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Oh Dear! What A Scandal

Although I usually quite like Mondays, I’m at a bit of a loss what to say today. Nothing has happened really, which does not make it any easier. Though in a way it makes a change. Things have been so hectic generally of late, that its sometimes nice to have nothing to say.

I did have a small clear-out of some stuff over the weekend, and found some interesting things I’d mislaid. Well, I had not ‘mislaid’ them but they were buried in the attic cupboard and I’ve long since been putting off rummaging about in there. Its cold in that room for one thing. Luckily though, most of the stuff was in relevant boxes, so I could take them next door in the warm one at a time.

Got a few surprises at stuff I’d really forgotten. Quite a few old emails dating back since 2003. Many of these were printout-outs from various websites, but many more were personal hand-written ones – by that I mean the person had copied out emails to herself and added these to personal letters. Many more were from other people but these were photocopies or print-outs mostly. I would not, of course, reveal the contents of these here, but some were very interesting because some of the content of some of them is being blatantly contradicted today. Oh dear! What a scandal I seem to have on my hands, but I will deal with that in my next book.

One thing I did re-find though was a series of cartoon-like illustrations which the person had sent me for potential publication. I have since lost track of the person but I still have the letters from him giving me permission. They really are quite gifted pieces of work, and exceptionally funny. The sort of thing you could relax with, over a cup of nourishing broth on a cold day! Actually, I do have the guy’s last address, so thing I’ll try and contact him again to get some updated permission. Like to make contact with him in any event as NOBODY has heard from him for quite a few years.

There was some oldish 6 by 8 colour photographs as well. So might use a couple of those as well.

On future news, keep your eyes open for ANOTHER big change soon. I capitalise ‘another’ as it really is another one, and will be coming quite soon. K has told me to keep this ‘hush, hush’, but I think I’m allowed to say that much.

What else? Nothing really. I’ll be getting back to the book soon though, and have to finishing sorting out all the ‘new’ material.

For the moment,


10 responses

  1. It was going to be anyway, Columbine; it just means that I now have even more incontrovertible evidence to back it all up. Yes. I shall be publishing any documentation from all parties that I consider necessary to verify what I say in the text.
    With your permission, I shall also be quoting the phone call you had whereby it was agreed that you would go to Ampleforth Abbey ‘next year’ (2007) instead of 2006
    But I need to talk to you privately about that as I don’t wish to post publishing details here. The book will say it all anyway, so people will just have to wait for that!
    For the moment,

  2. Absolutely David, do you have my permission to quote the ‘phone call in the ‘Ampleforth-gate’ saga. Any details you need, just ask me.

  3. boo me off of you wish. I am willing to testify truthfully, to any issues arising.I have a long history wqith thei matter,back to 1984 or thereabouts.
    my own name barbara aka—-i suppose— babs the witch

  4. Its only your permission that I need, Columbine, as the other version of events has already been published without giving you any right to reply.
    As far as I recall, you made it clear that you couldn’t go to Ampleforth Abbey that year (2006) as planned but you’d still like to go the next year, and the other person was quite happy with that.
    That is how I understand it anyway, but I need verification from you if this is the case and permission to publish what you say about it.
    As I said, I don’t wish to discuss it further here, but I can get more precise details from you on the phone or when I see you.
    No. I don’t need permission to publish things already published and on public record. But I do need permission from anybody who might not have been given any right of reply in this respect.
    Still phone me in the week, anyway, and we can arrange a meeting then.
    For the moment,

  5. It is not a question of ‘booing you off’ Barbara, but you have to understand I am trying to keep all that previous unpleasantness spread elsewhere (and still being spread elsewhere to that) off here.
    I do believe in freedom of speech, but this is really the main reason I’m writing the book. It is to tell the truth behind all such events as these really happened.
    I just do not see how it would be possible for you to post on here (whatever you may have to say) without bringing such events right to the centre of this Blog which I have always been opposed to. Can you see the difficulty here?
    Quite apart from this, SEVERAL other people are involved in all this now, and I cannot simply ignore their wishes. They have put a great deal of effort into both this Blog and my main Website and Forum, and they are just as a part of the team really as I am.
    I do appreciate your straightforwardness in posting here.
    Out of respect for this, I will at least speak to the other people first, although I have to say, they would probably be strongly opposed to allowing such matters here.
    I will, however, speak to them first, and am allowing your post to reply to,
    For now,

  6. no problems at all. I do know what was said about Ampleforth which I believed whether it was true or not, at the end of the day its not my argument or quarrel—the admin at Ampleforth could check it out—-, I am only a witness.

  7. That’s what I mean, Barbara . . . “Whether it was true or not” (to put it in your words).
    That’s the very thing I want to keep off here. Too many issues have become shrouded in lies and deceit, which is why I am keeping all that for my book for exact clarification. I do not intend to act as a ’judge and jury’ here. But I do intend to publish the true facts. Which is why I queried the telephone call to Columbine (but which I asked her to explain in private) which I have to assume you were not even told about, or that could not fit into context with you saying you ‘were a witness’. You could not be a witness, if you had not been properly informed about events as these took place, could you.
    You were informed about things by a certain person, but were left with her interpretation only. You were not informed about many other things, which I think we clarified when we spoke on the phone not so far back (the true facts contained in the four letters I sent you, for example).
    My only intention is to set the record straight Barbara.
    But as I said, I do not intend to do that here.
    I do not wish to sound ‘unkind’, but as someone who lent your public support to this person’s views, perhaps you can understand why I do not wish to extend these here.
    The person concerned has succeeded in alienating a lot of people (including certain authorities and even the Church). I just have no wish to air these matters here.
    It might seem like a ‘plug’! but people will just have to wait until they see the book.

  8. Yes David, we will speak privately, and I will formally give my permission for any material you need.

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