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Sunday ‘Sermon’

Well, its Sunday again, and a cold one.

As I mentioned recently, certain people on my team have suggested that I might be ‘over-doing’ Sunday religion. I must point out (if I can guys and gals!) that it not because they disagree with what I am saying; only that I’ve already clearly made my point and people should have got it by now (people who haven’t actually listened, of course, never will).

Please don’t get me wrong! I have not actually been ‘forbidden’ to write anything (I am far too independent for that, and they know it!); only that I should be aware that religion can be a ‘touchy subject’. Well, to give me my due as well, I am well aware of this and which is throughout all the years (since 1982 mainly) I have been writing about the esoteric, mysticism and religious beliefs (Wicca included as one of these), I have never referred to particular Churches or groups of people. I have written about the Divine Principle behind these (which many are striving to reach) yes; but not the individual denominations, or organisations or sects, or Circles and their methods of belief or worship.

The closest I have come in this direction is by explaining Wiccan beliefs and practice But I have never named people or gone into any detail about the actual ceremonies as these actually occur. I have only ever spoken very generally (and most of this was pre-1982); and even then, this was to dispel many of the myths as to what Wicca was NOT, and to dispel erroneous superstitious myths (about the ‘devil’ for example) that had been ascribed to it by ignorant people.

I have always maintained that the Divine Principle (or God) that lay beyond all of these was of far greater importance than arguing about very human beliefs or particular methods of worship. May I give you a simple example? (Thank you, I knew nobody would say ‘no’!).

In 1974, I had cause to be in Court over five charges of ‘damage’ and ‘desecration’ in a cemetery near Highgate in North London. (I was later to be acquitted of the three major charges but erroneously convicted of the two lesser ones. I later took this case to the European Commission of Human Rights – but that’s another story).

Now, I had a public reputation as being a ‘white witch’ long before this case came to Court – indeed, it was because of this reputation that the police chose to take that case to Court. Indeed, due to their ignorance of such matters, the police attempted to turn the case into a ‘witchcraft trial’ (and in that respect, they partially succeeded!) and made ridiculous claims in Court that Wicca was really all to do with ‘Satanism’ and ‘black magic’ and involved ‘black magic orgies’ and all the rest of it. The presiding judge over the proceedings was Judge Michael Argyle (now deceased), a devout Christian who made his views clear on any sort of ‘witchcraft’ or the ‘occult’ very clear from the beginning.

But to my real point:

When I was called to give my main evidence, I insisted that I be allowed to swear on the bible, explaining that those involved in Wicca accepted the existence of God, only maybe only worshipped Him in a different way. At first he persisted that I should not be allowed to. But I also persisted saying that I was not prepared to give any evidence at all unless I was allowed to take the Oath. I won, and he had to let me do so.

If you can see the relevance of this important point, you may also be able to see why I see this Divine Principle or God (the two are really just different names for the same thing) as being so important. In other words, this to me is the priority; above not only myself, but any other people.

Well, I hope you have not minded me clarifying that much K, but there is really so much hypocrisy and misguided supposition surrounding this subject. In answer to a couple queries: To continue briefly what I was sayings about the books yesterday, yes, I confirm that any relearning text will be submitted beforehand to the relevant authorities. (Although this really only applies to the new book actually as the other has already been published). I am in no way obliged to do this (and they cannot stop me publishing this), but the only reason

I want to do this is to prevent further lies and mis-statements being made about the content. Such statements have already be made in other directions. They will not be given the opportunity to arise again when, after all, the book is only setting the record straight; or more precisely, it is allowing other people to do so for themselves.



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  1. Hi David.
    just curious but do you think wiccans or other alternative faiths should be allowed to have a different sort of religious book in court?
    its not exactly christianity is it so its only fair a different text should be allowed like other faith systems.
    also can u tell us about any wiccan ceremonies or stuff like that uv been involved in?
    the only one i know about was when you got nicked in crouch end but there must have been others?
    would u ever go back into that stuff now or have u retired from it so to speak?

  2. also can u say anymore about ur new books like any details?
    u said a while ago u were working on a few. 3 or 4 i think?
    any detials or release dates?

