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Just A Falling Snowflake

It was really so cold yesterday, which is why I didn’t write anything – here anyway at least. Its been bad, and I think we are in for a short ‘cold snap’.

Looked out of the window yesterday (and today) and saw a sheet of frost and ice everywhere. I decided to wait until the afternoon (yesterday) when the ice would have mostly melted. It was bad earlier as you could see everyone walking carefully to keep their balance. It wasn’t too bad then, as the pavements were mostly ‘safe’; although it was still bitterly cold with the new easterly wind. Got a few provisions – which was just as well, because it is even worse today and I won’t be able to go out at all.

Then I remembered, Gareth is coming tonight, and I had no wine. (Bought a bottle of whiskey instead!). So I phoned him up and told him to bring an extra bottle in, as there was just no way I could go out to get one. He had just got up, but he just laughed and said ‘don’t worry about that‘; but I do worry as I always like to offer people something. I even had to cancel another meeting tomorrow with a friend because of this damn weather. I guess I could have tolerated the cold, but this just doesn’t make meeting people so enjoyable.

I have had a dispute (civil) for some years with the owners here because of their failure to maintain the place properly. If it wasn’t for this it would be a lot better. I was even forced to bring a court action against them because of this; but, obviously, I can’t discuss this here.

So I feel a ‘little trapped’ right at the moment. I am still working on the books though; but as I haven’t really been out, or anything else has really happened, its hard sometimes to keep a precise diary (sorry, I mean Blog!).

Sorry as well, this is really not meant to sound like ‘self pity’. It is factual. I just can’t get out in all this ice, and to a large extent, have to reply on other people. To qualify that (and to possibly save any further misinterpretation) I am not (should be a big ‘NOT’) a cripple. But I smashed a lower vertebra with a fall I had here in 2002. In some weird way, it has affected the nerves to my left foot, hence the walking problem with ‘slippery leaves’ or on ice. But I am not complaining. I still have the gift of life, which is all that really matters. That, and the fact I have still kept my good looks, so the foot is really a minor problem! (Being egotistical here? Yes. But it is my Blog, so you don’t have to read it!).

But its still cold, that is also a plain fact. Hopefully it won’t last too much longer (so the ‘experts’ tell us) so then I can go back to my usual vibrant self, and hopefully have some more interesting gossip!

For now though (and at the beginning of another cold day),


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  1. Dear David
    It must be frustrating not being able to get out, hope you will feel a bit better when the the cold subsides. The cold has meant that I’ve been been wearing two jumpers, old houses are a pain to heat! One thing I find is that at this time of year shops, trains etc are far too hot, moving between two extremes of temperature is not pleasant. I don’t mind bright cold days, but I detest those grey days with damp penetrating cold.
    Regards Matt

  2. Is it “colder than a witch’s tit”? Har har miaow. I’m being naughty again.
    In my survey of interweb chatterings, I see over and over again a claim by a certain bishop that you, David Farrant, are inhabited by Satan, i.e. “The Devil” controls your actions, you are demonically possessed, etc.
    This bishop also claims to be an “exorcist”, to have the power to “cure” this condition.
    In fact when referring to a cartoon depicting himself ‘exorcising’ you, the bishop has commented, “IF ONLY!”.
    Crikey, I know you don’t believe in Satan, exorcism, etc. But, if the bishop…
    1. truly believes you are possessed by Satan
    2. truly believes he has the power to cure you
    It seems he should be willing to take action, yes?
    ‘Theoretically’ of course, would you allow the bishop to conduct an exorcism over you in public, for camera crew, to observe and record the results?

  3. Just to qualify what you say Cat, and as my statement ‘I don’t believe in the devil (Satan)’, has been so often misinterpreted both by the media and over the Internet: I have never denied the existence of evil (sometimes evil in terrible forms), but I have qualified this by explaining that the only claim to existence evil has is in the human mind. There is no ’superior evil intelligence’ out there (Satan or the devil) that is opposite to Supreme Intelligence (God) that created all life – including human beings. It is only the human mind that has fallen away from its true source (God), hence the origin of all evil.
    I am not evading your question about ’some mad bishop’ offering to ’exorcise me’ (another good publicity stunt, I suppose) and will answer it a little later.
    But I just wanted to clarify this once again first. I think it is important because if people are not in reality ‘possessed by the devil’, then there is no ‘Satanic power’ to drive out or exorcise, surely? The only place the ‘evil’ can really be treated is in the human mind that houses it.
    With that in mind, my forthcoming answer might make more sense.
    For now,

