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Oh! The Irony! (2)

Very wet and damp today – definitely no woods!

Gareth not coming tonight. He’s coming Sunday instead. I’ve got someone coming over and I want him to meet them. So, peaceful night ahead! More wine for me.

I was thinking earlier about the fascinating subject of ‘healthy diet’. I have been asked to do an article for a small esoteric magazine (but which never the less gets around in the right circles) but not really sure that I want to do it: at least in the way it would be expected. You know, the usual gumph about what to eat to stay healthier, etc, etc. The only way I could really do it, is to dispel many of the current myths associated with food but which have come to be accepted as fact – many as medical fact. Well, I would be in my element here, as I have had the advantage of going through Wicca (but I mean the serious stuff, of course, not all the commercialised nonsense) and being taught on an Inner Circle of a certain Order. It may have been a while ago, but they are not the sort of things that you can forget.

But you learn the reality of many of the false myths surrounding food, not-with-standing that many health fanatics – even doctors – swear to the truth of them as ‘gospel’ (and, no, I’m not getting onto religion!). Let me give you an example of a common one which most people will be aware of:

For example, it is commonly believed that salt is generally bad for you in that it is bad for the heart and raises the blood pressure. Is this true? Simply ‘no’, but I qualify this by saying that I am referring to pure salt.

Most of the common salt (‘table salt’) we buy in shops, however, (even Health shops) is not ‘pure’. It has an added ingredient, magnesium carbonate, which is added to enable it to ‘run freely’. (This ingredient may well have the ‘heart effect’ that the Health guru’s proclaim – I frankly don’t know). It is this ingredient that causes nearly everybody to be immediately sick if drinking a glass of table salt dissolved in tepid water. So much is fact. But it is also a fact that literally millions of people all over the world go swimming in the sea and are never sick after gulping down sea water. Why. Because natural sea salt does not contain this ingredient.

There are many more common ‘health myths’ like this which are similarly based on false premises like this (another being a general ignorance of the dangers of refined white sugar and a similar belief of the ‘dangers‘ of smoking), but these are too lengthy to go into here.

So, will I do the article? Actually, probably not. it’s a little off my subject of the esoteric and they wouldn’t accept it anyway! Think I’ll just stick to my ‘ghost’ articles or esoteric cum religious one’s; more my line than digressing food!

Well, full moon tonight. You know its really true that the full moon (or the cycles close around it) really does have an effect on the human psyche and Nature. Might discuss that another time. Come to think of it, that wouldn’t make a bad article. Have to have a word.

Would you believe it! I just had a phone call from Gareth saying he wants to ‘pop in’ quickly tonight after all as he’s up in Highgate. Well, I couldn’t really say ‘no’. But I told him he’s have to leave at 10. I have to conserve my strength (mental strength, that is) for Sunday.

And lest I forget; guess what, everyone! I got a personal email late yesterday from a certain person to my Aol account inviting me to join “Facebook” to open my personal Internet Profile there. Now I’ve heard of this organization before. Think they’re some kind of ’lonely hearts’ club.  Oh, the irony!

But no thanks. Think I’ll give that a miss! I’ve got enough fans already!


7 Responses

  1. Apparently, Facebook is very much in vogue amongst youngsters: everyone is seeking friends!! Perish the thought, I say.
    I understand that if one asks to become one’s friend and is accepted, then is, in turn, would be relayed to the second party’s ‘friends’. Funny old world, or, rather, new world.

  2. Hi again, Molecule,
    I thought you’d disappeared into the ether, but nice to know you’re still here and reading this. A lot of people are apparently.
    Anyway, with regard to ‘Facebook’ or ‘Facelift’ – or whatever you call it – I have heard of it generally, but that’s all.
    Anyway, the point is really academic as I won’t be joining.
    Its for ‘seeking friends’, you say.
    Nothing wrong with that, but I am just so cautious now being aware that trusted friends can so easily turn into enemies! Can you really blame me?!
    Anyway, nice to see you back,
    For the moment,

  3. Well I just padded over to the cat library and what did I read, but, “Heavy sodium consumption increases blood pressure in some individuals, leading to high blood pressure.” So as you can see, dear olde Wizard Of Must-Tell Hill, it is sodium, not magnesium carbonate which is the problem.
    (And to the yokels “up country” I say, as ever, Miaow.)

  4. Listen Twit Cat,
    (Sorry, don’t really like that word, but somebody else introduced it here!), natural salt is basically an antisceptic. Call it by any chemical name you want, it is NOT harmful.
    For your information as well, tobacco is an anti-toxant; and it was used long ago by the American indians as such.
    Is that harmful – I hear you dying to ask?
    Like salt, in its pure form, it is not.
    In its manufactured form it may well be. This is because tobacco is processed with refined white sugar (I believe to make cirarettes ‘burn’ better).
    Refned white sugar really IS lethal to the body; although most of us intake that poison in ignorance. Natural unrefined sugar is not.
    The ‘tar’ (so-called ‘nicotine’) in cigarettes is most due to this refined sugar.
    Don’t believe me?
    Take a small pinch of white sugar and heat it over the gas gently in a spoon. It will turn to ‘black treacle’. That is your ‘tar’. That is the stuff that is harmful!

  5. I don’t know, Cat,
    Try and give people a break, and that’s all the thanks you get!
    But your right in a way, I should stick more to my subject.
    Though remember though, my subject is also life, as a writer, it really has to be.
    But I know what you mean,

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