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Clearly ‘Bonky’ People!

Well, I see the NET CURTAINS LURKERS Blog and also Cat’s one are going well and I wish all concerned the best of luck.

I am especially impressed because both Blogs contain a sense of well-deserved humour – something quite a few other Blogs lack. Or if they don’t lack humour, many are just ‘plain boring’. And before I get any ‘wize cracks’ about my own Blog here . . . well, just forget it! I never intended this Blog to be anything other than a ‘diary of events’, boring, ‘non funny’, or otherwise.

Now, in answer to a few emails I have received or others that have been forwarded to me, I am not planning to extend on outside claims (made by some clearly ‘bonky’ people) that a ‘special agent’ was planted in our midst to glean information on real-life ‘vampires’ and my belief in these. Part of her task was to ‘get my confidence’ [sic]. Forget it folks! It is all nonsense. As I have stated so many times before, I do not accept the existence of such things! No ‘special agents’ were appointed either (or has been claimed ‘were planted’) the whole thing is just sheer fantasy (no doubt geared to attract to just attract just more ‘Internet publicity’.) The religious crank making these claims is clearly unbalanced. But then, he believes in the literal existence of ‘vampires’, so perhaps this is only to be expected!

So what’s new other than that. Well nothing really. Things have been pretty quiet, apart from all the writing, etc.

Dutch radio station have been in contact wanting an interview. Might be feasible because they’re only one hour ahead time-wise and its early evening – as opposed to very late ‘early morning’ again. Probably do it quite soon because of that.

No other news really. Friend phoned me earlier to tell me there was a postal strike tomorrow (just in London, I don’t know) which is annoying because I’ve got 2 more copies of my new book that I planned to post tomorrow. Still a day won’t hurt.

Expecting Gareth tomorrow and someone else, so that should be exciting!

Anyway will keep this ‘shortish’ as am a little tired at the moment.

For the moment,


16 Responses

  1. – “Part of her task was to ‘get my confidence’”
    May I quote you out of context on that?

    1. No, but you can quote me IN context, Cat. I said that ‘part of her task was to get my confidence’. which was true and can proved to be true by private correspondence I hold. The person in question was obviously ‘put up to it’ by the ‘bonky person’ who was trying to manilupate what she told him.
      That’s all there is to it really.

  2. The sequence goes like this Cat:
    Me(Robin hood) —Mark Gibbons– Bonky constacted and struck on ——–me and MG struck off and David the enemy due to her contact with Bonky ———–Hepworth of Kirklees struck on —–me struck on again after apology over house post—–David struck on and Bonky struck off ——Church——–David struck off due to Church—-Bonky struck back on—–me struck off……..Church and priest still on——-
    Think thats about it as far as I know at the mo!

  3. Sorry, the only question is really was she spying, well I dont know, I think that for some time she was genuinely supporting David, when it all went dickipoggy at the end I think she might have been doing a bit of espionage and I have always wondered what part Hepworth played, as I found out with documentary proof that Hepworth and Bonky were in league while Hepworth was pretending to be okay with me, otherwise I would not have known but Bonky slipped up by publishing Hepworths nasty lettr about me. I was always a bit mystified that C was “in ” the Hepworth “camp “–literally and him being such a great capdoffer to milady who then gave c permission to visit the grave, very strange unless he was after sleaze. But I have no proof of that, its just circumstantial and not out of character!
    tata again chaps

  4. I suppose it is boring Cat, that is the whole point, the situation was I simply started it up as a historical quest but ran into all the dickipoggy at Kirklees stopping the normal historical researches going forward. It spiced it up all right when the vampires came on the scene, and introduced me to Bonkyworld and as a result David. Thats the only connection, his Bonkiness, and one thing led to another. I only wanted to do the historical side, but it all went dickipoggy. I just wish that the historical research could have been the case instead of having 25 years of cap doffing to contend with. And to be honest I find some of the Highgate stuff boring as its utterly predictable and is just a rerun of what has been going on for even longer.
    It is funny but some of it is pretty depressing, not to say sordid. So sorry your bored, Robin Hood as on tv etc bores me witless, in fact I never watch it, but this story up here does have some bizarre elelemts, but I agree, not as exciting as the King of the Highgate Undead.
    tata barbara

  5. I must admit I find the Robin Hood drama very boring, Barbara. It just does not have the impact of David&Bonky’s antics. Perhaps you could spice it up a bit with some naughty business?

