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“Secret Love Nest”!

Well, its all quiet . . . ‘ish’!

The writing is going steadily; Talk schedules progressing smoothly and Cat’s new Blog is also progressing . . . somewhere but I don’t know where. But he sure knows how to pick titles! . . . “Gareth’s Bar Brawl” and “ Farrant [i.e. myself] and Pudding Secret Love Nest” being just two. Well, just can’t wait to see the story about Gareth’s Bar Brawl (don’t know what this could possibly mean – unless you’re referring to the time a scantily-clad woman ‘beat him up’ on a Thames river boat cruise!), and as for this “Secret Love Nest” . . . well, I really don’t know what you mean! Seriously. I know it is probably based on something. But I hope he hasn’t picked that up from rumours the ‘bonky one’ has been putting around, that he had enlisted her as a “special agent” to infiltrate Society matters. No doubt we will all find out soon. I don’t know, but I can tell you this much . . . that particular person isn’t capable of ‘infiltrating’ the door of a Church!

Anyway we’ll just have to wait and see. But well done! Good artwork, good pics. and good layout. And again well done!

Now onto less serious things! At last a letter of apology from the TV Licensing people this morning offering an apology this morning. Well, they didn’t actually say ‘sorry’ but they admitted I didn’t need a licence at the moment under the circumstances. Which basically means I won! I wasn’t bluffing about going the whole way with it if necessary. And I think they realised it! Pleased really as I’ve got much more important work to do than waste time on those idiots.

Lovely and warm again this evening. Certainly makes a change from those 3 months of cold over Christmas. At least I can sit up into the early hours now without needing a fire on. Actually, not a bad time to start a ‘secret love nest’, come to think of it!

For the moment


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  1. mice to see all these other blogs dedicatet to u and manky sean.
    if the lone stranger is reading this, please change the colour scheme as i can’t actually read ur blog unless i highlight the text!
    it was fine as it was originally!

    1. Nice to see them all too Craig. Just shows how popular I’m getting I suppose!
      I must admit it is very difficult to read “Lone Stranger’s” Blog because of the colour scheme. So maybe he – or they -could change this, so people may be able to read it easier.
      But amazing to see all this activity!

  2. This is the Lone Stranger! The Cubicle Posse will work on the code and try to change the text block without wrecking the whole template.
    What browsers are you peeps using. We only work with Safari and Firefox.
    Hi Yo Bonky! Awaaay!

    1. Thank you for gracing us with your presence Lone Stranger.
      You are welkcome here, of course, but I have to sympathise with a lot of UK users, that the text can scarcely be read here (unless first highlighted). Have to leave that technical problem to you of course!
      But, as you are here, can I say that I really liked the Lone Ranger starring the late (I think!) Clayton Morre and used to watch it as a kid. I also liked the “Range Rider” and the “Cisco Kid”. I was a lot younger then of course!
      David Farrant

  3. Try upgrading to IE 8. IE 6 is show the mismatched colors you guys are reporting. I’m showing it’s black background with white text on IE 8, Foxfire and Safari. We can’t find the line of code that is not working with the old IE browser.

  4. Ok – the problem is – if you are running IE 6, that is obsolete and will not render the colors correctly. I’ve even tried to set black text on a white text box and IE 6 shows the whole thing white. IE 6 is the ONLY browser not rendering correctly.

  5. Ok. I’ve fixed the main text block for IE 6. The rest will still have the weird colors until everyone upgrades. Sorrry, this is an IE 6 bug that was worked out in later releases.

    1. Had another look at the Blog tonightn (this morning in fact 2. 54), much better with the changed colour scheme.
      I note ‘bonky’ has still not answered my question, but I suppose this is only to be expected! Well, there’s always tomorrow!

  6. For what it’s worth, I can see the text just fine. However I use Firefox browser as well as Safari and for some reason cannot add comments to Lone Strangers blog. Apparently this is a known “bug” with some users.
    Meanwhile my Cat mailbox is filling up with filthy gossip and lurid tales about David, Bonky, Pudding, Babs, Gareth…and even Craig! Where do people get this stuff?

  7. gossip?
    about me?
    but…but…i’m as pure as the driven snow!!1
    what have i done this time?
    LS: your original template was lovely.

  8. I’m just about getting there with the two blogs–can’t wait to see what Cat will do next, though he should have written for the News of the World–he takes a few liberties but all in light hearted jest. I managed to look at the u tube of Bonky, he’s a regular caution aint he–as we say round here—-he deserves an Oscar! Well the thing is he has to stick to his story now cos if he doesn’t he has to admit he’s been telling porkies, unless he is totally–erm–bonkers!
    The third option that any of the highgate vampire yarn is actually true isn’t really an option, cos even if you were inclined to give Bonky the benefit of the doubt, the actual book doesnt stand up to any kind of scrutiny, is written
    by Bonky, about Bonky, what Bonky saw, Bonkys theories and Bonky’s actions, there is no objective viewpoint at all, plus the whole ridiculous yarn was blown out of the water last year by Patsy who researched the area, the tombs, the so called people, the evidence etc and found it all without any foundation whatsoever. There isn’y a scrap of objective evidence to back up any of the events hunting the King Vampire of Highgate whatsoever, but listening to King Bonky talk, he makes it sound just possible–have to give him his due.
    Didnt care much for the old sideburns though……………

