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Looking More Than A Little Bald

Kev saved from the grasping clutches of the Bonky One - and back with the BPOS! (copyright - needless to say BPOS)

No Blog since Valentine’s Day, but I really have had a good excuse lately. Its just been so cold, and the cold makes me very lethargic; not so much inwardly, but physically when it comes to relaxing.

And I need to relax when I am doing a blog entry. As I’ve said before, a Blog should not be an ‘exercise in writing’,  or something one feels one has to do from a ‘script’. To me, it is more like a diary, and surely none of us feel like doing ‘diary entries’ if we are ‘not in the mood’. I’ll probably get more into the flow of regular Blogs again if the weather turns warmer in March.

Anyway now I am here I will to give you some news.

Well the latest ‘tittle tattle’ from the Yorkshire Green Belt seems to be that my ex ‘friend’ ‘Babs’ has recently had one almighty bust-up with a certain self-employed (although undeclaring) professional ‘exorcist’ in the Calderdale region. This was conveyed to me in a very hard to unscramble email which at first I thought was the work of a troublemaking prankster. But upon closer inspection, the email did indeed to appear to have been sent from the bone fide email account of Our Lady of the Supersonic Pooperscooper herself.   For my part, I really don’t know why one or either of them bother. It is blatantly obvious that the childish nonsense is meant to impress me into believing that I am still cared about in that direction by one or both of them, when I have long since made it abundantly clear publicly that I want nothing further to do with either of them.

I exposed the treachery of one of these people in my popular book Pact With The Devil, which has set many tongues wagging (not least in the Catholic circles of Huddersfield and beyond). It touched upon the droll lives of ‘lovesick has-beens (or never-weres)’ dwelling in the dingly dells of West Yorkshire. The book was written as an example to others, pointing out the dangers of dallying with a certain rather bonky theomaniac who only ever has his own interests at heart. I think my book ‘Pact’ sums up that whole story in its entirety, and hopefully stands as a well timed warning against some people who profess to love to God on the one hand; whilst simultaneously going to extreme lengths to destroy their perceived enemies in the most unChristian ways, on the other.

But to leave the somewhat sordid vales of Yorkshire, I had some more refreshing news from my friend Kev very recently. He is stationed in the Middle East at the moment (moving around different provinces) organising important sporting events for athletes from the UK. He informs me he is having a really good time and (in contrast to what I said at the beginning here) winter temperatures seldom drop below 25 degrees c, while the high summer can reach a persistent 40 degrees. As a consequence of his present work with the English teams Kev sometimes goes through brief periods when he has no access to a computer, because of this, our emails can be delayed for a few days or so.

But he has been in touch recently as I said, and he informs me that his new book (I better not give you the title yet!) is well on its way to near completion. It tells the history of his sporting life and achievements basically, but also reveals many other secrets about his early life in north London from the early 1970s period. From the drafts that I have seen it promises to be a very inspiring insight into Kev’s spiritual development as well (so vital to his craft). Kev is lucky in that he has a very professional business manager and personal friend who’s help all points to his forthcoming book becoming a huge success.

I first became introduced to Kev and his wife Bev back in 2010 and indeed, an entry from this blog from August 2011 shows a picture of Kev and myself when he came to visit me and (my now wife) Della at our home in London. This photograph is exclusively my copyright, but in recent times it (and a similar one) was stolen from my blog here and used on an unauthorised copycat blog that attempted to defame Kev’s forthcoming autobiography, without having even read it.

A possibly amusing aside for some readers: the blog in question is maintained by a deranged ‘fan’ of mine, who is so obsessed with my friends and family (and of course myself!) that he felt compelled to ‘borrow’ the pictures without permission, and forced me to successfully request the help of Google to get the images removed from this loon’s blog, and help me retrieve them from the ‘stolen property office’. One of these images is the same picture which readers can see at the top of this blog – with its BPOS logo intact (previously scrubbed out presumably using Microsoft Paint by the digitally artistically inclined ‘fan’!).

This is not the first time that the ‘fan’ in question has plundered my property, presumably motivated by the creepy desire to feel ‘closer’ to me (as I am clearly ever present in his thoughts). Indeed, as far back as 1971 he appeared in court charged with stealing personal property of mine (letters, photographs and suchlike). The magistrate presiding over the case, Baroness Birk, due to lack of evidence pertaining to him breaking and entering on that occasion observed that it ‘looks as though this all started with people being friends, then they fell out, and this is what came of it. There is not enough evidence and the case is dismissed.’ Fortunately for myself and other ‘victims’ (I prefer the term ‘long suffering putter-up-with) of stalkers both short and long term, a cyber trail of evidence is not easily dismissed these days, and is nigh on inerasable.

My wife keeps telling me that I should not be giving this person the ‘oxygen of publicity’, but despite this I will also mention here that the same deranged fan also stole a banner from my personal website, which he used to present his weird hate/fan blog as some kind of bone fide fansite. I think anyone with a basic grasp of how to use a search engine would very easily come across my real website with its infinitely superior graphics (thanks Della!) and realise that this rather chaotic and aesthetically challenged effort is the work of a fringe ‘hanger-on’ – dare I say ‘interloper’ (??!! lol) who really should ask his community psychiatric team to increase his medication. Or perhaps send him on an ‘art therapy’ course or whatever they do with these people.

Well it seems that a lot of the ‘Friends of David Farrant’ who were featured without their consent on this ‘unfortunate’’s blog have taken similar DMCA action against him, as the blog is now looking, like its creator, more than a little bald!

Anyway,  I will keep you all up to date with developments on other matters pertaining to the real world as these come in; have a radio interview scheduled for late next week so am hoping that the snow keeps away from Highgate as it will be ‘in house’ at BPOS HQ.

But for now,


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  1. I wonder why Bonky took pity on dear old Trish Jing Jai and removed her from his hateblog? Oh my days, I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Hello David,
    I think that Rick and I were present this day when Kevin came to visit….

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