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A Bit Of Solitude For Thought

Well, I saw my girl with no name earlier and we went for tea and coffee. I have not mentioned her recently – deliberately. One reason is she’s been away for 3 weeks and only got back yesterday, but if you noticed I’d almost stopped writing about her before that.

The main reason is more difficult to explain. I just felt that to write about her regularly, as I was, was to somehow invade her privacy; even though she knows nothing about this Blog. She really doesn’t; indeed, if she did, I would not even have mentioned her at all. In fact, she knows scarcely anything about me. She obviously knows I’m quite well known, as people keep acknowledging me when we’re together sometimes but she never asks things like “why do so many people know you”? I know she would listen if I told her, but that’s much easier than it sounds because my life has been so hectic, and many things are really connected to each other.

I thinks she senses that I would prefer to leave everything ‘empty’ and only that the immediate present is really important. That is so really, with everyone, if you think about it. Everybody has good, bad and indifference in their pasts. By all means remember the good times. Why not just forget all the ‘indifferent’ periods, and certainly do not fester in the ‘bad’ or negative one’s. A lot of people do that you know. They bring negative events into the present when these might be long since ‘dead’ and allow these to corrupt their thinking.
Anyway I was really glad to see her again as I really missed her. And I think she knew it too.

I probably won’t mention our meetings here anymore. It probably doesn’t serve any point as deeper feelings should probably be left completely private, unless something happens around them.

Well, I see we had a guest appearance here yesterday. My friend Barbara popped her head around the door to say hello! I responded a couple of times as people can see, which did not go down too well with some other people. I mean, my replying, not her saying ’hello’. I think its mainly because Barbara is linked directly to events in the recent past (not the distant past when I first met her in the mid nineties) and people would rather not be reminded of these here – or perhaps more accurately, have these extended to here.

I respected their views, but have to point out that I always deal with situations as these arise, not by pre-determined judgements. That does not mean that I will pretend that some things didn’t happen when they did; but it means that I feel people should be met on their present values and attitudes, not denied these because of possible past motivations.
That does mean either that negativity can not be dealt with in the present (no, this is not a contradiction) if it is for the purposes of correcting falsity or negative intent. Indeed, I am doing that myself at the moment, and it will take the form of a book.

I do respect peoples’ view and opinions, however, but I would also ask them to respect my judgement sometimes. After all, in this case I was the person on the receiving end of this ‘hate’ campaign – at least, the main one!

Anyway, I have explained this for the sake of others who may be wondering the same way. I can take the odd ‘telling off’, but overall, no harm has been done After all, it is my Blog!

Away from the turmoil’s of mortal existence, I think I will take a break tonight. I need a bit of solitude for thought. I think I’ve earned it!

For the moment,


18 Responses

  1. ur friend barbara?!
    i’m gone a couple of days and cats and dogs are living together in harmony!!!!
    whats going on david?! is it the same one who was writing all that stuff about u??

  2. u can say hello to her urself next week mate 😉
    i’m off to bed. need an early nite as i’ve got a load of servers to sort out at work.
    shame cats not here as he’d really stir up a hornets nest!

  3. Hi Craig,
    Thought you’d gone a little quiet.
    Where did you go? Off for a naughty weekend with one of the girls at your office? Sorry, couldn’t resist that!
    There is no ‘cats and dogs’ lying down together, believe me. If you had read my post, I was only explaining that I’m always prepared to listen to people, that’s all. Whoever they are.
    If people approach me in a civil manner (which that particular person certainly did not do to myself very recently), I will be civil back.
    But at the same time, I made it quite clear that I was not prepared to allow more of the nonsense on here.
    This is a peaceful Blog. I do not want it to digress from that.
    Its obvious who the person is. She named herself in her post.
    So, hope you’re OK.
    Say hello to Laura from me!