    1. Yes, I’m afraid the person is stuck with the whole ridiculous ‘vampire/s’ story for all time now, Barbara – unless he admits to it all one huge contrived hoax (which he will never do as he wrote the whole thing as ‘fact’, not fiction.)
      It rather traps the ‘Pudding’ in an extremely dubious light as well. I mean, by publicly supporting his ‘vampire claims’ now puts her directly at odds with the Christian Church!
      Thank God, I never wrote the nonsense, that’s all I can say! I would never be referred to as a serious author again!

  9. what idle pensioners? I am sure I don’t know any. I have always been very hardworking, since I was 16 in full time employment with short breaks for children, studying , passing exams, looking after children and parents and elderly relatives, writing books, animal rescue, visiting care homes now I am retired, looking after my grandaughter………………I could go on. To whom are you referring to your purriness? I can manage without your daily funnies, I think, just about………….entertaining and oh so clever with the compuer graphics……….
    toodle hoo

  10. – “can’t wait to see what Cat will do next”
    Well bear in mind that Cat Heaven duties DO require the occasional turn plunking the harp and tidying up the cloud banks, so please expect fallow times when there are no entries i.e. “amusement for idle pensioners”!

  11. “I think the ad from the “American Vampire League” on Net Curtains is a hoot!”
    eat your heart out sean!
    i saw that as well.
    whats it all about?

  12. It’s part of the fake promos for the HBO series True Blood. It’s a very hot show (in more ways than one!). Since the great vampire hunter hates vamps, and the vamps are sexy as hell, well hBonky will miss out on all the action. 🙂
    Note: The vamps always get the girl!

  13. -“oi! what about the gossip about me? come on, give it up Baldrick.”
    Craig, so far all I’ve got on you is an anonymous tip that you set David up with an illegal TV set. But there must be more. Bootleg whisky….loud rock and roll….procuring of women….

    1. I don’t really know anything about that series, Flo, so I can’t comment – except to say perhaps that I hate vampire films!
      As for YOU, Cat, you are right in most of what you say about Craig (except the ‘illegal TV set)!
      I have never known anyone (apart from myself maybe) who is so ‘woman mad’! and as for ‘drinking’, I find it hard to keep up with him – and that’s REALLY saying something!

  14. oi slow down david or mad sean will start accusing me of being an alcoholic!!!
    and as for women, u know i only have eyes for 1 woman.
    …unlike u with ur harem of women.
    i hear speedqueen is the latest addition.

    1. ‘No comment’, Craig!
      PS Don’t forget to bring some more beer with you next time you come over!

  15. u hear that sean? david wants me to bring more beer.
    don’t forget to twist that into an alcoholic frenzy u old hack.

  16. HI, david,
    Glad to hear you are well and frantically ‘disseminating calumnies etc’. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in all sorts, so have been off the radar for a while. I see that a certain imbecile is still crowing on about ‘me’ sending you divorce papers on Nocturnal Frequency Radio. He’s like a toothless old cur, gnawing on a meatless bone. If that’s what floats his boat, the sad old git is welcome to it. Really enjoying Cat’s blog as well as net curtains. Do you have a publication date for the sour pudding saga yet ? Got to say, that I am looking forward to it. Anyhow, I’ll be in touch sometime soon.
    Rob [purveyor of classified documents] Milne

    1. Hi Rob
      Nice to hear from you. Yes the Yorkshire Pudding is trying to blame you now, notwithstanding that she was in email contact with the genuine person in 2004 and he posted her the said material. Anyway, just leave them to say what they want now. One thing’s for sure though; lies just don’t seem to bother them!
      My new book with the “Pact with the Devil” chapter in it has been completed now – that is, all the writing and the photographs. Release date not long now but will let everybody know. I know one thing though: people will truly love it. Its the one everyons’ been waiting for! (That ‘Cat’ to name but one!).
      By the way, I did get your cheque for the last book, thanks.
      Well stay in touch my dear Rob! And speak soon,

  17. This is another siting

    I know this man is very popular for the most part though these kids seem to be getting over excited, at least he looks more credible than if he was prancing around in a purple frock and tea-cosy and he does wave and smile but I havenever heard of him preaching or actually doing anything other than walking around, still a sight less bonkers than the real bonky, who for that matter, has never preached a sermon in his life—or one that anyone knows about, as he told C and myself when we asked, he didnt preach cos he was too important being a bishop. In fact
    There is no Chrsitian message I can see in Bonky’s Internet Sermons.Just bile and spleen. It is all the Gospel according to Bonky, but what does he do, does he adminster any sacraments and are any of them valid if he does? Does he marry,christen and bury?
    Does he do Confession and adminster the Eucharist?
    Cor can you imagine him in the Confessional
    Well I have wandered off the subject of our own local holy man of whom I would liek to find out more.
    tata barbara

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