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‘Vampire Hunter’ Stakes Claim . . .

Its been very quiet today, but I’m still a little tired. My big Court case is over, but during this past couple of days, other things started cropping up on a radio Forum which had to be dealt with.

Same old story: it was suddenly ‘invaded’ by somebody using a usual alias and I felt obliged to rebut some of the comments made there. Which I have done as some people have probably seen.

That Court case is finally over; when I say ‘finally’, its been dragging on for eight years which seems like an eternity! Everyone’s been asking me about, so, in a word I won, and was awarded compensation. Perhaps a far cry from the non-Christian sentiments expressed elsewhere last year (almost with a ‘glee of hope’) that I was ‘being evicted from my flat’! ‘Suppose the person had just got home from Church at the time and had been praying in anticipation!

I’m not going to try and summarise it all here (although now its over, I could do); too much work, and I’m feeling too lazy! But what I will do is post up the newspaper report on the result – which is easier said than done as I’ve never posted up newspaper copy (plus a photograph) here before. Karen helped me with the last couple (of photo’s) so I mustn’t take credit for that. Anyway, it won’t be tonight as I have to scan it in first, which means turning one of the others computers on. I just don’t feel like it. I can tell you the headline easily now however. It was . . . ‘VAMPIRE HUNTER’ STAKES CLAIM ON HIS RENTED HOME, and it gives the basic details. Actually, I might just try and post my ‘birthday picture’ after this, just to see if I can do it.

So if you see some blank space or something, you’ll know why! Then its ‘help Karen’! I try and not to woory her unless its important; and I guess this is really as so many people have been emailing me about it. Anyway, in a nutshell, I’m still here and not going to jail or anywhere else! I’ll try the ‘birthday pic’ in a minute (which K took actually) so if I ‘botch it up’, you’ll know why. Just me and computers!

Well folks, as I said, I’m fairly tired so I’ll round this off now. Got some other news on publications, but I’ll leave that until next time.

For the moment, David

All I have to do now, is try that birthday photograph!


2 responses

  1. Thanks Columbine,
    It took enough work.
    Karen is going to post up the newspaper about it when she gets round to it.
    Then people will be able to read it in black and white (well, there is a colour picture) without just having to take my word for it.
    I must remind her!
    For now,

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