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Can You Imagine That!?

Its turned cold again, and you all know how I hate the cold! Maybe I’m just not ‘fat enough’ but it seems to go right through me.

Quite apart from that, I’m having to wear sandals at the moment (because of my foot) which doesn’t exactly help the temperature. But apart from moaning about the English climate, I am OK. A lot of people a lot worse off than myself and at least I’ve got a roof over my head (and one which does not leak anymore!).

So, what’s news? Nothing really – at least nothing too significant. Two public events coming up almost imminently now, but nothing I can’t handle without any preparation. This is really true, actually. I never prepare for talks or anything like that – I don’t have to when all the facts are in my head. Of course, there’s always the very human inclination to sensationalise or exaggerate things (especially when it comes to such things as ‘ghosts’!) but then there’s really no need to; all that’s necessary to do really, is just tell the truth. People can then just ‘take it or leave it’; whatever, it then becomes their problem, not mine.

Talking of which, I made a very useful contact at the Kensington Talk I did on Oct 30th for Halloween. I met a guy there who was a book publisher (his own company) and he approached me afterwards to say he was interested in the next book. Said he’d like to take 50 copies for sale and distribution as he’d seen how popular my other books had been on the Internet. I offered to deliver them ‘sale or return’, but he said to just send him an invoice as he knew these would go. I forgot it really, but he phoned me this afternoon to confirm the publication date (which I obviously told him). That was a bit of good news; especially as it coincided with the moment I was right in the middle of one of the last chapters!

Didn’t really feel hungry today, but I managed to buy some ‘reduced muck’ from the store. It was horrible! But I made myself eat it. I just get funny when it comes to food. My usual policy is, if I’m not hungry, I just don’t eat. But I suddenly realized today that I’d had nothing substantial for about 4 days, so I thought I’d better buy something. Well, the packet didn’t look too bad, but when I tasted it, it was awful!

And that’s all the boring news, really. Book nearly finished; then its just finishing off the next one. And then, a break! Then a few weeks of interrupted bliss – can you imagine that?!

For the moment everyone, David


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  1. Hi David–all very quiet as you say since Peroxide fled the scene of action, or the “loyal friend ” etcetera, weaing the Emporers New Clothes–I always thought a very appropriate and amusing analogy dissolved into the ether.
    I am always cold also and this year have stopped using gas central heating after the mega bill last year, I make do with an electric heater, extra clothes and a hot water bottle and am perfectly cosy! As for food, I am every bit as bad as you are, though I would be fine and eat up if someone presented me with regular meals.Some cheeky fat people in the past have accused me of being anorexic because of my beautiful slim figure–though I have put weight on since retiring, which says something.It is funny how fat people think they have a right to make such comments, you are very thin , or too thin, when they would go dickipoggy if we said they were fat and getting fatter. I am just lazy and get absorbed in other things, then I find I have lost interest in making a meal–I eat a lot of sandwhiches, or I put something in the oven and forget it and it gets burned. But I do make an effort that I get healthy stuff when I do eat, and I cannot bear finickiness–I once knew someone who kept saying Its not me who doesnt like it, its Mr Stomach who wont let me, or my colon doesnt allow it, or Mr Intestines are complaining today. If I go out anywhere and someone gives me a meal I always eat it even if I dont like it, though the day, many years ago, my friend presented me with tripe and onions was the only time I literally couldnt do so.She was most annoyed with me as she had bought it specially for me, but if you have ever seen it its disgusting.I tried a few mouthfuls but was nearly sick, but I can eat owt else, though I hate squelchy tomatoes and limp lettuce. But I was brought up to be polite,and have good manners , and I think my parents were right there.
    Watch this space also for book news, as I told you we’re having a bit of a to-do , a bit like wussy and wossy , and several other matters in the pipeline-to be revealed shortly.Never a dull moment.
    Looking forward to seeing your esteemed volumes of rollicking revelations , blood-curdling confessions and jolly japes in highgate etcetera—-
    tata for now

  2. Yes, she fled all right Barbara, so late into the night as well. Just as I was just about to introduce the really good ‘confessions’! Oh well, the truth just hurts some people and she obviously didn’t want to see the final proof. (But its still nevertheless there!).
    I’m funny with food as well, although I will eat virtually anything if its put before me (although I don’t like tripe either – in fact, I didn’t even know you could still get it). The important word here is ‘if’! Because if its not, I can rarely be bothered to prepare anything. But I’m fairly careful and try and not to eat junk. I usually justmake sure I’ve got some wholemeal bread (sliced as I hate cutting it!) with some fresh ‘fillers’ I can just put in it. I tend to avoid meat as I realise it is not as good for you as fresh vegetables; I certainly can’t be bothered to prepare it and cook it all up.
    No, I just tend to open a bottle of wine in the evening and just ‘snatch’ a sandwich inbetween working. Much easier!
    There not really any ‘revelations’ in the new autobiography (just wait till the second book in you want those!) really just explanations about my experiences through life – both the good and the bad. All will be revealed!
    Well, I have to go out in a minute. I am not governed by time, but I just want to get back before it gets dark and avoid walking on slippery wet pavements by the light of yellow street lamps!
    So, ’till later,

  3. Well, the packet didn’t look too bad, but when I tasted it, it was awful!
    You’re supposed to eat the stuff inside the packet David, not the packet itself! Ha ha! Yuck! (Sorry – having a daft moment!)
    I thought that the photos were lost, but they aren’t. I should have them back by Saturday. I’ll call you on Saturday when I have them.