  4. I presume that’s still on then. No details here, of course, but please contact me before then to clarify final details.
    I meant to ask you (okay, I deliberately didn’t!) but I take it your promise to bring Laura still stands. Tell her she really is most welcome, and I am expecting her!
    Its not ‘a shame’ that Cats not here. I don’t need any more ‘stirring up’ going on at the moment. Especially in THAT direction!
    I’ll give you more precise details of the talk when I see you,
    Sleep tight, If not alone, then wishing!
    For now,

  5. Please do not take it out on David for acting like a gentleman. I spoke to him to ask him for some information which only he had.It is nothing to do with anything on here.I have know David, or of David since around 1987 (there never was any dickipoggy or attempted dickipoggy) there were some issues , past and present ,that mutually affected us . I admitted to writing some daft stuff but thats me when I get going, I have had enough “daft stuff”–and many lies– written about me on the Internet, and have learnt not to let it bother me, just do the same back, but I shouldnt have allowed myself to get swept up in the recent situation.There were mitigating circumstances but sorry, David! In the event, what happened ultimately–as a result– was for the best.
    I also clarified a few other matters for David.
    I dont intend posting again as this blog as David says is a peaceful blog and the subject is closed but felt you should understand his position, as far as a brief summary can do so.
    I hope that puts a few minds at rest

  6. it takes a big person to apologise when theyv done wrong so i’m not going to belittle the apology.
    it is nice to hear it though especially in this day and age and considering the whiplash nature of this whole highgate rubbish.
    i just hope this isnt a con and ur being set up again mate as that would be bang out of order.
    anyway as long as everything is peaceful i think the worlds a big enough place for all of us.

  7. Hi All,
    To rise above everything and to forgive others for their mistakes. Shows a strength of character some people can never hope to obtain! But as per usual, David never lets you down! God bless you David!

  8. well said Wayne.
    wayne can u tell me a bit more about the BCPS please?
    is it like the BPOS? do u have a website i could check out?

  9. For Barbara,
    Thanks for that Barbara,
    Especially as I know that you, yourself, have been the victim of a lot of unjust hassle over the years from a lot of people – in particular one particular person (actually better make that two now counting his latest convert to the ‘dark side’).
    That’s why I can appreciate what you say. And that’s why I’m posting this (Craig please note!).
    I really do know what its like to be a victim of injustice. I have had it all; from the Highgate ‘vampire’ through to the ‘talcum powder plot’, and beyond that into the present.
    Evil – especially in the form of malice – can be a hateful thing. It not only spreads itself, but attracts other evil to it to aid its Ungodly progress.
    I know you know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen it and witnessed it personally long enough yourself.
    So, that’s why I say ’thank you’.
    For the moment,

  10. Hi Craig,
    I founded the BCPS back in July 99 after a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Vampire & Ghost lore, UFO’s, Cryptozoology, you name it I’ve read about it or investigated it. Except for Witchcraft, which never interested me. Although I’ve read a few books on the Salem witch trials.
    The BCPS, used to chase ghost stories and investigate everything we could get our hands on at one time. But not so much now. We only really investigate now, if we’re called in to do so! Most of the time, I spend reassuring householders, that there is a more mundane explanation for the phenomena happening in their homes, than some disembodied spirit. Although there have been occasions were even I could not explain what happened!
    David will tell you, I’m very down to earth in my approach to the paranormal. I do not allow any occult practices upon my investigations, such as Ouiji boards, Table tipping and any other such things. Mainly because, I believe they just frighten the poor householder even more! Although we do have a psychic in the group. She is very subdued in how she comes across and very rarely addresses the client in person. Again to lessen the impact upon the householder.
    At the moment, we do not have a website, but we do have a Myspace site, the address is. feel free to drop in and visit!
    Kind Regards.

