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Della’s Hidden Highgate.

As some people will already know, Della has just done a news interview on Mindset Central’s Para Talk radio hosted by Gareth Davies and his Co-host Reeves about her new Website “Hidden Highgate”.

This was pre-recorded simply because there is an 8 hours time difference between California USA and the good ol’ UK.  (Della works hard enough as it is without expecting her to go live over air at 4 or 5 am!).

I have since spoken to Gareth Davies and apparently her interview was very well received; so much so that he would like her back on the show again soon.

Della has also done another interview for Mickey Gocool’s North London Paranormal Investigations (NLPI) about her new Website which can be heard this coming Friday between 9pm and 11pm.  Although this interview was also pre-recorded because of Della’s busy work schedule,  I am pleased to say that both Della and myself will be tuning in live to Mickey’s programme in the event that any listeners have any questions that are Highgate related.

People have already been informed on Twitter of the new Website’s imminent launching, but the static Internet page also warns people that the content of Hidden Highgate will literally be in accordance with its aptly chosen title i.e. about the hidden mysteries and legends of old Highgate – including the paranormal ones –  that were once so dominant in the lives of this class conscious community.  But other than that, in the pre-publicity leading up to its official opening, Della is quick to reassure her readers that her new Website can be taken seriously and (I surmise) will not be wasting time on the usual ‘vampire’ fiction that is so commonly circulated about quaint old Highgate.  It is to be a ‘vampire-free zone’ she so proudly informed some inquisitive readers.  We’ll have to wait and see how she intends to deal with that.  But I imagine it simply means that she intends to deal with provable history; rather than waste time by introducing fictional accounts and opinions which, in any event, are ‘unprovable’.   However she does it,  I am very proud to be a part of  Della’s Hidden Highgate.

I have to give yet another filmed Talk in Margate on Saturday on the Highgate case.  Haven’t really decided what to go into yet, but the Highgate ‘vampire’ case will most likely get a mention.  I am not so interested in speculating what the Highgate ghost or entity is, was, or could have been;  but I will certainly empathasise that any notion that it was/is a ‘real vampire’ belongs to the realms of invented fiction!

So, all in all its proving a pretty exhausting week – or will be by the time it is over!

But I’ll keep you all up to date.  Should prove eventful!

David Farrant, President, BPOS.


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