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Just Keep Doing It . . .

Well, they’ve finished painting the whole house now, including my rooms. And everything should be finished by the end of this week, I was told.

It won’t be finished for me though; still a load of internal work to do. Silly little things really like getting the net curtains washed (which I done) and getting the curtains washed properly in the launderette which a girl is doing for me tomorrow. Then I’ve got to get all the furniture moved back to its proper place – and some of it is heavy! Then I’ve got to get a new hoover to keep the new carpets clean; not to mention a new mirror here, a new chair there, and so it goes on. New gas cooker been fitted though (far better than the old one) and a new fridge coming this week. How I going to pay for all this? Please don’t even ask, I’d rather not think about it!

Anyway, away from that, I’ve also progressed with the books to a huge degree. Most of that work is done at night (and through the night)b as I’ve got so many other distractions during the day at the moment. Student film University crew coming early next week. Not really too bothered about that. I’ ve already met them provisionally and they’re nice people. I did tell them I didn’t want to work from scripts as I prefer to do these things without really ‘planning’ anything (in fact, like I do all of my talks). If you have a clear mind about such things, then its only a matter of telling the truth. If I don’t know something, I just say so, and say it on film as well. I think there is nothing worse than trying to impress or ‘be clever’ with words as some people do. If you can say something simply and truthfully why be complicated about it? Actually I’ve spoken to K. about this and she agrees. Rather, she told me that’s what I do so to just keep doing it. I will!

Its just been so busy all round lately. Sure things move in ‘fated cycles’. You think something’s uncalled for and unjust then only good ends up coming from it. The ‘Lord works in mysterious ways’ maybe. And maybe there’s a lot of truth in that old saying. I remember seeing an old James Stewart film once called “It’s a Wonderful Life” (probably one of my favourite films even though I don’t have a television anymore) which probably demonstrates this point so well. “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends” was the line that struck me at the end of that film. How true that is. Nothing really matters when you have friendship. In fact, everything else is really superfluous. Not ‘engineered’ or ‘planned’ friendships, I don’t mean that, but friendships that just come naturally of their own accord. Its strange how life can be sometimes.



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  1. “It’s a Wonderful Life”
    i love that film!
    i saw it for the first time all the way thru a few xmas’ ago and i thought it was brilliant.
    they don’t make them like that anymore! it’s all cgi and popstars pretending they can act.

  2. I’m watching “Rope” with Jimmy Stewart right now. That has nothing to do with “It’s a Wonderful Life” except Stewart.

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