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Drew and Della working undercover! © Della Farrant

Such a busy weekend!  There just didn’t seem enough time to fit everything in.  But fit things  in  Della and myself did somehow, we always seem to manage somehow.

I should perhaps say, that Della is an immense help in this respect, and much better at accommodating visitors to the flat than I could ever be.  I tend to get a bit ‘lazy’ sometimes where visitors or appointments are concerned, even overlooking the odd appointment that may have been arranged a few weeks before.  Such arranged visits always get met: its just that I have a habit of forgetting schedules when things – even social things – get a little busy.

This Friday may be a good example.  A lady from Scarborough had arranged to visit at 3pm.  She lived in this seaside down, but was visiting friends in London for the weekend.  I remembered that much; but I had completely forgotten the date!  It was not until lunchtime that Della reminded me that the lady was coming.  Shaken ‘back to life’ with a cup of tea, she virtually pulled me from the bed, and then I realised I had not even shaved –   let alone still yet having to get dressed  properly, putting aside the pair of shabby jeans I had been wearing the day before.  It was only a preliminary meeting to arrange some radio interview; but I was still so tired from the day before – so very tired.  But that all went well.  She arrived promptly, and somehow I managed to look a little more presentable.  An interview was arranged to speak on BPOS investigations; although I had to disappoint her a little by saying I couldn’t travel to Scarborough for a studio interview, and that the interview would have to be recorded in London.  She had offered me expenses for the train, but still I declined, although managed to get these ‘transferred’ to cover my time at their Agents in London.  The interview has not yet taken place, but will be transmitted on a large Local Radio station when completed and will later be available on line for people to download.

Saturday was busy as well; about 8 people here, in a bid to get the new film finished off. Can’t say anymore about that really, but I’ll keep everybody informed when we have a release date. I shouldn’t say this (but being conceited I will) but I think people are really going to love this one! We have had so much positive response to A Christmas Quarrel that I’m only speaking factually and not from any sense of boastfulness. But just wait and see that’s all I can say. I think you’ll all be presently surprised.

Sunday was quieter, but we had a visit from our old friend Drew. He was in London due to some film business and stayed over. We had a pleasant evening just talking and reminiscing about old times; especially when we had visited him in Yorkshire back in 2006.  We spent many happy hours driving around West Yorkshire – oh mustn’t forget, North Yorkshire and Lancashire as well. In fact we ended up on Pendle Hill, but unfortunately due to my bad foot and a torrential downpour – not to mention the mud – nobody present really managed to reach the summit. Drew and myself gave up and went back to the pub. Gareth, and a couple of others (bless them) did attempt to walk on into the slippery misty depths of the hill, but they never made it, and returned to the pub about an hour later, soaked to the skin and in bad need of a hot drink.

Drew during his Volvo phase!

Anyway, I ramble …

Back to the purpose of Drew’s visit. I had been in contact with him the week before over issues arising from the Red Monkey film (shot in 2006) at Robin Hood’s ‘grave’. Anyway, there was some good news on that front. In fact there was even better news on another one. Drew had apparently found some long lost footage which he had taken at the ‘haunted grave’ some years before Red Monkey had filmed there. He had brought me a copy and I was very impressed with the content. All I had seen thus far was another film called “Gravewatch UK”, also shot at the ‘grave’ by Drew and his crew in the mid 1990s. This was recently released on Youtube (Dec 2010 to be exact). But the footage Drew brought with him to show me, was even more interesting. We all sat and watched it together, and when it was over Della and myself were surprised when Drew produced a document from his  coat pocket, which in effect signed the broadcast and distribution rights of the film over to the BPOS. As Drew put it “I’ve had enough of the whole Robin Hood nonsense, do what you like with it.”  Well we could understand how he felt, but in reality some of the footage of the film gives an excellent historical account of the ‘haunted grave’ itself, and indeed, provides a great insight into the roles of many people involved at the time. Well Della and I were greatly honoured, and naturally signed the relevant paperwork immediately!

Drew stayed on throughout Monday, but he had to be back in central London for 7pm as he had to attend a very important film meeting. But as this particular project is ongoing, he will be returning to London again very soon, and of course – as we told him – he will be more than welcome to stay again.

So with another busy weekend out of the way, I leave you for now, my friends. I still have a busy week ahead, as trying to get another book finished. But I shall be doing another Blog soon, with all the latest developments, so please don’t go away good people!

For the moment,



5 Responses

  1. Hi darling,
    I see the Bonky One couldn’t resist getting his grubby little mitts on that picture of me and Drew at 9.33am! It must be a form of kleptomania. I expect Drew and I will have grown horns by this time tomorrow!
    Did you still want arancini for dinner?
    Della xxx

  2. Won’t do him any good copying that, but no doubt he’s got nothing better to do!
    As for dinner, I thought you were supposed to be the sandwich maker. But I’ll entrust dinner to you!

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