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Take A Break

Have you ever wished you could just ‘take a break’!!?? I guess most people have, most of the time, but commitments to work, jobs and all that, somehow prevents them (except at prescribed holidays, of course).

Well, I often wish the same thing – albeit under slightly different circumstances. I mean, I am not committed to a ‘nine to five’ job, or even have family to worry about (well, maybe that’s not so applicable anymore!); but I am sure as hell bound by certain commitments which I can’t just abandon like that!

I am talking about my writing work, if you had not already guessed. For I am not just writing material ‘at random’ – and when I please – people are actually waiting for it! Well that (the latter) is the ‘up-side’ of it; the ‘downside’ is actually having to write it all. It takes a LOT of work, believe me, and maybe after Volume 2 of my autobiography, I really will ‘take a break’! Maybe its just the nature of the 2nd Volume which has bought this on . . . having to check – and re-check – events of some 35 years ago, which all have to be accurate and be verified. That should not be so greater task, some might say. But believe me, looking back at some of the material – and having to re-read them – does not really have a ‘soothing effect’ on the mind.

In fact, when I read back on some of it, it is almost incredulous to recall some of the lies that were being said – and spread – about me back in 1973/74/75 – by people desperately trying to change ‘history in the making’ even then! Even funnier’ is when some people still try and ‘change history’ today when they weren’t even born at the time so could not know what really happened! I was thinking about this earlier, and it is almost ‘funny’, in a funny sort of way!

But people are actually capable of trying to change the past, if it happens to suit their particular mode of thinking in the present. A few of these, it seems, have sought ‘solace’ in religion. The ultimate form of ‘escapism’ for some who just can’t seem to face actual facts. They pray to God on an assumption that past lies must be true just because it says so in some sensational newspaper or the other. Yet they seem to forget that God is All Knowing, and would certainly be aware of all petty human interpretations or invoked motivations.

So, I really Do need to ‘take a break’ But in reality, this can’t be until I finish the next book. Then, and only then’ will I be able to think about taking a break from all the writing. In the meantime, I will just continue to get it finished (so don’t worry anyone!).

Anyway, I’m taking a short break tonight as my mind has been slightly ‘over-filled’ with all this legal material. Not only that, but I do need to be up quite early tomorrow!

For the moment,


6 Responses

  1. You can always natter on about your child hood wandering round Muswell playing among the WWII bomb sites…

  2. thats a good point actually cat.
    david what was it like growing up after the war?
    was there still a lot of bomb damage to ur part of london?
    do u think people threw themselves into religion/wicca etc as a means to escape the memory of war?

  3. u r right Craig. I have heard a lot about the ugly “new towns” put up after the war and how people hated them. Wonder if Our David encountered such stuff.
    (Also…maybe a UXB is the secret of how Lord Bonkmiester got unbalanced: as a youth he was “bonked” on the head by shrapnel from an unexploded Nazi bomb whilst playing in rubble!)

  4. David–
    How is it that you can, after so much time has passed, still keep an objective recollection of the events that surrounded you/ highgate/ etc.? I have always been so interested, absolutley absorbed with you and your highgate debacle. Of course, it was easier to care deeply about it when I was younger and didn’t have to deal with the comings and goings on of maturity. Awful reality of life at times. But I digress–
    I want to know how it is that you are able to look at the events of your life, that you were involved in and that you voraciously believed in– and still hold onto your perspective in the face of those who maliciously tried to discredit you?
    Have a lovely day, David–

  5. “shrapnel from an unexploded Nazi bomb whilst playing in rubble”
    nah mate.
    he collects nazi memorabilia.
    chances are he saved the bombs out of hero worship to his fallen idol.

  6. Hello Hailey,
    First of all let me say welcome and thank you for your post.
    I think that is a very important question and so I’ve decided to answer it in a main Post, which I’ll do just a little later this evening (even if one’s not due today!). It’ll give me a welcome break from the ‘legal chapter’ I’m working on.
    Please do then ask anything else you want after that, and it will be answered!
    Thank you once again for posting,
    For the moment,
    David (Farrant)

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