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Welcome Home Kev!

"The best mirror is an old friend." George Herbert

Lovely day in London.  Makes you feel better after last month’s cold is gone.

 My friends Joao and Vinney from Brazil have been getting on well with their filmed documentary on Highgate Cemetery and ‘vampires’ – or its alleged vampire!  They have already done several location shots which have included filming getting film footage of the “Magnificent Seven” cemeteries – which also obviously includes Highgate.

Last week they made a filmed interview of Gareth at my Highgate flat, and he was also talking about his own experiences at Highgate and his knowledge of the ‘vampiroid culture’ in and around London.  He actually investigated a lot of these groups at the time, so what he had to say about some of their activities (and beliefs) was informative rather than speculative.

 Thank you to all who have sent private emails.  Have not forgotten any, but sometimes just so busy with things to keep up with.

 What else?  My friend Kev is arriving back in the UK soon from Saudia Arabia.  He’s been over there for almost two years with his wife Bev representing the UK at International sports events and training teams involved in these.  Its seething hot in the summer over there (sometimes touching 40 degrees) but he doesn’t mind the heat so much, and has got used to it now!

 But he’s looking forward to a couple of months on the somewhat cooler coast of the South of England.  We will be meeting him during this 2 month period and, hopefully, will have some news to relay they about his forthcoming autobiography which covers his ‘rise to fame’ in North London from the early 1970’s.  A very interesting book (from the parts I’ve been privileged to read) and he totally ‘explodes’ stories about the alleged existence that was said to haunt   London’s Highgate Cemetery. 

 He’s also be saying ‘hello’ to some old friends whilst in the UK.

 Well, all for now really.  But hopefully more news on Kev’s revelations in the near future.  I leave you with a link to Kev’s latest Blog entry which also gives some news on the forthcoming autobiography.

 So for now everyone  . . .



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