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An Invasion of Maniacs At Highgate Cemetery

Just a short Blog tonight, as Della and I are full up after a big evening meal, and have to get up early tomorrow to go for brunch with her family.

Well here goes … my interview with Mark Pilkington is now finally on Youtube – well Part 1 at least. I rather like that interview as Mark asked some rather different questions from the ones which seem to dominate so many people’s lives – or at least those who choose to interview me!

We talked about spirituality and various esoteric subjects at quite some length, which made a nice change from focussing solely on the dreaded Highgate vampire. Mark’s interview was first broadcast on Strange Attractor back in May 2002. Ten years ago, I know, but the content was such it was not really limited by time constraints.  By that I mean, the topics are as relevant now as they were then, being timeless of themselves.  Mark has previously worked as a contributing editor for Fortean Times, and his interview with myself can be viewed here:

In other news, I recently did some voice over work for my friends Steve Genier and Alex Rondini, who have been working on a deviation from their regular radio show, Nocturnal Frequency Radio, in the form of a new audio-visual experiment, Nocturnal Night Shots. The series documents some of their many paranormal investigations, and the current episode – The House of Secrets – focusses on a field trip to an abandoned (and haunted) farmhouse, and can be viewed below. Have a watch everyone, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

What else? Oh yes. I have today added another vintage newspaper report to the website.  This one is from 1970, and is about the so called Highgate vampire – or rather, about an invasion of maniacs who stormed Highgate Cemetery in an attempt to hunt it down and stake it.  I have posted a short introduction to events as these occurred, and put up the article in full here .

The above illustration gives some indication of just how out of hand events got on that fateful night of Friday March 13th 1970.  And don’t try looking for me in the picture – as I never attended this fiasco, although a couple of my friends can be seen with their backs to the camera, having been sent down to the cemetery by myself in order to give me a full report.

So, better turn in now. Hopefully I won’t be plagued with nightmares about my new mayoral responsibilities ‘up north’ in Brighouse (or was it Calderdale?) – but all that’s really another story!

So, for the moment,


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