  4. Thanks Columbine,
    It really is strange how that camera malfunctioned on the last ‘ghost outing’. But I’m glad we’ve got your pics anyway so all is not lost!
    I’ve found my old camera now which I’d put into an unmarked box (trust me!) so we shouldn’t have any trouble with that one. Its taken some good pictures in its time (believe me!) old and heavy as it is. So I’ll be using that on the next outing.
    When you next come over, I’ll scan the Silent Pool pictures onto my computer but, of course, they all remain your copyright.
    Talking of food, suppose I’d better buy something later. All I have left is 3 eggs and the bread’s turned a bit ‘manky’ from underuse! I really must get another personal secretary, then I wouldn’t keep getting this problem!
    The last one certainly ate enough – problem is, she just couldn’t cook!
    Anyway, I look forward to seeing you soon. (By the way that wasn’t a hint as I know you’re married now!).
    Fior the moment,

  5. Hi David–I forget–what are your books being called, did you say?
    Yesterday went fairly well, of course that is all secret service, what a hoo ha its been and not over yet, but it has only been like the cap doffers of Kirklees brigade ranting on at me when I just said no-one was allowed to visit the grave which was true , but they were all bedazzled cos their heroine was a LAYDEE–as pronounced in Little Brittain–haha– and the Highgate link stoking it up with threats and whatnot, so I am pretty well used to that sort of thing and it doesnt cause me any sleepless nights– though having said that I dont sleep much at night anyway.
    Did a literary launch last night–haha, well it wasnt so grand as it sounds but I thought it was a book signing when it was a book club in a book shop, wine and everything–which I couldnt drink cos I was driving, so I had to give a talk and then read from the book, well they were absolutely falling about laughing–I wont say which story I read as it will identify the book, but they said it was brilliant and ought to be on stage, nobody thought it was making fun, it was telling it how it was in reality, though the story was quite old, bits of it going back at least 30 years, all cobbled together and dramatised–well if you just rambled on from one yarn to another you would not be able to paint the pictures, and in reality as such, often things dont make for”TIDY” stories–you have to re-arrange things…………..anyway I am a bit stalled as we say in Yorkshire, of having to explain all this , I have othr pleasanter matters to attend to now and you are a writer so know anyway so tata for now
    ps I am wondering if something funny is happening in my house–seriously, I know I am going dotty in my old age but some very odd things are turning up in very odd places–no I am not on the vodka bottle either! This morning there were some bruises on my leg, truly,I have not fallen anywhere and cant think how they got there. I hope no-one has put a narsty spell on me. I have noticed things going missing and turning up in strange places for a week or two but just thought it was me, this morning also the plug in the bath was pulled off its link, which was forced open or well, it was not attached any more—what do you think?
    and the link was open, you know the loop thingy attached to the side of the bath–it had been pulled and my grandaughter has not been here or I might blame her!
    tata again, seems to be just thee and me on this blog, I am going tos tart a blog called Kissing Our Shadows—you know, Florence Nightingale said the soldiers kissed her shadow in the Crimea–not that I am a Florence Nighinggale of course, according to some specimens anyway !!!!!!!!, but I thought it made a good title.
    well time I had some breakfast.

  6. Thanks Barbara,
    I am afraid the title of the next book is a closely guarded secret as its meant to be a ‘surprise’! The book is nearly finished now and has been assigned an ISBN. The estimated page count is now about 270 with 20 pages of photographs.
    The title of the one after is the same as that which has already been used; only it will be a compendium edition with a long chapter at the end (55 pages or so) titled “Pact with the Devil” with one or two photographs to illustrate the ‘star’ of that! Thou shalt see; all will be revealed next year!
    I have a few thoughts on the strange happenings in your house, although I’ll come back to these a little later. It is Friday, and as you know, Friday is my busy day. Not just that, but I don’t merely wish to ‘rush’ important questions, especially when these are of a psychic nature! But I can tell you right now, these ‘happenings’ are not due to any outside influences but rather internal.
    Hope you enjoyed breakfast! ‘Till later,

  7. Hi David/Columbine,
    Dramatic developments regarding the Wace Tomb. Please read the Highgate Knowhere board.
    Agent 374.
    PS – Diana Brewester is posting again – WTF?

  8. “ps I am wondering if something funny is happening in my house–seriously, I know I am going dotty in my old age but some very odd things are turning up in very odd places”
    A manky antique shaving brush under the duvet perhaps?

  9. Hi Agent 374,
    Long time no hear from.
    Thank you for alerting us to that and good luck with your new site. I see you’ve used my book cover already but obviously you have my permission for that.
    All I would ask is that you do not use peoples’ real names on here, even if they are ‘dead’!
    May I take this opportunity to welcome you here. I shall be sending you a private email later as I have your email now. But it’ll have to be a little later as I’m expecting Gareth shortly.
    Anyway, for the moment,
    PS Upset Barbara at your own risk!

