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Not been a bad day, I suppose. And, of course, its Sunday.

Day to take some account of human nature again, I suppose. To try and get away from everyday mundane things that usually fill up other days. Its difficult to write sometimes without having a precise subject to guide you, but somebody mentioned this important point about ‘love’ yesterday or the day before, so shall we stick with that for just a moment?

Love is obviously something very lacking in this often vicious and unsettled world. That much should be fairly obvious.
It is obvious that there can be different degrees and stages of love – love for people, places, things; love of politics, love of religious beliefs, love of certain pets or other animals; love of ourselves, even – but I was really referring to the word ‘love’ when it applied to real love between one human being and another. In other words, two people really in love with each other.

I was questioning this whole confused assumption (on the part of some) that a sexual relationship was dependent – if not a condition of – this real love that I was discussing. I actually said that you can have sex without any real love being involved in it, but that you could also have real or true love without any need for sex being involved in it. I said this perhaps very simply. But there is no other way this can really be said.

So, putting ‘sensual love’ or sex aside, we are left with this this thing called ‘love’. Not the cultivated thing (as it often is by our imaginations or in movies) but the REAL thing; that love that attracts man to woman and woman to man in the first instance. That pure feeling that initially draws people to each other like a magnet; that makes them want to be together just for its sake, without any ulterior motive. If we look at this truthfully, we may see that such love is not in itself physical. It is not tangible, it cannot be touched or measured in any way. In reality, this remains an intangible feeling, but without it, people could never be drawn together.

In fact, without it, life as we know it could not really exist. If there was not this attraction in the first instance, there would be nothing to attract one thing to another. I am not really questioning this as fact. For it remains a fact whether or not we see it or not.

I was merely wondering what this Great thing was, that enables human beings to fall in love with one another. You cannot measure this thing called love with the senses, because it is abstract from them. But it nevertheless exists. I am merely asking if anyone can define this further? I wonder if many of us realise that such love is actually an Infinite gift. It operates entirely on its own, and I would say that’s about the closest to Infinite Being (God) anybody can ever get (in human form, at least).

Of course, I am aware of human folly, how such love can evaporate; even turn into hatred and scorn. But that part is not of God. God is only in its original origin. On to something else, lest some mortal being accuses me of ’religious hatred’. (Well it does happen you know. Some bigoted people actually believe nobody is allowed to talk about Infinite Being (God) except themselves!).

Do you know I’ve had such a great response from the Metro article. Can hardly manage it with all else at the moment. In fact, I could scarcely have not managed it at all, if I didn’t have such a great team behind me. (If it had not been for them, for example, the Metro article would never have come to fruition). They have all been so good, and I really mean that. If one thing happens to have been forgotten or over-looked, then another person remembers it. Such a change to have people around you can really trust, and who are not just working to fulfil personal motivations. (Well this has happened in the past).

Thank you all, I really mean that. And thank you all our readers her too. Without you all, there would be nobody to write for in the first place. As you might know, I really just ‘tried this Blog out’ as a challenge or experiment. All your responses prove this has paid off.

Don’t really expect anyone to answer my thoughts on ‘love’. Don’t worry, nobody is obliged to!


6 Responses

  1. I sincerely hope there are no photos of you wearing some fancy dress cape and holding a ceremonial dagger accompanying the article, or I, as well as the Batley prat, shall be apt to criticise mightily.

  2. Hi Cat
    The Admin are in the process of putting the Metro article up on my main website and then I will post a link here.
    Its an interviw really as opposed to an article, but you might like it. But knowing you, you might not!
    For now,

  3. No Cat, its just a normal photograph of myself. Sorry. But you will see it soon I hope.
    The ‘Batley pratt’ as you call them, has done enough criticising of myself on her own, thanks, withough you joining in!
    I have files upon fles of this recently, when all I have basically done is to say nothing. I mean, I said nothing in the first place to invite it all!
    I just couldn’t take your advice to throw my ‘Babs the Witch’ in the bin at the moment.
    Its tempting, I admit; but what if my friend should come back unexpectedly and ask me what I have done with her statuette. It was a present, remember!

  4. Cheeers Mr F,
    I feel all enlightened about the mysteries of love now. Forgot to mention the other day, if you cant get a hessian sack, burlap will do. Failing that, a Sainsbury’s carrier bag and a vivid imagination should do the trick. Once you’ve emptied out stakes, hammers, crucifixes etc..

  5. David,
    Your musings on the nature of love were very interesting. There is a law of attraction at work; if there was not, then the world would not turn. I utterly agree with you when you say that true love doesn’t necessarily mean sexual love. One can be ‘in love’ with a best friend of the same sex – there doesn’t have to be any sexuality involved.
    Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the late Indian guru once said, ‘Sexual love is a form of hate, but true love can never hate.’ He’s right – when sex rears its ugly head between friends, it changes the whole chemistry of the friendship.
    I guess the same ‘law of attraction’ could work with regard to hate; Bhagwan’s thesis being played out in another form. Hate though, is destructive, and is ‘fed’ by those who cannot countenance anything but hate towards another (as we have too often experienced.)

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