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What Will Turn Up Next!?!

Thought I do a Blog this evening as I’ve actually got some time on my hands for a change.  Well, not only that but I don’t have much time before Thursday now.

An appointment tomorrow (at least I always make them in the afternoon!) plus more filming later; that local event Tues,  then Wed that Pagan event (maybe). But its nice to be able to just relax.  And I had a very relaxing evening as well yesterday.

I have been told to put up one more short new book extract up here as its now getting so close. Well, mine is not to ‘reason why’ and when certain people have helped me so much, it’s the least I can do.  But it can wait till Thursday as I’ve got to find a ‘new’ bit that will be suitable.

I didn’t get up till 4 today, and by the time I had made some tea and found a shirt I wanted, the daylight had almost gone!  No, its not ‘laziness’ ‘cause I didn’t get to bed until about 6 this morning.
Having a bit of a sort out, and its amazing what you find.  I actually found the original of “New Witchcraft” No 4 which I feared had disappeared for ever!  But its found its way back so maybe Fate is trying to tell me something!  Seriously though, am glad I found it as it really is a classic.  What will turn up next?!?

That reminds me, I’ve still got to wash my hair tonight for the filming and don’t want to leave everything till the very last minute.  One of my pet hates is having to rush; especially when you don’t have to.

What else?.  I forgot to tell you.  Had a letter from the Tax Office last week asking me to declare my ‘income’.  “Somebody” might have been on to them giving them false information.  Well, the letter had a ‘normal’ land number on it (I don’t dial 0845 or 0870 prefixed numbers out of principle) so I phoned.  Really ‘catty’ woman.  I won’t repeat it all here, but basically I told her I was not prepared to ‘declare’ anything.  She said I was – I said I wasn’t.  She then got mildly threatening and so I said (something like) . . . ” Look love, I’m NOT trying to tell you your job.  But you shouldn’t even be in your job if you haven’t got the intelligence to realise that people don’t have to pay VAT on books or newspapers”.  She said that’s not what she meant.  I said it was what I meant as I didn’t have any other income than that.  She said they’d be getting back in touch.  I told her not to bother as they’d just get the same answer.  I added that my private life was my affair and none of her business.

I don’t know.  Some bloody people!   Talk about ‘intelligence’, or lack of it.  I’m far too busy to be bothered with all that nonsense.

Well, its now quarter to nine, and I think time to open another bottle of wine.  Good thing I stocked up yesterday as somehow I seem to have lost a day somewhere!

For the moment,


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  1. Hi David–Iam sure you have told me but which book is coming out first? All is go here what with one thing and another, some good some bad, on balance more good than bad so I suppose I am lucky at the end of the day. Had a lovely weekend, I am in a very posh health club now where I take my grandaughter swimming–its got a jacuzzi looking over the hils also, and I do weight training for the osetopororis. Several interesting leads from the book signing, but will keep that under wraps for now, well just off with another bag of books, my friend I an deliver local but as to the rest its with the publishers so we just get the royalties and dont know where they have gone!
    Another talk and craft fair before the end of the month and apart from toothache am keeping fit and well,hope you are also and Sir Gareth.

  2. Just had Mr nasty naughty tooth pulled out, on antibiotics, no drinkipoos for a week–told you someone had put a bad spell on me! Apart from that all is tickertiboo hope it is with you also, also some interesting developments over the “Other book!” Sorry to be so cryptic but always aware of snoopy and his waggling tail possibly –or probably—- lurking and skulking around
    tata barbara

  3. How bonkers are you? I live in Muswell Hill and now watch out for your straggly features. I imagine yo wandering around Sainsbury’s with Barbs. She’s going: “I can’t find the Chaise du Tomate. It is obvious they (the Dark Cabal) have put a spell on me”. You say: “Oh just grab any old can, where’s the Merlot?”.

  4. “How bonkers are you? I live in Muswell Hill and now watch out for your straggly features. I imagine yo wandering around Sainsbury’s with Barbs. She’s going: “I can’t find the Chaise du Tomate. It is obvious they (the Dark Cabal) have put a spell on me”. You say: “Oh just grab any old can, where’s the Merlot?”. ”
    Anyway, that’s what you said.

  5. I have yet to check out your ID; your IP number in particular!
    We we shall then see who you are!
    Just one thing though, Barbara lives some 280 miles away from me in Yorkshire, so its hardly likely I could go shopping with her in Muswell Hill! Quite aside from which, I choose my own wine!
    For now,

