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You Never Can Tell . . .

A rather dreary Tuesday, with nothing too much to say really. Although a couple of people did turn up this afternoon with a view to me doing (or rather discussing doing) a second part to my “Twisted City Tales” programme which was first shown on the Discovery channel a few years ago.

This was about ‘ghosts’, ‘vampires’ and ley lines for any who may not have seen it, or might not remember. They said the programme had proved immensely popular, and had been repeated several times across Europe, and is still being. Well, I was slightly (inwardly) ‘angry’! Here am I who only got paid once for the transmission, and here it is being repeatedly endlessly with me not being paid further for it! Should have known really when I signed the contract. Meaning I should have checked the small print for further world-wide repeats which I did not check. I made it plain, that

IF I agreed to do a follow up, I would have to be paid a percentage of any following ‘repeats’. They said ‘no problem’; but there is, for I have somehow never trusted that word! Anyway, just have to wait to see what happens next. But I just don’t see why I should just do something on a one off basis, being paid just once, when other people (well countries} are making thousands upon thousands of additional pounds out of it. I have never really been interested in money, but other people (one person in particular) have told me I would be mad to do it without a properly sealed contract.

Anyway, that aside, its really been a pretty quiet day. Went back to working on the new autobiography this evening, and that is nearly finished. Page count so far is 230, but you can add another 100n to that at least allowing for the photographs, Introduction and Forward that still have to be written. Then its ‘all go’ and just on to finishing the other one. Now that (the latter) really should prove interesting.

Talk about “Guy Fawkes Night”, that will really deserve its own date on the Calandar! But apart from that, no real news. Another ‘Highgate event’ in a couple of weeks regarding ‘local history’, but then (hopefully!) things will be quietish in the period approaching Christmas.

Well, I hope. But you never can tell!

For the moment, David


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  1. Hello, David:
    I agree that a person should receive payment for each time a program of which they are the focal point airs on television – especially considering that this appears to be quite a noteworthy special.
    The new autobiography sounds like it continues to come along nicely as well. From what you’ve said about the project, it appears to be quite a read.
    Regarding the Highgate matter, were you referring to another rehashing of the Highgate case or is this more of a cemetery history story?

  2. Thanks Adam,
    There are two fairly immediate events (apart from the books) but I won’t put details here until after to prevented the people being worried by that ‘deranged nutcase’!
    One is another talk in South London; along the lines of the last one, the paranormal, psychic phenomena, ‘vampires’ (or rather ‘non-vampires’) etc.
    The other is a gathering in North London which is more along the lines of local history, although the ‘vampire thing’ (and myself) have been included.
    Sorry to be a bit vague but I just don’t want the p;eople concer4ned to be pestered with a load of bogus religious nonsense.
    I will almost certainly give further details afterwards however.
    Thanks again Adam,

  3. I completely understand, David. Thank you for your reply; one thing is for sure: It all does sound very interesting!

  4. Dont forget either the HGV always gets a mention in my Robin Hood talks, when I show the spooky slides at the end. I find you have to include amusing bits in a talk and I dont go over 3/4 hour unless it is a really serious history group, most people enjoy the funny stories and the picture of JPL in his green tights at Barnet, and the other funny bits, of course I get the serious stuff in as well and at the end 10 minutes of slides–cant do slides and talk together, I am also selling the nurse book and promise boxes at the same time and now have some nurse talks booked as well as Robin Hood ones,looks like a busy 2009. There are some funny stories like when Ruth and I got nearly put in the stocks in Nottingham with our Robin Hood of Yorkshire stuff by the elderly men in tights and a vicar called Michael Jackson, not to mention the Kirklees cap doffers.
    I alwats have a laugh at that character on Little Britain who says “I am a ladeeee….”
    I will bring you up the press with the new book situation private David as it is nealy as bad as Russell Brands booky wooky, or recent jokey wokey and just as silly. I hope your book will soon be out to add its two pennorth,
    tata barbara

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