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That Blasted Cat!

Writing a little earlier today as seeing Gareth and somebody else around seven and won’t really get a chance after that.

The other person was originally going to come on Saturday but I asked them to come on Friday instead as Gareth wanted to meet them. Suits me as I can have a completely free night tomorrow, and really get stuck into the book. Want Gareth to quickly proof-read the 5 chapters I’ve done so far on “Secrets” when he’s here, as he’s read the two original books, and can tell me how it ‘flows’.

Had to go to the store a little earlier to stock up with wine, as it never lasts long with Gareth here! My Indian lady was sitting outside on her fold-up chair as usual selling copies of Big Issue, the magazine for the homeless. I always give her something when I see her, and today was no exception. I was coming back from the bookshop to get the wine and she was standing up now with a batch of the magazines. I gave her something (never take the mag. though) and she put her hand on my shoulder and said . . . “God bless you”.

That’s the second time somebody has said that to me in not so many weeks. It meant a lot as I knew that she really meant it. I even felt a little guilty as I walked away and wished I had given her five pounds instead. But always next time.

I came home, and here I am. Just scribbling this out so as not to miss a day. Been told not to worry about this as a blog is just a blog, and I could post only once a week if I wanted to. I know that, but I’ve got in the habit now and besides, I’m getting great feedback. Didn’t realise that I was so popular – or ‘unpopular’ if people start to believe that blasted cat!



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  1. Why shouldn’t people believe me? I’m just a cat trying to make its way in the afterlife. I am nowhere near as popular as you, who are “The Man The Sceptics Love To Hate” on the Randi board. They complain and complain, but they can’t seem to let go of you!

  2. Unfortunately, I have been overworked with various commitments, and am rather exhausted, but then have now come to David’s and been expected to proof-read five chapters of a major work. Thanks, David, but that will take a great deal longer than you have allowed me.
    Gareth J. Medway.

  3. Ah yes, is it the same Gareth I have seen in photographs featuring the Brighouse Brat and other hoy polloy on the foldup bed, lo, those many moons ago? If you are proofing Farrant’s scratchings you certainly have a job ahead of you. Speaking of scratchings, while I was seeking books on feline grooming I found this small ditty on Blackwells…

    Ha, so the mysterious Cecil has kin in the RAF. That explains a lot about that geezer. And since I see the Randi forum is erupted in a mighty row and the Billabonged One calls you a pommy and is refusing complimentary mailings, you could well direct him to Blackwells, happy in the thought that his Ozzie coin will eventually find its way to your pocket. A sort of poetic justice I think.
    Oh, the goat has obtained a pail of fermented grape juice and since I have had a lick or two and fear it’s going to my head, I’ll sign off. Miaow.

  4. Thanks for the link to the book, Puddy Cat, I see its had two large reviews on Blackwell already.
    Its also been reviewed on Amazon. Guess this shows what happens when people try to suppress the truth – it comes out into the open with a vengence!

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