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In Lazy Mode

I know I said this last time, but I think I’m getting a bit lazy again. I mean, at writing here.

No excuse really, because its been so quiet recently – at least compared to the hectic chaos of the last few months. All of a sudden (April 23rd actually) much of the pressure has been ‘lifted’ and it seems to have left me in ‘lazy mode’!

It is nice to have comparatively little to do though, as it gives you a chance to think about some of the deeper things in life. I won’t bore you with those here though; Cat will only start ‘moaning’ (or meowing) again. The creature only seems to like sleaze (or rather sex!) and doesn’t appear to want to talk about anything ‘normal’.

Well, having said that, let me think if there’s anything that might interest you (or maybe even please the more ‘hopeful’ among you!). I have injured my injured foot – if that makes sense. I don’t know how it happened, maybe just the way I slept on it. Maybe its more serious, but who really cares. Anyway, it swelled up for no apparent reason; in fact so much, I couldn’t get my shoe on. Well, that was not a problem, because I just changed to sandals, but it was really difficult to walk on it. That was no big problem either – indoors. But I had to go out, and at one stage I really thought I wouldn’t be able to make it up the hill. But the thought of needed provisions kept me going, so I just tried to ignore the pain and ‘take it easy’, as they say in the States.

Well I got what I needed and arrived back at the flat – eventually. Problem is, it just didn’t like being walked on and to reward me had swelled up even more so that I could hardly fit into the sandal. Bloody foot; if it wasn’t part of me, I might even get annoyed with it! As it is, I think its really going to call for some ‘witch healing’. That’s only a last resort, as you’re not really supposed to do it to yourself. For other people, yes. But the normal procedure is, that it should be left to heal up in its own time by itself. To open up the natural body energy to accelerate healing is fine,; anything more should only be left until a last resort.

So, I’ll endure it ‘till tomorrow, then we’ll see.

Anyway, enough of this self-pity. Its just that I’ve got precious little else to write about at the moment.

It goes without saying that the books are going well – very well. Just because I don’t mention them sometimes, don’t think I have ever stopped working on them. Foot or no foot! Film guy coming on Friday to do some filming. Had quite a long meeting last week, and he’s turning up with two assistants. Both girls (or should I say ‘young ladies’), but whose complaining. They’re only coming in a professional basis, anyway.

Well, apart from that, its all really quiet here. I see things have been ‘exploding’ on other parts of the Net, and there’s always that to provide some mild amusement!

Well, I really must get on with this chapter now. If I just keep still on this foot for the time being, then maybe it’ll get fed up with being painful! We’ll see!

For the moment,


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  1. David–you sound as though you need your foot bandaged with a support bandage or stocking. Is it just your foot or leg? I am inclined to ignore ailments but sometimes you have to go to the doctors, it doesnt mean you have to mollycoddle yourself or make a fuss–sometimes its less fuss to get the matter sorted!
    tata barbara

  2. Thanks Barbara,
    Its stopped hurting so much today, only when I walk on it! Just have to walk carefully though and it’ll be OK.
    These things are meant to try us maybe, but I’ve got over far worse than that! Its no worse anyway, which is all that matters.
    Though thanks for your concern. Sure it’ll be OK in a few days. Its didn’t stop me writing last night though – just made me all the more determined!
    For the moment,

  3. Glad to hear your foot is improved,, could be worse and if it was your hand you could not write!My new book will be out in a couple of weeks–it is about District Nursing and covers the malicious allegations made against me there—we dont half get ’em dont we–but most of it is light hearted–in fact the nasty bit has ended up funny! I certainly havent been ordered or advised by any priests or parsons that it is wrong to refute malicious allegations—all that is needed for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing—-where would the world be if no one ever stood up to the “dictators” who for whatever reason find they can only be happy when being horrible to others? I know some bits of the Bible say turn the other cheek–I always try reasoning first but when truly provoked unjustly I think it is my right to fight back.On a larger scale this is why we have wars and wicked, evil leaders who have to be stopped.Though having said that the world isnt much better than it ever was,but we have to keep trying to do our own little bit !
    The Radio board seems to have fizzled to a damp squib but with the routing of the biggest noise jobs a good un.
    I am going away for ten days next week to my computer will be having a rest, though I suppose I might end up in one of those cafes. Well its early in the day but I am always up early–working nights has permenantly disrupted my sleep pattern and of course, I miss my dog who went to doggy heaven in October.
    tata barbara

  4. Hi David,
    How’s your foot? I hope it’s better today. Our feet are so important.
    Been go, go go for about a fortnight. It’s calming down now, so I’ll speak to you on Sunday evening.
    Take it easy!

  5. -“Cat will only start ‘moaning’ (or meowing) again. The creature only seems to like sleaze (or rather sex!) and doesn’t appear to want to talk about anything ‘normal’.”
    Don’t be such a nerk. I don’t want to talk about Farrant’s feet. I have had enough of your nattering about ghosts and goblins. Why the delay with new episodes of your damme YouTube channel? People think you’ve scarpered.

  6. Sounds as though an second installment of my “satanic semi” has been whizzing around through cyberspace–to Bournemouth, need I say from whence it has flown elsewhere—the latest is stuff about my family–as you know the return of my daughter and grandaughter caused a few problems–as she did not want to return from sunny Barcelona to backwater Brighouse–despite her stupid boyfriend–took a bit of settling down. All is fine now but erm the man in the ironed mask has got–a version–of the story. No doubt the wires arent just crossed, they will be tied in a Gordian knot.
    Agaun, just to show, you cant believe M>>>>>erized versions of things that happened last year, let along four decades ago, what tidbits of info he gets hold of by whatever means, he then sexes up even more. If you have had the treatment as many people on this blog have, you will know what I mean! Government spin is nothing on him!

    I really wouldn’t worry about it too much Barbara. That person is quite incapable of telling the truth, and everybody knows it now. And if they can’t even tell the truth in Church, how much less would they be able to in their private emails to people?!
    Don’t worry. You know the truth, and most other people do as well. That’s all that matters.

  8. grrr David–please dont say”don’t worry” it sets my teeth on edge! I dont worry about anything these days, which is different from stamping on claptrap–sure you havent spent the last 35 years”worrying” over a vampire and a madman!
    Also, that other saying young people are always spouting”bear with me” is exceedingly irritating!
    but —erm–don’t worry–I’m not getting at you!
    tata barbara

  9. No problems–that annother annoying one also!
    We dont really have to be very clever to relate all the stories–they are all there, actually, ready made, all we have to do is write the stuff up. In fact, if it wasnt true,nobody could invent such a tale! Pity in a way he didnt do the Vampire princess– he may have ended up in the Tower !

  10. Well, I certainly like the ‘young people’ bit!
    I know you don’t like the . . . “Bear with” . . . (dare I finish saying it!) but that’s why I try and never use it.
    As for her, I just meant she’s tried all that before, and nobody believed her except him perhaps (but then, only because it suited him to).
    Put it like this; I really can’t think of one person who takes her seriously anymore and the present ‘distortion’ would just be treated in the same way. That’s all I meant.
    Brilliant piece on Princess Di, by the way. you could almost forgive people for thinking itsa left-over from Monty Python; except the joke’s really on them ’cause its all true!
    Next installment soon please!

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