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24 Hour Party Zone

Jamie, Jo and DF at their visit on Sunday night

There’s been quite a bit of news this week; in fact, still trying to catch up on most of it – as well as some sleep!

It has been a 24 hour party zone here over the last few days. Patsy and Rick, and another old friend (oh, and Gareth! – almost forgot him!)  were here, with Della and myself. So that resulted in getting to bed about 7am, although Patsy did give Gareth a lift back to West London at about 1.30 in the morning.  Showed Patsy and Rick some of the clips from the new film, and she’s very much looking forward to her part in it. Can’t say any more about that at the moment really, but will keep everyone here informed.

Saw Jamie and his girlfriend Jo on Saturday. Della was here as well, and she prepared a nice meal, and we all just sat around and talked, had some wine, took some photographs, and generally caught up on things – and somehow ended up going to bed at 7am AGAIN!

On top of that, our friend Kev had just completed (rather just started, there’s a lot more to complete yet) his new Blog which is based on his sporting achievements and events in his personal life, some of which might be seen (to say the least!) as being a little ‘controversial’. You can really judge this for yourselves, by following the enclosed link: . Della and I were really trying to keep up with it all, when the next thing we knew was we had correspondence from two radio stations in the USA and Canada, who had taken an interest in Kev’s new Blog. Although it was short notice, the latter wanted us to appear live on the program to discuss some of its implications. Nocturnal Frequency Radio invited us to appear on the 2 hour program when it opened at 11pm on Sunday night. The only problem was that particular Canadian time zone was 5 hours behind GMT, which meant we had to be ready for the broadcast at 4am in the morning.

Our host Steve Genier – and his co-host Alex Rondini – were very intrigued by some of the revelations Kev is making in his new autobiography, excerpts from which have been published on his new Blog.  And how did we fit into this? Well, quite simply, because we had met Kev some 2 years previously and had become acquainted with much of his past history dating back to the early 1970s. He was much younger then of course, but he still had some very interesting things to say about his real life experiences and connections with – shall we say – people whose motivations were dubious, if not incredulous! Steve Genier was very sympathetic to the forthright and truthful manner in which Kev had disclosed some of his past experiences. I understand the program is now available to watch in NFR’s archives. Well we must have done pretty well on the show ourselves, as we recently received congratulations from our friend Don Ecker who runs Dark Matters Radio, and when his head cold gets better, we may even be able to join up with him on his show as well.

Well, that’s about it for now. Sorry for another short delay, but as you may appreciate we have been kept really busy – which is nothing unusual! (I think poor Della has been pushed to her limits of exhaustion by her life with a ‘crazy white witch’! Only joking folks, she’s probably got more energy than I have.)

Just for the moment,



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  1. David,
    An interesting glimpse into the ex-milkman’s sanctum sanctorum. Lovely pictures of his heroes on the walls. And, of course, a man’s library speaks volumes ( pun intended) about their character. Couldn’t see his Rupert annuals though or his collection of Barbara Cartland romances. Say hello to yer lovely missus for me.
    Your’s in Saturnian wickedness,
    Le Comte Roberto de Milano,
    Regent of the Purple Sapphire,
    Keeper of the Lambent Pillar,
    Rapscallion of the Soiled Dusk
    etc etc…………………
    Your brother in shadows,

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