  6. IU was only joking. I once went to one of these happy clappy Christian things with a friend–not my idea, I hate happy clappy—and someone told us how Jesus–no disrespect—went round the supermarket with her and Jesus told her which was the best tin of baked beans to buy.Another one told us Jesus was with her while she vacced up and they sang together. Well I have my own faith as has David, but I dont go down that road–though everyone was literally bursting with happiness and beaming smiles so its obviously the way for some people, but not me.
    I once did have my house blessed after some really queer things started happening after I started investgating Robin Hoods Grave, other people in my house experienced things also, it does happen. The Enfield Polergeist is well documented and as far as I know hasnt been exposed as a fraud.
    Actually I am a very decisive person, I go buy what I want and hate shopping and dithering around. After deciding my toothache was here to stay on thios occasion I just went to the dentists and said pull it out, no messing, no filling, just get rid of it –though its still painful, thats only post op pain, hopefully it will improve today.
    Also I dont like to hurt people ‘s feelings and generally go out of my way not to–unless provoked, though over the messy menage a trois last year I did allow myself to be drawn into someone elses situation, I never said I was perfect. And my new book is a bit controversial because of the earthy Yorkshire humour which isnt quite appreciated by some laydees.
    tata barbara

  7. Well said Barbara,
    In fact, I was of two minds whether to release that post but believing in ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘free opinion’ (if, of course , it is genuine), I did.
    But I will come back to your reply later today, as I think your comments are very valid and deserve a fuller response.
    I am still a little tired at the moment though, and have to go out fairly soon,
    So, only for the moment!

  8. Back in now, but have to go out again later as still have a couple of things to do. Hope you’re tooth is getting better – well, it can’t get any worse, can it? As its not there anymore!
    I agree with what you say, Barbara, about people being happy thinking they are in direct communication with Jesus. There’s nothing really wrong with that, and maybe – in their own ways – they are. That’s not really for me to judge, as I know you weren’t doing.
    My only ‘pet hate’ is when some people honestly believe that Jesus only loves them – or their friends – and nobody else! Even worse, sometimes, is when such people actually pray for the destruction or downfall of their perceived enemies thinking that ‘God’ or Jesus wants to satisfy their own particular will. I personally find that hypercritical, and it is certainly a long way from the teachings of Jesus Himself! Literally miles away, in fact.
    I suppose what I’m saying is, everybody has a right to love God in their own way. Trying or wishing to harm others, though, is certainly not ‘loving God’. In fact, it is quite the opposite!
    Still, I suppose you can only hope that one day such people get real understanding that God’s love is not just for themselves but for anyone who wants it.
    For the moment,

  9. I agree David–there’s nowt worse that the “whited sepulchres ” as I call them and believe me there are plenty of them go to church every Sunday–those who profess to be Christians but have no charity in their hearts. Even worse if they are “professionals”!Or alleged professionals that is! But I dont want to get into all that about which denomonation is the “right one” or which religion is the “right one”. You only have to read the Old Testament to read soem pretty terrible stuff anyway, and it is surprising how many “Christians” dont know anything about that at all, they dont know the difference between a Jew and an Israeli, for starters, or about how St Paul was the founder of Christianity to the non Jewish peoples—-but again,and all this burbling all about loving everyone is so much hypocrisy. But where there are good,genuine educated Christians who dont talk half baked rubbish, then thats what I like to be involved with.
    The tooth or lack of it, has been just as painful, but hopefully it will be okay by tomorrow,
    must go old bean, my friend of book fame has arrived
    tata barbara

  10. Thanks for that Barbara,
    I basically agree with you. I am not anti-Christian either, of whatever demomination. Come to think of it, I am not ‘anti’ any other religion either, just so long as the main motivation is a true search for God and to yearn to get closer to that Divine Principle. We are indeed all God’s children and if it were not for that Divine Principle, none of us would be here.
    In the Christian denominations, Jesus came to show us all the Way, but we must remember other religions have their Seers and prophets as well.
    I am not saying anything ‘new’; I have being basically this for years.
    But I have also said that God should not be ‘entrapped’ in any religion (by us very human mortals) but exists independently out side of these. That does not mean that any religion is ‘wrong’; but in its proper sense, religion should be used to pay worship to that Divine Principle, and not manipulated just to suit very human desires and needs.
    Again back to that Great Commandment which Jesus held in esteem above all the others: to love God and your neighbour as yourself. If people REALLY adhered to this, then we wouldn’t need any of the others!
    And we wouldn’t be restricted by any Church or Mosque to make such a demonstration. We would love God both inside and outside of Churches. Tragically, many people don’t!
    For the moment,

  11. Thanks ADAM,
    It was only an old tooth but it “gave me gip” as we say up here. Now it is like a phantom leg–only a tooth, I hope you dont have too much bother anyway. Well thats all folks for today–David—I cant resist a last jokey–how about”*********the Musical.”

  12. Hello, David and Barbara:
    I agree with many of the points you have both made during this discussion. There are so many church-attending Christians who claim to worship God, but instead are seemingly oblivious to their own prejudices, ignorance, and closed-mindedness. Not all are that way, mind you, but a large portion do appear to follow that path.
    And Barbara, you have my sympathies regarding the dental woes; I have spent much of this year dealing with my own (and there is considerably more yet to come), so I understand your plight. I hope you feel well again soon.

  13. Really not trying to be evasive, Barbara, but that “Musical’ comment went over my head. Probably missed something obvious. Can you explain again? On second thoughts, better not, just send me an email in the meantime if its about ‘him’!
    Speak soon

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