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Found Some Old Letters . . .

Found some more old letters today which I’d completely forgotten about; and I bet the people who wrote them would have forgotten them too – at least, would not want to remember them!

Nice and warm again which always makes me more active.  Can you believe that I actually got up at 10. 30 today and actually managed to collect my mail.  I hadn’t been for a good few days and there was a stack of it, including some more book orders.  Which reminds me I’ve got to get some more thick brown paper to package them in.  Typical of me, I passed the shop earlier and didn’t even think of it.  Just have to get it tomorrow.

One thing I’ve still got to do is locate a new bed.  The straw stuff (or whatever you call it) keeps leaking out of the old mattress and going all over my new carpet!

I did remember to get some varnish though.  That wooden top I carted back will make an excellent coffee table but I’m not risking putting it down until the wood’s treated, as knowing Gareth, he’ll manage to splash red wine over it.  That can wait a little though.  I’m not looking forward to breathing varnish fumes.  Still once its done, its done, I suppose.

Heard nothing back from those TV inspectors . . . zilch!  I’m rather hoping they do take the issue to Court as I’d not only beat them, but I’d get the Press there to witness me beat them.  Anyway, I’ve really got better things to do than worry about them at the moment.

I guess some people are surprised to see me writing a little more here at the moment.. The truth is, I’m just not a creature of habit when it comes to writing.  If I feel like writing something, I just do it.  If I don’t, then I don’t.  Whatever, I know that I never have to account for my reasons – its something called ‘independence’!

Well, 10 people on Facebook have made me their friend now.  I must get round to contacting them personally.  Problem is, I’m none too sure how to do it at the moment.  Speedqueen has kindly said she’ll show me when she next comes over . . . but ‘no’, I not saying when that will be.  Might tell you afterwards though if anything happens.

Oh! That reminds me: I have heard from  Amazon now,  but they’re trying to put the blame on Nielsens for wrongly stating that KD was the author when I am.  They said they go the information of Nielsen’s book data.  I’ll get it sorted out whatever.

I had receipts today from the London Agents for the British Library.  All the University Libraries have now got copies.  So now I can tell you what the title is (if you haven’t already found it on Amazon”.  It is . . . DAVID FARRANT:  IN THE SHADOW OF THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE (Vol 1) and it costs ₤12.99.  You can get the PO Address from the main Website.  All books will be dispatched immediately, but add ₤1 P&P to that, and another 70P if you prefer it by RD.

So that’s really it for the moment.  I don’t really want to bore people by talking about nothing!

For now,



5 Responses

  1. David hi,
    Glad to hear the more clement weather is agreeing with you. I wouldn’t lose any sleep about the telly license people – I have had all this palaver too: seems to be almost be a crime not watching/possessing a telly these days, probably because then we are missing out on being ‘dumbed down’ with reality tv crap and are presumably less gullible as a result.
    All the Best,
    All the Best,

  2. Thanks Hesselius,
    I couldn’t agree more.
    In the days when I did have a television, I very rarely watched it. I used to switch it on briefly each evening to catch the headlines and the weather, but precious little more. Of course, tell them that and they’d never believe it, but it happens to be true.
    I do need the video player because of all my Talks and projects, but them, I don’t need a licence for that.
    If they want to try me because they hope they have got some ‘loop-hole’ more fool them because they would LOSE. If I could take the UK government to the European Commission and win (which I did and that resulted in a change in the Law), I’m hardly likely to worry about petty beaurocrats like them!
    As I said, I don’t like people lying to me or about me. Truth is something I’ve always treasured above lies and deceipt.
    Anyway, where have you been?!? Lets see you putting some ore posts here!
    For the moment,

  3. Dear David
    People need to stand up to these petty minded officials, I think it is criminal that the BBC charge a license fee. I have given up watching television it just makes me irritated and depressed. I enjoyed your new book very much, after reading it I got the impression that perhaps we live in far less tolerant times, would you say that in the 1960s we enjoyed more freedom, and suffered from less pressure to conform? I’m impressed that you are on Facebook, I couldn’t fathom it out!
    Regards Matt

  4. David & Matt,
    It might be nostalgia and the effects of encroaching middle-age but I think the 60s and 70s were a much better period to grow up in than today. Much more interesting and colourful than these drab materialistic times with all the closed minds, vulgarian media, celebrity obsession and corporate bland-out. People are certainly duller and less inquiring than they used to be – especially the boring youth of today , what a woefully lacklustre lot ( with some exceptions no doubt.) Their fashions are petty crap too…(not a cheesecloth shirt in sight).
    It’s intersting though that the pop occult explosion and that whole ‘Aquarian Age’ subculture ebbed away but interest in ghosts, hauntings, the spectral and the paranormal stays constant. The issue of ghosts reminds us of the possibility that there’s more to things than just the visible facade of material existence, whatever barking militant atheists like Richard Dawkins would have us believe. But then these points emphasize why there is this enduring interest in the world of spirits and I guess that’s why your own work continues to attract attention. It reminds people, in an age of unbelief and obsessive scepticism that ‘there are more things in heaven and earth…’etc
    All the Best,

  5. The sixties (and seventies) were far more tolerant years Matt. If you remember, in the sixties we only had 3 TV channels (and most of that was in black & white) – now there are hundreds!
    I don’t think the authorities were any less tolerant towards what I was involved in though, hence my now infamous ‘witchcraft trial’ at the Old Bailey when I got found guilty of two offences I did not commit because Wicca was not understood. Times have changed little in that respect.
    As for Facebook, as I said, I’m having difficulty in fathoming it out as well. I really only landed on there by accident – not design – when I was looking for someone via. Google (who I still haven’t found) but there are some interesting and dedicated people on there, especially in my field of psychic research.
    Call it Fate if you will, but I almost feel as if I was somehow ‘put’ there!
    But I shall just relax and see what happens.
    Can’t spend too much time there as I’ve got this other book to finish.
    For the moment,

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