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Quite A Few People

Hawkhurst Court © Robin Webster

Quite a few people have contacted me asking if I could publish anymore pictures from my old schools.

Well, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  But do you mean pictures from my last Weymouth school. Or the one before?  I do have some (in black and white) but they are all in an album and I would have to scan them in.  That is no easy task for me because I’m not to good with the scanners, and it would take a little time.  So ‘no’ I really can’t do that yet, but I will sort some out soon.  Quite apart from that I have to be a little careful.  They may be all my copyright, but they do show other people, even if they are now all a lot older.  Its not that I think they’d mind; but then my reputation has grown a bit from those early days  and I don’t want to maybe post pictures of people who might not like it too much now.

After all, they were both ‘elite schools’ (costing my father a small fortune in fees) and some of those people might even be MP’s now, or the like.  They might not approve of ‘wicked witch’ David Farrant reminding (rather showing) people what they were like when they were at school!  I’ve got enough problems with the ‘teapot cosies’ of this world  (incidentally one of the leading one’s of that brigade went to a Council school), without creating anymore!

But you prompted my interest, (even though I’m not generally interested in the past) so I checked to see if those two schools were still there.  They both are, but are no longer schools.  The last Weymouth school has been redeveloped and the one before that (Hawkhurst Court in Sussex) has also been similarly converted.  Conversion has been very limited due to the fact that it is an Elizabethian Listed building, but it is still there; hidden in vast acres of woodland.  Well, I should remember.  When I ran away from it in 1959 I had to sleep rough in the woodland.

Anyway, I found a photograph of that as it is now.  It may be a public information picture but the copyright belongs to one Robin Webster    It is HIS picture but it shows the school (rather the original building) has not changed.

So K,  I am still not neglecting my Blog as you can see!

For now everyone,
David Farrant


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  1. Hi,David,thanks for printing the post i got from Barbara.She said i could email her,but i need her address from you,first.The Robin Hood saga looks just as interesting as the highgate one, and i cant believe{yet again} that someone is claiming there is a vampire mixed up in the plot?Like with the H.V.,i am full of curious,probing questions about it.Anyway,the other day i realised that rarther like the vampire,you know very little about me.This isnt at all intentional,im just a bit wary because of things ive experienced in the past.Even though i dont think that i am all that interesting,really,a lot of people are those i do not trust.It is not that that applies to you.You are someone i do trust.[and i hope you can trust me,too i am not some big bald man with a moustache] like some people on the internet .i am really 100 % genuine.i am looking forward to Highgate and meeting you as i havent met many writers,only musicians. i would like to one day write a book about my paranormal experiences,but maybe it would be too wierd to print! Yours,Clarmonde of the threads on arcadia is called feeling grumpy is good for you.Judging by that,theTea Cosy should be really healthy! Because he is permanently grumpy!

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