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Alla goda ting är tre – And Welcome To England

Paranormal Hunters (Sweden), North London Paranormal Investigations and British Psychic & Occult Society Meet Up September 2013 © Della Farrant

Well everyone, earlier than expected part 2 of my filmed Talk for David Saunderson’s London Haunts and Horrors is now up on YouTube.

Part 3 will hopefully follow in the next few days, and includes testimonies and discussions with witnesses of the Highgate entity in recent years.  You can view part 2 in the meantime however here:

I always seem to be especially busy at this time of year – well the build up to Hallowe’en is part of the reason for that I suppose. Just as soon as I had finished recovering from my Talk in Clerkenwell it was time to meet up with some Swedish colleagues in the paranormal field, who had come to England especially to visit Highgate. They have been researching the area’s supernatural background for sometime, and it was a pleasure to meet up with them at my flat, along with some members of North London Paranormal Investigations who were kind enough to show them around Highgate after dark and keep them safe. They asked me lots of questions about Highgate and its various entities, and it is very unfortunate that they just missed my Talk on the Monday because of teething problems navigating London upon their arrival early that evening, but I hope I managed in some way to make up for that. I am also happy to report that they made it back to Sweden safely. So if you are reading this, Maria and Marina, it was lovely to meet you.

Additionally, it was great news to learn that North London Paranormal Investigations will be represented at least as convention attendees at another Talk which I am giving in Kent at the end of this month, but more on that to come tomorrow.

Well that’s it for now, but as I say part 3 of my Talk will be up soon and I promise to let you all know about my next forthcoming Talk imminently. After all, as they say in Sweden, all good things come in threes!

For now,


Reasons to be cheerful – 1, 2, 3! (c) David Saunderson / Spooky Isles / London Haunts and Horrors

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