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“Not At All, David”

People still keep stopping me in the street to ask about the house. Quite a few people know the circumstances now since the Ham and High ran the story last April, so not surprising really.

Anyway, the work looks like being finished this week and then maybe I can get back to normal. I might keep working from the back room now as its much quieter; apart from which all the computers are set up in there now. Just keep the front room for socialising and entertaining guests and the bedroom for working, sleeping and . . . well, ‘other’ things!

Walking up the road this afternoon, and some guy came up to me. He held out his hand and said: “Shake hands”. We did but I told him he must be mistaking me for someone else as I didn’t remember him. He said I wouldn’t do as we’d never met before, but he knew who I was and that’s why he wanted to shake hands. He didn’t say much more except that now he could tell his friends he’d met a very important person, which was me! Then he walked off! Well I was slightly surprised because it was so unexpected but I suppose its better than people just ignoring you. I remember thinking, I just wish it had been a female instead!

I don’t even know why I mentioned that as it’s a bit boring. I guess its mainly because nothing much more eventful happened today. Had the usual emails, of course, but nothing really special. Just from people asking me about the books, or to send others. Somebody had noticed that that ‘Bonky’ old character had been complaining that I would not allow his post on my YouTube forum. Well, I hardly ever censor genuine replies as most people will know and yet I will not allow posts that I know are not genuine and his are not. Which reminds me, Chris emailed as well to say that he’d found an important outlet for my books, and it looked like being on a regular basis. He’s going to keep me updated but I don’t expect this will be until next week now. I’m glad this seems to be happening now though. It would have been difficult before in the midst of all the building work.

What else? Well student filming confirmed for Tuesday and K coming on Thursday evening. At least I hope. She’s got a new car now and is threatening to drive me out of London early one evening so we can find a country pub for dinner. Sounds good, but won’t be this Thursday though. We still have a lot to talk about, but she’s been really busy at work recently. I like talking to her as she’s one of these people who never demands explanations for everything she’s heard, which with me, is quite a lot! But she’s not really interested in all the scandal! In much deeper things instead. Its only because I know who she is, that I can tell her. Its nice as well, because she never criticizes me. I remember saying to her once here . . . “Would you mind very much if I have a cigarette. I feel a bit nervous as I’ve only just actually met you in person”. She just laughed and said . . . “Not at all, David”. She meant it. She just accepts me as I am.! It would be terrible if she didn’t, considering!

Anyway, back to work on the books now. Reaching a really interesting part.



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  1. Hi David,
    Sorry about the delay – my daughter-in-law has been having contractions for the past few days! The baby’s threatening to be born any day now!
    R and I are okay to visit next Saturday but I’ll call you this evening.

  2. Hi David—sorry to be a while, I have had my hands full! LOTN is cuasing a bit of a dickipoggy, some nasty comments on Amazon but being famous one has to take the bad with the good! Also other things I cant put on here.
    One thing that had me seriously worried about you on your last post NET CURTAINS—darling we dont do nets, they are for old ladies and mad bishops, please get a blind!
    You know that friend of mine that left me a legacy–turns out she was gambling on the stock market (she was living in dire straights at the time) and now the bottom has dropped out of it or something! Just my luck–still it was nice of her to think of me!
    What has happened over DE? There is a wild orgy of gloating on a certain blog, one of the things I am supposed to do is change “sides” will nilly, methinks this is hardly fair, I admit to “going along” with a joke( well I dont suppose you found it very funny) but ultimately I have never changed sides, I have been struck off other peoples– “the Kirklees Three” I will call them— social lists of imaginary wrong-doing and in fact in have forgiven people their sinful lies about me, one of them three times.
    Anyway I have a lot more to think about than a bunch of imadequates,
    tata for now

  3. congrats to the new addition to ur family Columbine!
    hey David. Bonkers has taken that dress wearing thing too far now with his peroxide alter ego!
    maybe he bleached his hair at the same time.
    the mind boggles.

  4. I feel I should apologise about my joke over net curtains, just because theya re my pet hate doesnt mean other people cant like them. I felt after I had written it it was a bit like a certain person going on about my house and I didnt appreciate that, even though it was a load of innacurate reporting.However, David, I feel you arer like most blokes–other than those unbearable twerps on tv–which I know you dont watch–doing up houses and bleating on about falling in love with toilets and kitchens, and orginal features–like most red blooded Englishmen,you wont be all that bothered about these matters.
    If you want net curtains, go ahead and have them with my blessing!
    tata barbara

  5. Thanks Barbara,
    But to tell you the truth, I hardly noticed it. You probably know, I never do anything out of habit or convention, and this includes following fads or fashion. The net curtains were there when I took the flat in 1976 and I just thought it was time they had a wash, that’s all!
    As for ‘changing sides’ I happen to know that’s not true. I happen to know you are your own person (again a bit like me I suppose) and you were acting in circumstances as these occurred to a certain person at the time. In any event, you did not have the same motivation which was mainly revenge which started with an original misunderstanding. I realise that, so please don’t worry!
    Anyway, back to work now. I’ve got another 30 pages of the book done now, all it needs now is ‘double checking’.
    For the moment,

  6. Have you seen that naffy Peroxide blog? You can tell Bonky has really flipped his lid when he starts raving about John Baldry’s Cat.

  7. haha not wrong mate
    i was thinking the same thing.
    that blog has got to be a wind up. NOBODY can be that stupid!
    if peroxide isnt paddy then why hasnt she even once questioned or offered thoughts on a real vampire other than ‘if we believe in ghosts then why not vampires’ type of angle.
    total bloody moron who probably worships Anne rice.

  8. Hi Craig,
    For once I can concede that for once it is not the ‘bonky alien’ writing directly under an alias. But the person is certainly somebody who either knows him or has been in contact with him. I agree that no genuine or objective person could be that stupid!
    Anyway, it appears that you have been relegated to ‘public enemy No 1 now’! What a laugh. You won’t need any help from me though as I know you’re not exactly ‘quaking in your shoes’!
    I might get back to the silly girl again soon but I really have more important things to take care of at the moment, and she’s not one of them.
    Come over again soon if you want. Speaking of which, what about this news from Laura? Don’t tell me here, but she’s still welcome to come as well if she wants.
    Speak soon,

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