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Patience Is A Virtue

Just a quick post today everyone. Really just to say I don’t really feel like posting anything – if that makes sense! Well, its Sunday tomorrow, so I might just well make up for it then!!

Slightly warmer today but not much. And its busy, as usual. Well, Saturdays always are.

What news? None really!.. Except I have been concentrating my efforts on the new books. You know, it has been brought to my attention that people actually intend to complain about these – before they have even read them! Well, anybody can complain fictitiously in advance, I suppose, but at least they should read a given publication first! Then they might really get some surprises!

Don’t worry anybody concerned; the manuscript will be sent to the relevant authorities well in advance to announce details of publication. Any relevant text will also be sent, so there is no need for anyone to worry.

The books are nearly finished now, and both are going ahead. So to my paranoid critics in advance I say . . . At least wait until you read them before you speculate upon the contents in advance! Speculate about them after, by all means, that is anybodies’ privilege. But at least wait until they have been published! Patience is supposed to be a virtue after all. In this case, it will have proved to have been one well worth waiting for!



4 Responses

  1. Hello David,
    Loved the post!
    I am sorry I haven’t called this week – my mum had an operation on Wednesday, and I’ve been looking after her since then, and we have a concert this evening, so rushing about like a mad thing…however, if it’s not too late finishing, I will call you when I return from the concert. If not this evening, then it’ll be tomorrow evening..I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you!
    Be in touch shortly!

  2. Interesting,
    Looking forward to the new publications.
    Yes it was the Royal Oak! Very well remembered although I am sorry to say that that pub has now turned into a chain monsterosity compleate with fit inducing fruit machines and big screen idiot box.
    I can’t remember hearing about spectres on the Codicote road although it is one of the most dangerous roads in Hertfordshire apparently so not suprising. I’m sure I heard a few stories conected to Knebworth house in the three years I was assistant head gardener there.
    Anyway take care David,

  3. Thanks for that Harry,
    Could you tell me about any of the stories you heard about Knebworth House? Are these recent for example? And even if not, I’d be interested to hear them.
    All I know is that it is the family house of the Lytton family and was (is?) reputedly haunted by a woman who disturbed sleepers in the night with the sound of her ghostly spinning-wheel regarded as an omen of a death in the family. This was early last century, I believe; possibly the one before.
    So any stories you heard would be of interest.

  4. Hi Harry,
    My husband and I came across Minsden Chapel by accident one winter’s day. We originally made the trip to Baldock, after hearing of a haunted house there called Hinxworth Place. We had heard that the manor house was haunted by ghostly monks, and a baby’s crying could be heard on stormy nights. We arrived to find the place was a private dwelling, so was unable to carry out research; as we made our way out of Baldock we noticed a sign to Minsden Chapel. We climbed the hill and made an examination of the place. Hine was right: there certainly is a kind of susurrus about the chapel, especially as Hine is allegedly meant to haunt the place in addition to the ghostly monk. I wondered if the ghostly monk of Minsden was related in any way to the ghostly monks of Hinxworth Place?

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