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Randy at it again!

Well, I see they’re all at it on the JREF Forum again, ‘attacking me’ me again, calling me a liar, etc, basically just because I don’t agree with what they say. Maybe that should be the other way round really, as its more a question of them not agreeing with what I say.

I’m not really so offended at being called a ‘liar’ as this is just a standard word in their vocabulary that they just apply to anyone who they don’t happen to agree with. So that makes it far less personal!

One of them has even designed a T-shirt now which he has posted up which has “I survived 8 months of David Farrant’s thread on the JREF Forum” printed on the front!
Bloody cheek! No one’s asking for all their criticism, apart from which, it is my thread!

Anyway, think I’ll take a long break away from there again soon; I really have to many other things to take care of elsewhere. I see Gillian has now done a brilliant book review on Amazon, and she has offered any help I might need with my new books. She’s more constrained than she was because of the new job, but its not that, its just the thought that she wants to help, bless her.

I intend having a very quiet night tonight. I sure need one after last night! I’m never short of things to do, but its going to be ‘book work’ full time tonight and nothing else. But that’s it for now. Have to start getting things sorted out.



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  1. Oh come now, you can abide some “roughing up” for publicity sake. Have you been to Glasgow? The Scots are tough customers. Sir Smeaton once warned his enemies, “We’ll set about ye”.

  2. Well, the plot deepens even more Cat, I thought Long John took you to Canada with him back in 1980 (where it was said you died of natural causes after having used up all your nine lives); now you are hinting you are (I mean ‘were’) a Scottish moggy. please clarify this, not that it really matters!
    On the question of ‘publicity’, I have indeed come across people who would (still do) go to any lengths to get personal publicity. In fact I know of one person whose motto in life seems to be ‘The only bad publicity is no publicity’!
    I don’t happen to share this view. As a writer and a lecturer on mysticism, the paranormal and things esorteric, I expect to attract publicity in this respect Part of the reason for writing a book (writing an article or giving an interview or a talk) is that you want people to read what you have written. If all authors or other writers stopped writing to avoid such attracted ‘publicity’, we wouldn’t have any magazines, newspapers or books – we wouldnd’t even have the bible!
    But there is a world of difference in this respect and publicity caused by people who might deliberately spread malicious untruths about you. That is NOT the sort of ‘publicity’ I expect in return for just expressing my views and experiences in life.
    I am not saying that people on the Randi Forum do this. To be fair, they do not. That is fair debate and comment which is really quite different. I am not talking about that.
    I am talking about the spreading of falsehood about my position just because I have openly admitted to being involved in Mysticism (and to once have been involved in Wicca), which is quite different again. In fact, it amounts to sanctimomious hyporcrisy when this comes from people who may otherwise be claiming to be ‘Christians’!

  3. No I was not hinting I was Scottish. But I do know some Scottish cats.
    Speaking of publicity, I see Blackwells listing of your comic book has been invaded by a crank.

  4. I just want to say that I’m sorry for how you are being disected at JREF. I am a part of that Community and I like it there, but there are a few people who are difficult to deal with, to say the least. Please don’t think ALL skeptics are your enemy!
    Anyway, I couldn’t blame you for taking a break. Do what you have to do.
    Anyway, I’m new here so hello to everybody! As I read thru this site I’ll see if I can find the proper place to ask you my question about credible cases. I don’t want to ask in the wrong place and mess us your nice Blog! : )

  5. I see Cousin Hoggy is “sitting vigil” on your thread at JREF. Must be the flood season in the Outback keeping him indoors?

  6. Hi Miarvia,
    Really pleased you posted here. On my own personal blog no less!
    Please do post anything you want, and feel free to ask anything you want as well. I am really not ‘anti anyone’ on the JREF Forum, I just felt like taking a break from it, that’s really all! Some of it was really getting to take up a bit of time; but I’m not ‘escaping’ I will ‘go back’ if and when needs be!
    Having ‘taken a break’ though’, please make any comments you want here.
    I think I have stated generally, that I don’t want to digress to the Highate case here, but I don’t mind answering questions from genuine people such as yourself.
    So please do make any comments or ask any questions you want.
    Thanks Minarvia, and I really do look forward to seeing any further of your posts here.
    For the moment,
    David (Farrant)

  7. Hi David,
    Oh, I agree 100% with you about some folks on the Randi site. I too, have been insulted just for expressing my views. They go on about ‘proof’ but how can one prove anything using a computer? They can’t. As I have oft pointed out, they will need to do a lot of ‘legwork’ if they want the proof they seek.
    Take no notice, dear friend – we are among the ‘enlightened’ (at least that’s what I say! Ha!)

  8. I see Cousin Hoggy is “sitting vigil” on your thread at JREF. Must be the flood season in the Outback keeping him indoors?
    I thought they were having a drought, Cat? Could it be that ‘Hoggy’s’ brain has boiled over, due to the heat?

  9. Hi Cat,
    Yes, and it’s not only the cartoon book that’s been invaded by a crank: my own work offered for sale has also. I think that this ‘crank-ness’ has done more to promote publicity for the books, than anything we could ever do! So, whoever the ‘crank’ is on Amazon, a big, hearty THANKS!

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