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It Had To Happen!

I suppose it had to happen again sooner or later.  What?

Well somebody just posted me a copy of “Chronicles” magazine and in it there is a full 2-page write-up on the famed Highgate ‘vampire (its even titled “The Highgate Vampire”!)

I’m not going to discuss the implications in the article here – except to say its quite funny.  That’s if you have a sense of humour, of course, which a lot of people don’t!  Its from last March, I believe, but no date on the article.

And me?  Well, I’ve just finished the final chapter of my own book “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” (Volume 2), so all I have to do now is to go back to the beginning and complete the first two chapters.  My God!  I sometimes wish I had chosen any other profession than being a writer.  It really is hard work sometimes.

Other news?  Well my film is going well and meeting the producers again later this week.  You will all be hearing about that in due course.

And little ‘ole  me personally?  Well as you can see my precious K, I’ve finished the end of the book.  Now, get yourself over as soon as you can and we can catch up properly.

For the moment everyone,
David Farrant


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  1. Hello David, how are you? Long time i give you not news about me and Jean-Paul Bourre. I have try to post a comment on you article 2 bottle of wine.

  2. Marcos Hi,
    Sorry but you posted on an old post which I missed. But let me get back to you tomorrow as I will be more awake then. Which I will!

  3. Hi,David,Would love to read the article you mention.i wondered if it had anything about tea cosy in it?i noticed my reply tothe Robin Hood article was printed.i couldnt resist it because i remember that stupid advert that said the perforations “let the flavour flood out”of Tetley Tea.Other than that ive never heard the word mentioned.And certainly not in the context of vampires.i wonder whyLady A wouldnt let anyone on her land except a priviledged few? Surely she doesnt actually own the grave?i know what being a writer is like ,because i write songs.And that can be terribly draining.Takes all youve got.Then,on top of that,youve got to go out,buy groceries,cook ,etc.But at the same time you cant let your creative side downDavid,its what makes us who we are!yours,Clarmonde.

  4. Well, he’s going to love you for that! But who cares; that bonnet really does look like a teapot cosy, there’s no other way to describe it!
    Yes I remember that Ad for Typhoo tea, there was also another funny old one that had some monkeys in it, do you remember that? They were having a tea party or something!
    Lady A is dead now, but when she was alive, thw grave was on her estate, so in that respect she really owned it. Its all a bit complicated, but the wholw thing seems to hinge on whether Robin Hood is really buried there or not. I really don’t know. Except to say in view of some of the evidence, its highly possible.
    Anyway, hope everything’s well Seeing Patsy soon but will contact you soon.
    For the moment,

  5. Dear Claremonde,
    Just to add Lady Armytage did indeed own the land, she inherited it after her husband died in the 1980’s, while her stepson got the title.She then sold the hall which was developed into luxury flats, and moved down to a new house built on the priory ruins—-but a long way off the grave which is in very wild woodland. The grave of one of the prioresses is in the new house’s garden. I think her daughter has inherited the estate now but it seems tied up in some posthumouse legalities, so the situation is no better . I don’t know what has happened to the stepson from Sir John’s first marriage.
    There is a lot of evidence in old documents and ballads to “prove” that Robin Hood was buried on the Kirklees hillside, though it may be that not in the exact spot we were at, as that is a Viictoria folly.For further info have a look into my website
    take care

  6. Hi,David yes everything is fine .the weather has improved.i dont care what tea cosy thinks.i am not very happy with the man.And still very put out that ive been excorcised from Arcadia.That was all the fault of that man.Meanwhile HE is allowed to have all these aliases,and when i jioned, bombarded me with pictures of himself holding aloft a crucifix.Which i was not very impressed by.Yet i do something,and get told off and booted out. Charming! i find all this stuff aboutRobin Hood interesting,and the paranormal stuff connected to the grave.If it is not Robin Hood,then who else could it be i wonder?,that is buried there.i have written areply to Barbara.By the way David,if you go on Arcadia,please convey my appologies to RAIN.she was very helpful to me on the subject of tulpas and holographic universe,then mid conversation,i got banished.It wasnt like i just went off.I hope she understands? Yours,Clarmonde

  7. Dear Barbara,Thank you for the info on Robin Hood .It does make very interesting reading.i find it almost unbelievable that an issue so important is clouded with such uncertainty?i am curious about this Lady Armytage.i wonder why her apparent lack of co operation and awkwardness, over an issue like this,and why the grave was left neglected and it fell to others to take the matter in hand.i know she has since,died,but she sounds a bit eccentric?i would have thought the national Trust,would have perhaps taken steps to sort something out. Yours,Clarmonde

    I have already explained the true position to Rain, so she knows all about that I am sure Rain understood what you were saying or asking; but unfortubately, ‘Tea pot cosy’ managed to get you ‘banned’ because he (or rathert that moderator), just didn’t like what you were genuinly asking, or pointing out.
    In other words, he got ‘scared off’ by people wearing ‘fake tea pot cosies’; and chose to put the security of his ‘moderated Board’ before all genuine reason.
    Tha is the only reason – the only sole reason – he dissallowed your replies.
    Just to say, I really do understand the true position,
    For the moment,

  9. Hi Claremonde
    I can’t say too much on here but you can e mail me privately if you like, David ahs my address. At first we thought it was just, to put it bluntly, selfishness, and there may have been an element of that, we tried to be polite and realise she didn’t want tourists all over the place, but at the end of the day it is a national heritage and what was annoying was the whimsicalness of it. Anyhow as tiem went on it got to see a bit more than that, as lots of thinsg got stopped, the latest being the Red Monkey film, and cap-doffinghangers on were buttering her up–maybe with an eye to the will, and by trashing the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society . The whole background was dickipoggy but really I can’t say much more on here so I will leave it to you to get in touch if you like,
    tata barbara

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