  6. I have not seen the piece so obviously can’t really comment. But I think all Cat’s trying to say Barbara, is that he’s looking for more ‘colourful scandal’ to so he can satarise it for his Blog.
    For example, you remember the time we visited haunted Hartstead Church high above Robin Hood’s grave (2005) and Garteht insisted on trying out the old stocks outside and accidently got locked in them?! Have you still got a picture of that (I have somewhere) cause he (Cat) might like to have that!
    A picture indeed says more than a thousand words ever can; so have you got your copy handy? Then we could let Gareth talk his way out of that!
    Speak later,

  7. I’ll have al look for the stocks picture David but I think Cat was expecting something more dickipoggy, you know, some real hanky panky going on on the grave, involving nudity if possible! Well how about the story when I took JPL up to the grave in the pouring rain, he lit a candle which fizzled out and recited–to me— some unimntelligable mumbo jumbo–though to him obviously something meaningful. And I said some of my own prayers, qietly. Guess what, on the net, recycled by Bonky, was an account of me and JPL HAVING AN ORGY at RHD–Bonky ignored the pouring rain–me reciting the Lords prayer backwards!!!!! and all manner of Satanic goings on–well he should know. According to him, who hadnt been there to witness the scene–only JPL AND MYSELF WERE THERE, all this defintely happened BECAUSE HE SAID SO! It took many many posts to point out that Bonky had made something out of nothing–as usual but he still keeps bringing it up as PROOF that I am a witch!
    Saucy enough–probably not, a bit tame really!
    Those article in the Courier David, they were only a rehash of whats been said before about the Councils cap-doffing!
    tata barbara

    1. Well don’t blame me if he does something on that now!
      But yes, everybody remembers that story – it kept circulating the Net. You’ve said it all really – or rather said what ‘he’ was saying.
      You visited the haunted grave at the dead of night (trespassing, of course!) and there proceeded to perform a Satanic ritual on top of it and black candles were lit. In a way though Barbara, he’s contradicting himself again here: before this he was calling you a ‘witch’ (with the Pudding’s help) and then he decided that you were a ‘Satanist’ instead! You can’t be both, can you?!!
      For now

  8. Well if Cat mangles it further I can’t help that, he’s mangled enough stuff, he’s nearly as bad as Bonky at times, making things up. I know its all very amusing at the end of the day, but it would be nice to have another blog–and it wont be mine as I am toobusy with other more important stuff—-that a ctually told the truth about certain situations. Even the Bonky stuff has gone over the top, when there is enough Bonky stuff that has happened , without making more ludicrous situations up.
    I have been maligned, as you have yourself, by Bonky making something out of nothing.He then got a certain other person doing the same though to be honest I think she had a predisposition to it without his help, but she was certainly encouraged.
    If anyone is interested, though they probably like Cat, find the Robin Hood shanakins boring, but to read the truth of the “Satanic” service go into my website
    and look up the Bottomley Witch Project–or just google it in.
    tata barbara

    1. Hi Barbara
      Thanks for email. That historical link is fine but can you find a copy of Bonky’s story about you and JP conducting a ‘Satanic ritual’ at Robin Hopod’s grave and send it to me (and Cat if you want).
      I don’t really want a direct link to the nonsense here (unless you send it in private) but I’d like to re-read that story – and I’m sure Cat would.
      I wouldn’t say ‘Cat is as bad as Bonky’ because – whatever else he is! – at least he is not vindictive (like Bonky and his female cohort).
      Thanks Barbara,

  9. Hi David–I just googled it up myself without going through the website, just google in Bottomley Witch. it is in two parts and not realy very exciting–till Bonky turns it into a full scale naked Satanic orgy—crikey, we couldnt have had an orgy if we’d fancied one–which I most certainly did not!!!! with all that rain. It was when we had a lot of floods. We went to Pendle Hill also in the rain–very stupidly–and nearly got trapped from getting out, all the roads were flooded but I had thought if you carry on uphill thee wont be any floods not realising that it woudl be flooded in the dips. Thankfully I got through the final flooded road—just!
    Yes I agree Cat isnt malicious but he does make a lot up, though some of it has a basis of reality and Bonky has asked to have the *****taken out of his ludicrous fairy stories and malicious attacks on the innocent, like myself, but I wont bore you with the details I am sure you know the occasions of sin from him, they have been discussed enough over the past twenty plus years!
    tata barbara

    1. Barbara I typed in “bottomley witch” plus your name but it just bought me back to the link you’ve already given. So can you be a bit more specific please as if I can’t find it other people won’t be able to. Probably easier to just send me the link in private so I can copy it.

      1. Thanks Barbara,
        That tells the story of what REALLY happened, but what I was after (and sure Cat’s after as well) is the ‘bonky one’s’ version of this. (You allegedly ‘worshipping the devil’ at the grave-side). Have you got that and, if so, could you send me that (privately)! I’m sure Cat could have some fun with that!
        Speak later,

  10. Oh Crikey David, That could be anywhere in my papaer files, there were several versions–well several repeats of the Satanic version he kept posting up, I’ll have a look. But it was suggested I said the Lords Prayer backwards and got up to a dickipoggy orgy with JPL! And I’ve just thought I might end up with another orgy up Pendle Hill in the rain also, in the Land of Bonkiness. Maybe Bonky coudl kindly repost it for us! If we ask him nicely, save me looking!
    tata barbara

    1. I’m sure he won’t Barbara now he knows we’re on to it!
      But I have it saved somewhere too so it’ll turn up. Just keep looking please anyway when you get time.
      For now,

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