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Got In A Bit Of A Muddle!

I am getting in a slight muddle with all this new-found technology!

Let me explain: about 3 days ago,  I wanted to re-contact a University student called Elin (won’t give her last name) and looking on Google, I found her name on Facebook.  She was Swedish and she was definitely the right one.  (She recorded an interview with me on the Paranormal in 2002 or so).

So I joined Facebook; initially with the main purpose of contacting her again.  I found the problem was that she had an extremely common Swedish surname – there were literally dozens of ‘her’ (I mean them).  Didn’t really get anywhere until today when someone called Kurt contacted me via. Facebook asking if I was the real David Farrant or if someone had started a ‘Fan page’.  I explained that it was really me and what I’ve said above.

Well, it turned out that he his also a psychic investigator and has a Blog called “Haunted Britian” and he invited me to join. (This was only a couple of hours ago).  Well I accepted because I thought this looked like a very professional group, which it in fact is.

Well since then, four people have asked me to be their friends.  I gratefully agreed, but when I tried to invite them in return, I ‘got in a bit of a muddle’!  I really am just no good on computers, but when you really need people to help you, nobodies around!  Such is life, I suppose but I just hope the people concerned didn’t think I was ignoring them just because I couldn’t understand the procedure.  I have put a couple of replies up on their Highgate Forum so I hope at least that helps to explain it.

Kurt suggested that I might as well stay on Facebook as I was already there and I agreed.  But getting used to using it will be another matter.

So let me say it here again for the kind response.

Thanks again for inviting me to be an Officer on your group Kurt and my thanks as well to the other four people who named me as a friend.

Your Forum looks very interesting and I’m sure I will be able to contribute relevant material to it.

But not just yet!  Give me a day or so to ‘get round’ this posting procedure; although the Forum should prove easier than Facebook!

Anyway, that’s really it for now everyone and I’d better get back to some writing.

For the moment,

David (Farrant)


2 Responses

  1. Hi David,
    thanks for the mention!
    anyway most people find it difficult to operate FACEBOOK when they first use it. it has a very peculiar set-up though it is now getting a lot more easier with it being so popular!

  2. Thanks Kurt,
    And welcome here.
    Also for making me a member of “Haunted Britain”.
    Yes I’m improving on Facebook (well a little!) but I’ll get there.
    Please do keep posting. For the moment,

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