  3. Hi again Craig,
    Your usual simplified questions, that require difficult answers, as usual!
    (I don’t mind though really, if I’m writing a Blog people are more than entitled to question what I say – indeed, I wish more people would do so publicly rather than sending me ‘discreet emails‘!).
    Your first point about swearing on other religious books in Court as opposed to the Bible I think is a relevant one. To answer this: why not? As long as it is the Divine Principle or God that is being ‘sworn to’, I would say it wouldn’t really matter.
    I greatly over-simplified this incident in my case, as I was just trying to stick to my essential point. In fact, this led to quite a long exchange between myself and the judge, and in the end he only allowed to take the Oath on the bible under protest. He said that Wiccans (as I was then) could not possibly worship the same God as Christians and I moreorless told him that was really only a question that God could decide, not himself. He wasn’t very pleased, but I wouldn’t move my position. And I didn’t. In fact, I still hold to that view.
    With regard to ‘Wiccan ceremonies’, when I was Initiated into it all those years ago, I took certain Oaths that I would not disclose details of these to the UnInitiated. I am no longer involved in Wicca (and have not been since the early 1980’s), but I would still hold true to these Oaths out of respect for others who still are.
    The ‘house in Crouch End’ did not really involve a Wiccan ceremony, but a magical one. There is a difference, but that would take too long to explain here. Basically, a magical ritual can be performed by just one or two people, and does not involve the necessity of a full gathering. Indeed, a ‘magician’ is quite capable of working alone.
    Anyway, hope that answers your points.
    For the moment,

  4. Hi David,
    I know what you mean by religious zealotry. I was told today that ‘you don’t have a real religion’ and ‘you were never properly married’ (I was twice married in registry offices.) Yeah! My reply to all that was, ‘How do you know that my religion isn’t valid?’ and ‘Shall I show you my marriage certificates?’ David, what drives these people, that’s what I want to know. They seem hell-bent on imposing their own fantasies on others, and making them feel inadequate (or trying to) just because some people have different world-views to them. It might wind up more sensitive souls, but it cuts no ice with me.
    Those Bournemouth ‘UFO’s’ were actually ‘earth lights’, not space invaders…more’s the pity!

  5. Craig,
    The only reason I have not bee more precise with the details of my forthcoming publications, is because to give more precise details here, would also be to give information to one or two of my ‘rivals’.
    That might only serve to lessen the ‘impact’ of the books when they are published. There is going to be plenty of reaction later when they are published, I assure you! But that has already been predicted, and so must be dealt in my time-frame, not theirs!
    Don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

  6. Speaking of religious people, they are winding up poor old Bonky on YouTube again:

    Why do you suppose you got blamed for sending “flying saucers” to Bournemouth?

  7. Hi David,
    I’m not sure I got the gist of your last post…although that is probably my own fault as I have not read your previous posts on this subject so I’m not sure why I’m mentioning it anyway! I’ll read them.
    Sunady is in my oppinion one of the oddest days of the week. I always feel it’s a day when I really need to catch up all those lost hours that seem to escape me during the hectic days of the week but I always end up feeling guilty for not doing enough at the end of it. I can certainly understand why it might be a day for making penance for all the spiritual flotsam, so to speak, that seems to collect during the week (well seems to for me anyway), and a good way of putting a full-stop on the last seven days. I’m not a christian or anything but I can dig that side of it if that’s why people go to church. It’s something I should look into really as I do get pretty down around Sundays. I really should educate myself on some suitable pagan alternatives to this weekly christian vidual.
    Anyway I’m rambling on.
    Well…to try to answer your previous question about Knebworth there were a few things I heard about the house but to be honest I can’t remember any reference being made to a specific historic event that might shed more light upon some of the stories. I know that garden staff that have been lucky enough to live in the flat which is above the kitchens to the house (unfortunately I wasn’t one of these as I lived in Letchworth at the time and the commute wasn’t bad), have often clearly heard footsteps walking passed the bathroom while they have been in there, and that figures have been spotted in the hall by a few people but I guess with houses of that age there will always be a few stories attached to them. Having spoken to William Watkins who lived in a cottage next to the lake at the bottom of the estate he mentioned that he has seen figures walking across a very old bridge that runs over the lake that seem to have just apeared and fade away before reaching the other side. Maybe this ties in with your thiory about entities being frequently sited near water?
    Anyway sorry I couldn’t be of more help on that. I’ll wrack my brains but I’m not sure much will come out. I tell you what though there are few stranger and more interesting places than Knebworth house attic. All manner of strange objects up there from the last six hundred years or whatever it is.
    Take care,

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