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But I Managed To Struggle Through

Sorry all for the delay in putting a new blog entry together. As you all know October is always a busy month for me, and September was no quieter with my ASSAP Talk in Bath and my London Haunts and Horrors Talk in Clerkenwell.

The latter was held in a packed events room above The Green public house, and it was standing room only by the time the Talk commenced, with around 50 people packed into the venue. This event was unusual in that it featured in addition to myself three other witnesses to the ‘tall dark figure’ often seen in Swains Lane and other parts of Highgate. It is all now up on YouTube in three parts for those who were unable to attend. This event was also marked on a less positive note by the fact that I had a cracked rib, but I managed to struggle through and by and large from all reports it all went well.

But there seems to be no end to the demand for these Talks, and just when I should be recuperating and being fed grapes and whisky (medicinal) in bed, I am off to Margate this weekend for the UnXplained Hallowe’en Conference 2013, which is going to mean an overnight stay. I don’t really mind the stay so much, as doing the travelling there and back in one day might have otherwise proved a little tiring.

I know I have a lot of readers in Essex and Kent, and if any of you would like to attend here are the booking details, and links to where you can find out more:


Saturday, 26th October @ 7.30pm – 11.00pm
Location: The Glenwood Hotel, 19-25 Edgar Road, Margate,
CT9 2RG.
Tel: (01843) 292137
Price: £10 admission (full day)
From 2pm until late
David Farrant will be a guest speaker at this forthcoming all day event that will consist of an afternoon and an evening session; with breaks in between speakers. Food and refreshments will be available throughout the event. Guest speakers will include: Scott Costello (UNXplained), David Papa-Adams, Gary Gary Heseltine (PRUFOS), David Weatherley (author of ‘The Black Eyed Children’ via live feed), and Ian and Mandy (members of a local Wiccan coven).

It would be great to see some familiar faces there, just as it will be to meet some new people with an interest in the paranormal.

In other news … I understand that my friend and colleague Mickey Gocool, founder member of North London Paranormal Investigations is also planning a Hallowe’en Event. More details on that to follow. But he has also managed to squeeze in a Hallowe’en special on Friday night on his NLPI Radio show (co-hosted with Kurt Logsdon). He will be interviewing my wife, Della, about her forthcoming book ‘Haunted Highgate’ which will be published in Oct 2014, and her new website which goes live this Hallowe’en. Her new website details many of the haunted locations in and around Highgate and encourages the community to contribute their own experiences of the paranormal. She has put a lot of work into what is a very original idea, and all is going to plan – and gathering a lot of interest from various quarters.

So perhaps you can understand now why I have been a bit lapsed with my blog entries – I simply can’t get access to the computer!! Anyway, that’s it for now, everyone, and I’ll certainly keep you updated about Della’s Hallowe’en interview later this week.

So for now,



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