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Been A Bit ‘Blog Lazy’!

Been a bit ‘Blog lazy’ – as usual! But I’m getting better. Most of the work on the new books has been completed now, so I must get back to posting here a little more regularly.

So many things have been happening (apart from the books) and I feel you have all got some right to be ‘filled in’ with on-going news.

So, another ‘ghost trip’ planned soon – not to the Silent Pool next time but somewhere to the North of London. Four or five locations planned (all in close proximity), then back to London for the evening. Hopefully some more good photographs of reputedly ‘haunted locations’, and maybe – just maybe – we might actually spot something! Whatever, that doesn’t really matter; but the on-ground gathering of information does.

I have another Talk coming up in South London again in little over a week, so I’ll let you know how that goes – afterwards!

Pictures are ready for the new book now (the autobiography) and the others are not far behind (for the other book). Anyway, first things first as the autobiography is the next priority. Do you know, I’ve spent at least 6 hours working on the book today, but thankfully, its nearly finished now. The ‘laborious’ bit is still to come though; stocking the wholesalers up with print-ready copies, etc.

Well, its Sunday tomorrow but this won’t be a ‘Blog day’. Not that I care, but so many people keep asking me religious questions, so its nice to avoid them for a change! Please don’t get me wrong; I know many of the questions are serious, and I’m not avoiding them, but it is a serious topic and one that requires really serious answers. Which is another reason I’m pleased, as I’ve just been too busy! I wandered out around five and realized its actually dark now (well, not far off it).

Met an old friend up the road who kept me talking for ages. I nearly asked her back, but didn’t. Maybe in a few weeks when the books are finished I’ll be back to my old self again. Just ‘shut up’ Cat! Come to think of it, just where is that mangy tabby? He (it!) hasn’t posted here for ages.

Well, a few more pages to complete, then I’m really off to bed. Got to be fresh for any new ‘fights with the human world’ tomorrow! Having said that, I might have just one more glass of wine. Sort of a night-cap’, you might say!

For now though, David.


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