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Book Cover Is Finished

Not a long Blog today, I just don’t really feel like it.  Didn’t get to bed until 2 on Sunday afternoon (after having been up the whole of the night before) but slept right through until 8 this morning.

Not bad, 18 hours continuous sleep – for me anyway.  I suppose I’d better tell you, but just before I went to bed, I tripped into the door  downstairs.  And no, I wasn’t drunk, so sorry to disappoint my critics!  I suppose it was just a combination of no sleep, and overworking,  and not taking enough trouble to avoid any pressure on my bad foot.  Anyway, there was a sudden jolt of pain and I lost balance and crashed into the door downstairs.  It must have made quite a noise as a guy downstairs came up to ask if I was OK.  I was sitting on the stairs at this stage, half stunned or rather half knocked out.

“Yes, I’m Ok”, I told him, “Or will be in a minute.  Who put that door there?!
“You don’t look OK”,  he said. “You know there’s blood all down your face”.

I touched the pain in my cheek, and sure enough there was blood.  Not much, but enough to confirm I’d hit the door with some considerable force.
So I decided to go to bed realizing that it was just the body’s way of telling me it had had enough!

I was just about falling asleep, when there 5 distinct raps on the wardrobe door.  The light was off and the curtains drawn so it was pretty dark.  I just told ‘it’ to go away as I was very tired and I turned over and went to sleep. Its not the first time this has happened actually.  The other night when Gareth was here (about 10) the door just opened by itself quite distinctly and you just knew this wasn’t due to any wind.  You should have seen Gareth’s face; it was a picture!

Well, I had to go up the road this afternoon, and had a proper chance to examine my face.  The force had taken some skin off, and I couldn’t really disguise it.  So I just went out and tried to ignore it..  Well, I did ignore it but several other people noticed.  So there you are.  One injured ‘witch’ with quite a tender head!

But there was some good news just before this.  I was emailed the finished book cover, and it looks really good.  Even got a bar code inscribed at the bottom, though I understand I still have to get this registered before it can work.  Around £30, or something.  I’ll certainly be worth it for shops; although mail orders don’t really matter.

What else is there?  Well, nothing really, as if that’s not enough!

Going to have a quiet night tonight.  Think I deserve it!

For the moment,


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  1. “…sure enough there was blood….I’d hit the door with some considerable force…I was just about falling asleep, when there 5 distinct raps on the wardrobe door.”
    Perhaps the Bishop and his “helper” have cast a spell on you?

  2. No doubt they would like to, Cat; indeed, they have both tried to harm me in other ways, mostly material one’s. Which says little or nothing for their so-called Christian principles!
    But ‘spells’, forget it! Although his ‘helper’ did once ask Gareth to consecrate some salt for her for a ‘spell’ she attempted against some people in Yorkshire. Absolutely on the level, although I don’t believe this worked!
    Some slight hyporcrisy here, don’t you think!
    And I’ll have you not to be so frivilous about my injury. It really wasn’t funny; although they would probably hope it could have been worse!
    Now, why haven’t you replied to Speedqueen? I understand she is still looking for you, with a vengance!
    For now,

  3. hi david
    was going to ring you last night but after reading about your fall thought id give you a peaceful night. but will ring you later on tonight and arrange to see you in the week,maybe i should wear my nurses outfit and give you some tender loving care! xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thanks Speedqueen
    Think I need more than a nurse at the moment to heal my broken bones! More like a plastic surgeon! My right temple also took the impact, but luckily this is hidden by my hair. But I can still feel it. My thumb is also badly strained where I tried to break the fall; not successfully enough.
    Might be better to leave it till next week. I’ve got this meeting on Thurs; then Friday is Gareth. But I’ll tell you when I speak to you later as I don’t want to give arrangement details here. But maybe the day after the day you don’t like, or possibly the day before it. Anyway I can explain that later.
    Saturday, I’m doing some more filming, by the way. Its only supposed to be for a couple of hours, but I’ve hear all that before by the time they stop messing around with lights. I’m going to have to phone them up to ask that I’m just filmed in ‘left profile’ as I can’t really disguise the brusing on the other side of my face. It’ll go as ‘us witches’ (as I’m so often being reminded of) tend to heal up very quickly – but possible not enough for then!
    So, phone me later. Speak then,
    For the moment,

  5. Hi David,
    I am sorry to learn that you’ve had an accident with those stairs. They are quite steep, and I am not surprised that you ‘came a cropper’ on them. Tch! Do please take care X
    David, I was at mum’s last night (Tuesday) but I will call you later tonight, if that’s okay.
    Take care, dear friend.

  6. Thanks Patsy,
    Speak to you later as we’ve got some things to catch up on!
    I’ll be OK. I don’t plan on doing that again! Mind you, I didn’t the last time. I’ve just been taking it easy for a few days, although I had to go out briefly today as I’d run out of milk and God knows what else! But at least it was a little warmer.
    So, speak to you later, and I’ll bring you up to date.
    Till later,

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