
      I should add, that you have to remember, at this time Highgate Cemetery was open to the public during daylight hours, and rules about filming were far more lax.
      I hope that satisfies your curiousity Cat!

  3. “that is just what happened over robin hoods grave, greatest offender tony robinson who hijacked the whole situation”
    There you go again. Proves my point Barbara about your hijacking over your little Robin Hood story.

  4. hi david
    i have just seen some very unpleasant and stupid comments about me on ncl and jbc, it seems i am not allowed to post there anymore as they buy their spaces and are precious about which bits of the subject they discuss–ie bonky and vampires being really intellectual subject matter of course which they must be getting something out of latching onto the story and promoting your feud—–then lady caroline mixed me up with catherine and objected when i explained–plus they dont like anything about robin hood–well i thought yanks were dotty about robin hood considering all the daft films about him they have made , but as you know my part of our english is to do with historical research and the truth.
    thanks for what you wrote by the way but after reading their holier than thou prejudices i wont be there anymore of course, i would not like to be the cause of them being out of pocket or hearing anything that doesnt suit their cause
    tata barbara

  5. In other words, how about you go and start your own blog and preach to your hearts content, although I’ve seen several blogs already on the subject with your own material cut and pasted.

  6. Barbara, are still welcome to post. However, Net Curtains is not your blog. You and Lady Goat had strayed far from the topic at hand and we were getting complaints. You are still free to post and you have not been banned, but personal feuds that have nothing to do with the story will be deleted and the comments closed. If you would like to buy ad space to promote Kirklees, use the contact form. We do take Paypal

  7. Now, now. Barbara. Having one single blog topic’s comments section closed after being scolded by an admin is hardly the personal rejection you’re making it out to be. But maybe a little drama will do you good. I’d like to see you and your Kirklees tale succeed, and I believe David does too, but it must rise “on its own steam” so to speak.

  8. I am indebted to everyones well meant advice and how i might be “done good”- but -there was a bonky link to kirklees otherwise it would not have been part of his story but thank you but thank you no—kirklees has been a long fight since 1984 and would have ‘risen from its own steam’ had not dark forces and cap doffing prevented it,—david knows all this, only recently a film crew, red monkey, were stopped filming the story by ‘them’ after wasting hours of our time— for once in his life bonky did me a favour there by writing about his investigation-however i do not have to take personal abuse from those who dont understand things and get me mixed up with others and allow no right of reply.
    i dont intend to clutter davids blog up either, so barring any particularly idiotic comments, i hope that is farewll and have a nice day–at least i have the guts not to hide o
    under bonky-like names either,

  9. I heard say that that still photo was published in TitBits. Who was the photographer? Who was the girl? In the photo it looks like you are pretending to chase her. What’s so supernatural about that?

  10. Sorry for any delay Cat, but you shouldn’t ask questions on a Friday night!
    You asked who the girl was and the name of the Tit Bits photographer.
    I obviously know who the girl was and also her name. She was an actress/model employed by a film agency who were commissioned by Tit Bits magazine to get photographs to illustrate their article on vampires. Tit Bits did not send their own photographer but commissioed this film agency whose photographs were also used in the 1972 student film. I make it my policy not to give people’s name here without their prior permission and this can be no exception. Although I obviously know who she was.
    The film was was made by students in the days when Highgate Cemetery was open to the public and – as I said – was circulated around student circles, and even ended being seen by students at Oxford University where I was later invited to give a lecture on witchcraft and the paranormal.
    Some confusion seems to have arisen between this film and another student film I made 10 years later in 1982. This was also filmed in Highgate Cemetery – or the basic ‘vampire location’ shots were. But these two films were completely independent.
    I hope this clears up any confusion on the part of any people who were not present at the time or who indeed, were never featured in either film.

  11. I have already explained all that Anthony – just read back a little. I really haven’t got the time to keep repeating my answers.

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