  11. Barbara,
    It must have taken a lot of courage to admit that you were wrongly led. Your strength is appreciated.

  12. I wasnt really going to post again Columbine but I dont exactly recall being said I was wrongly led, I am not an idiot. I think I said I allowed mysefl to be “swept up in the situation”, which is different; please be asssured no-one leads me anywhere I do not wish to go, especially the person you are referring to, please give me some credit! The situation was more complex with other issues impinging on the basic problem, which are too tiresome to relate her–David would not appreciate such bletherings on his blog. Please dont misunderstand my statement.I make my own decisions, right or wrong, foolish or wise–as do most marure people

  13. hi barbara.
    i have to ask as i’m really curious but what happened to make u and ur old friend split up? i know its none of my business but did religion get in the way or something?
    hope u dont mind me asking but as an onlooker to the whole affair it does seem bizarre.
    to be honest i thought it was a set up and u were both still mates
    ps if david allows this post to go up then i suppose he thinks its fair to answer.
    if this post doesnt go up, sorry david i wasnt trying to cause trouble but am genuinely interested in what happened as i’m sure loads of others are!

  14. Hi All,
    I’m unsure what is going on here and do not wish to get involved to an extent. But people do make mistakes and get swept up in the moment. Its just human nature! Knee jerk reactions can effect us all. I’m as guilty as anyone else for that!
    On that note. Hello David how are you? I’ll give you a call over the weekend!
    P.S I hope the rest of you have a nice weekend to!

  15. For Craig.
    You asked Barbara a question in your last reply; basically about why she had a ‘break’ with a friend. You said people here might be interested but that it was up to myself if I wanted to ‘allow the post’.
    You said:
    ps if david allows this post to go up then i suppose he thinks its fair to answer.
    if this post doesnt go up, sorry david i wasnt trying to cause trouble but am genuinely interested in what happened as i’m sure loads of others are!
    I did allow your post, as you can see. I did so because as this matter has been splashed all over the Internet, it would not be right to suppress genuine views. And therefore I am not.
    But having said that, can I reiterate my own position.
    I do not wish to get involved in a situation where that whole silly business spills onto here. If Barbara wishes to answer your simple question, it is up to her if she wants to; although she is certainly not obliged to. And I could not agree to her being ‘bullied into’ doing so.
    To clarify my own position, I have spoken to Barbara a few times recently by phone, and I have also posted her correspondence I had with the Church authorities and certain other parties – all of which, she had not seen (or rather, not been shown).
    I sent this correspondence (at least mine to the Church) because it was specifically requested, and for no other reason.
    That matter has really now been finalised, and there is really no need for me to say anymore here (although I have published all the details in my forthcoming book).
    I hope this clarifies the basic issues.
    Barbara is in no way obliged to reply to your post, although if she wants to, I would respect her wishes. I am sure she respects mine, as to not having this matter prolonged here, but she is, of course, entitled to reply to you.
    That’s it for now from me – I hope!

  16. “And I could not agree to her being ‘bullied into’ doing so.”
    thats not what i was doing at all mate. it was just a genuine question with no though of malice or anything like that.

  17. I am not bullied or led astray by anyone Craig,( I dare you to try!) the ins and outs of this matter are of no relevance to your discussions here. Suffice to say I did not fall out with anyone, on the contrary I was struck off the social list and “reported” –not entirely sure why but no doubt connected that with the fact I asked David to let me see some “classified” info concerning myself as I had not been made privy to it via,–as they concerned myself— what I considered to be, the proper channels. I refused to be involved in hole in the corner discussions, not that I was invited! This contact with David was regarded as sleeping with the enemy(metaphorically!)
    David acted courteously towards me despite my postings about him–and his loyal followers about me, but no matter!
    There are a lot of other considerations and matters you are not, presumably and never will be aware of as it woudl take a lifetime, but please take this as the briefest explanation of recent dickipoggy I can be bothered to go into.

  18. thanks barbara
    i asked because a lot of us have been sitting on the sidelines spectating over the last few months. some of us have even met david and given the nature of how nasty it got at one point it was only natural to ask.
    ur old mate named me a few times but i took it all in good stride and didnt get too bothered about it.
    anyway. nice to see some harmony for the time being.

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