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A Bit Of News

Well I’ve had an easy time with the last two Blogs – all I had to do really was post up a couple of pictures of Lauryn.

That’s obviously easier than writing; but here I am again back at the drawing board with nothing really to say!  But I’ll have to think of something or I’ll have K on the phone again!

So what to talk about? I know, maybe a bit of news.  Problem is nothing much has happened.  Except maybe . . .

Last night I received a phone call from an old school friend called Roger.  He had seen my Website and sent an email and we exchanged phone numbers. He went to the same school as me in Weymouth – you may remember the same one I got expelled from for refusing to get my hair cut (well, and for making ‘illegal’ dates with school girls from the comprehensive school down the road, but that’s really another matter!).

Seeing him soon anyway and we should have a lot to talk about.  I know I put much of this in the 1st Volume of my book, but it’ll be interesting to see if he remembers things I’ve forgotten.

I think I mentioned in the book that I came top of the class in Scripture, but this is only because I was interested in it.  Most of my other grades were close to zero as I just refused to learn anything.  Not that I didn’t make up for this in later life; but any learning was through Life and people (as it still is).

Anyway, if he remembers anything interesting I may post it up afterwards.  But ‘may’ is the operative word here as I virtually rebelled against the whole system and I’ve got a bad enough reputation as it is!  Forget it being some 50 years ago, people can still dredge these things up (like the times we used to arrange ‘midnight swims’ with a few of the girls and had to climb down some 30 feet to ‘escape’ from the dormeteries. I remember it was lovely and warm, but the sea was bloody cold!). But if he remembers anything interesting I MIGHT post it up!

Still getting on well with the new book and just finished the other one. But its as if people were saying “sod the 2nd Volume, we want to know what really happened with the betrayal”.  Well, you all soon will, that is the interested people.

That’s about it newswise.  I’m working on a very amusing part for the 2nd Volume though  I’ve called the chapter “From Satan with Love” – quite appropriate really, although it is from the year 1987!

Well K, another full Blog!  Hope you can get over again soon and that C is behaving himself.  Still, you’re old enough to take care of yourself now sweetheart!

That’s all for now really folks, so ‘till next time,


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