  10. No,. its not ye old shaving brushe, that sadly went into the dustbin as you know, for which I had already apologised not realising it was yours or that it had sentimental value.
    ps but I will be worried if it turns up anywhere, I will let you know!

    With regard to this communication from a lady who has been dead for five years,of course such a thing is common in Spiritualism, but usually such missives come by way of a ouija board or the vocal cords of a medium, rather than the internet. Nevertheless, spirits often keep up with advances in technology, witness the book ‘Phone Calls from the Dead’, which appeared in the 1980s. I seem to recall that the woman in question was laid to rest – after a ceremony conducted by a certain bishop, which must have annoyed the members of her Lesbian witch coven who attended – in the Islington and St. Pancras Cemetery in north London. This was the same place where, in the 1970s, the ‘Black Pope’ had endeavoured to raise bodies from the graves in the course of a ‘magical duel’. Perhaps his rite has at last succeeded? Or did they bury her in a coffin equipped with a laptop having radio internet access?
    Gareth J. Medway
    P.S. Barbara, sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with spirit manifestations, but please let me know if you find an old shaving brush amongst your apports.

  12. Thanks David for your e-mail and kind offer.
    I tried to reply but there was a service problem and i got a message saying that it was not received, so sorry about that, i’ve tried again.
    Hope all goes well with you and your work. E

  13. Thanks David
    Its just a mystery really, but three really black bruises on my leg, not generalised bruising which is worrying as it is a symptom of certain illnesses. I shall have to just put it down to one of those odd things, certainly no phantom shaving brush was involved! There doesnt seem to be any explanation for the other strange matters, you know I have been under really bad stress recently, even worse than the normal harrassment of the past few years. I could do with a holiday maybe,
    funny about the highgate board, I had a look, what an imbecile
    tata barbara

  14. Hi Barbara,
    Coming back to your question, Barbara, about the strange happenings in your house, it is not an easy one.
    Waking up and discovering bruising is not entirely uncommon. This happened to another person I was in correspondence with about a year ago She discovered bruising on both her arms above her elbows where she assumed ‘somebody’ had ‘gripped’ her while she was asleep. There was no dream to accompany this, just the bruising.
    But the essential question comes back to, was this caused by some ‘outside force’, or could it have been another reaction caused by the body itself?
    The mind can have a strange effect upon the body, even from thoughts you may not be consciously aware of. What I mean is, the result could be entirely biological, although caused by some reaction in or of the body itself. I sincerely mean this.
    As an example (although perhaps not exactly the same thing), I once discovered the cause of a reoccurring dream somebody was having. He persistently drempt the all his teeth were falling out, and the dream invariably woke him up convinced at first he had lost all his teeth!
    The person became convinced that this dream was a premonition of some future accident, which was why he contacted myself.
    We worked on all the possibilities for some time, but eventually discovered the dreams were caused by his ‘grinding his teeth’ during sleep. This was interrupted by the ‘sleeping’ thought processes as a bodily ‘reality’, and hence the dreams. There was no ‘hidden meaning’ or anything like that, just the sleeping mind interrupting a natural bodily process and ‘relaying’ this as the dream.
    I realize there was no dream in your case (at least I don’t think there was) but that really makes no difference. The mind does not stop thinking while we are asleep; we are just not normally aware of its thoughts, that’s all.
    When you mention the mysterious movement (even breakage) of physical objects, have you noticed when this usually occurs? I mean, does this occur by day or during the night? Do you discover a misplaced or missing object in the actual course of a day or is this only discovered some time afterwards?
    I ask only because I don’t want to jump to the conclusion that ‘outsides forces’ are involved too quickly. It might not be that at all.
    I’m not saying that this doesn’t sometimes happen, but it is a very rare occurrence. Whatever, I certainly don’t believe that any other human person is responsible for this. I can answer this most definitely now.
    Well, I got Gareth to reply to you last night. Getting off the point, he finds that whole saga quite amusing (shaving brust, etc). But then so did a lot of people!
    For the moment,

  15. Thanks E,
    I decided to allow your post just in case anybody else had experienced any similar problem. I know it just happens sometimes.
    Please do try again or post here instead marking it ‘private’ and it won’t be published.
    Thanks again for letting me know,

  16. Certainly very intriguing developments on the Wace tomb.
    We need to have a get-together like we did a few years ago. An annual one would be a good idea. You are a mine of information and I may have a few of info for you. Please let me have your email etc, I have your phone number but not sure if it’s the right one. My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    David, I need a copy of your new book as well please.

  17. Hi RQ
    Nice to know you are following all this and yes, it would be nice if we could all meet up again. I am still in touch with most people, with one exception!
    I am sure my new secretary could arrange it again, though it might be better to leave it till spring now.
    My phone number is still the same so always phone if you want. You posted your private email here so I obviously ‘blocked this out’! I don’t mind if people post their private emails for contact purposes, but I just didn’t want to post yours by mistake.
    Well you have my private email now as well, so please stay in contact.
    For the moment,

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