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Just A Disciple Of Life . . .

Great deal more work done on the book last night (thanks to Gareth), now there’s only a couple of chapters left.

The cover is nearly finished and I’m getting a bar code put on it (and the next one) this time.  Pics. all been selected, I think I said 20 pages of them. K coming over later so she’ll be pleased.  Got another surprise for her as well.

Think I said, stair carpet has all been laid wall to wall now (with underlay) and you can hardly hear yourself walking on the stairs.  More like ‘floating’ now! The place is almost finished now, except I’ve got to buy another mirror for the front room.  Probably do that Monday, if I get round to it. Only be a cheap one though as ‘us witches’ have no regard for ‘material luxuries!  Though I can appreciate beauty in human beings though!

Another ‘ghost trip’ planned for next weekend.  Confirmation expected tonight.  Not far – some 35 – 35 – 40 miles.  Tell you about it afterwards.

Well, as Barbara pointed out in her last reply its all ‘fun and games’ on the Highgate site.  Mostly the usual; ‘him’ pretending not to be himself as usual.  Thanks again Agent 374, I would have missed that.  Probably because I don’t go chasing people all over the Net like he does.  I of course know your true identity ‘x’, and haven’t forgotten I owe you an email.  I forgot to say if you want any pictures for the new site, just email the Webmaster (or is it the Webmistress – you never know!) at the main Web address and he/she will send them to you.

Got this local event this week, then the other Talk soon after that..  I’ll tell you about those afterwards as well.

Gareth has invited me to some Pagan meeting on Wednesday evening so I might also go to that.  I know I’ve said this before, but just because I go to such meetings does not mean that I am a Pagan or anything else.  I really do value my self-identity too much to adopt any such labels.  If some people like to think I’m one, then that’s really their problem, not mine.  But I often get people trying to ‘label’ me in some way.  I remember in some student video I made back in 1998, I was pressed to describe myself.  I answered that I was ‘just a disciple of life’.  And I guess that’s still the best was to describe it!

Well, its nearly time for a glass of wine now.  You know that is really  still a classic . . . when somebody tried to imply I was an ‘alcoholic’ – or that my doctor (bless her!) so described me.  That still makes me laugh, when all I had done was to show the person a note from my doctor I needed to get my bus pass renewed (it was).  Gosh, the mentality of some people!

So, on that I will ‘love and leave you’.  And I hope those of you with any sense, will share a glass of wine with me.

Until later,


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