  4. Dear Mr Farrant,
    Sorry to hear about the trouble getting out. I’m sure you have more than enough willing deciples at the ready to help out though!
    The mornings have been a little brisk of late and I certainly feel it as I cycle to work from Mswell to Kentish town. This is getting more unpleasant as the cold sets in as I frequently arrive with frozen hands and face but a sweat on my back that threatens to frost over.
    I am on my third book of yours at the moment and am currently on Dark Journey and enjoying a lot. I was interested to read about the incidents at the Minsden Chapel as I myself have been there as I used to live in Letchworth not far from the site and worked at Knebworth house for several years, frequently traveling along the old Codicote road that runs near there. My good friend David (who is himself a bit of a buff on “occult” matters), and I used to frequently make forced marches across county to various sites of historic interest and connected with local folklore, and more often to pubs that served good ale, and found ourselves in the ruins in the early hours of the morning after having walked some distance. I have to admit though that we did not unfortunately encounter anything out of the ordinary at the site, although David did sprain his ankle rather badly there, but I’m sure this can not be put down to anything other than a mixture of inebriation and clumsiness. I’ll have to try to recall some of the other places we visited over the years if you are interested? I do remember having a bit of a creepy encounter whilst trecking though a very long abandoned railway tunnel in Bedfordshire but I will have to look up where it is exactly as I have forgotten. I think it might have been near the village of Ireland. Maybe you have heard of it?
    Anyway best regards,

  5. Thank you Harry and welcome. I’ll get back to you more fully on this, and glad to learn that you are local.
    But first of all, I guess, I have to finish my answer to that damn Cat!
    Thanks Harry,
    I will respond to you again tomorrow,
    David (Farrant)

  6. Okay, Cat. Gosh, you do ask me some awkward questions sometimes. Your latest one, about some ‘mad bishop’ offering to ‘exorcise’ me, is just one of them!
    Whilst it is true that – mainly because of my books and other writings – I have been the subject of some ‘controversy’ on the Internet and elsewhere, I do not normally answer such criticism as I usually find this is merely an attempt by some people to use my name to attract publicity to themselves.
    But in answer to your question: there was indeed some loon claiming to be a ‘bishop’ who put out a story to the local press in 1998 to the effect he considered I was ‘demonically possessed’ and that he alone could ‘exorcise’ my ‘demonic powers’ (takes all sorts, I suppose!). I was contacted by the newspaper in question, and just replied that if anyone needed exorcising ‘he should exorcise himself’!
    This was obviously just another one of those publicity stunts people quite frequently try to involve myself in.
    So, this begs the question I guess: am I really evil?
    Well, nobody else seems to think so except the odd crank who uses this line to get themselves a free meal-ticket to self publicity!
    I am no angel either, but then I have never professed to be. At least, I remain true to my friends and followers, and to me that’s all that really matters. ‘Someone who has many friends has few enemies’ didn’t someone once say? Well, you can really count my ‘enemies’ on half the fingers of one hand; that’s really how important I consider these to be!

  7. Thanks again for your long explanatory post Harry. It makes a change. Some people just ask me ‘quick questions’, and I’m never quite sure how to deal with those!
    But to finish off my answer to you, I indeed visited Minsden in the late Summer of 1984. And I remember that we parked on a ‘B’ road and had a very long walk up a hill. It was not ‘private’; indeed, we followed a badly marked public footpath. It was still in the midst of farmland, and I remember the overwhelming smell of corn camomile as we made our way to the top.
    We eventually came to Minsden Chapel; a place not many people had apparently visited. It would have been very late afternoon but still very warm. We spent a couple of hours there and found a few curious things. It was obvious that some people had visited it by night, as we discovered the remains (almost fresh remains) of a fire there.
    But apart from that, the atmosphere was very peaceful; almost so much that we wondered where all the stories of its ‘ghost’ had come from!
    No. It was just like going back in time, so to speak, at least, that you had suddenly come away from ‘normal reality’.
    Yes. We had a couple of pints of real ale afterwards at the pub below in the ‘valley’ (could have been called “The Royale Oak” – really can’t be sure now) and the landlady did confirm stories about the existence of another ‘ghostly figure’ that had been reported in Codicote Lane not too far away.
    Whatever, glad to learn of you interest,
    Thanks again for mentioning your interest in the area. Any other stories/experiences would certainly be of interest.
    For now,
    David (Farrant)

  8. Hi David,
    I am sorry to hear about your frustration at not being able to get out and about. I agree with you – the paths have been very icy this week, and fallen, decaying leaves haven’t helped. I slipped over last Sunday and sprained my ankle, falling into a puddle in the process.
    If I can be of any practical help, let me know.
    Forget about ‘publicity hungry exorcising bishops’ and ‘Satan’ – they are figments of peoples’ imaginations, as we well know.

  9. “Forget about ‘publicity hungry exorcising bishops’ and ‘Satan’ – they are figments of peoples’ imaginations, as we well know”
    Yes, Columbine, that’s right. And about as far away from Divine Love as it is possible to be. They preach ‘love’ but then in the next breath curse or wish harm upon their perceived enemies.
    Christianity is very clear on this. Its Founder wasted no time during His mission on earth in reversing that barbaric (and man-made) Old Testament saying “An eye for an eye” … etc”. He replaced it with the Commandment that He said was greater than any of the others . . . “To love God and thy neighbour as thyself”.
    What a pity so many people (especially those purporting to be Christians) are unable to see this simple Truth!
    Yes. Speak soon, thanks,

  10. Absolutely, David. Also, the only one who needs ‘exorcising’ around here, is a certain bishop, preferably by a qualified psychiatrist.

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