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Halloween Once Again

Well, its Halloween, the date when ‘ghosties’ and the ‘spirits of the dead’ are supposed to return to the earth. Whether these really do however, is another matter. But I won’t elaborate upon that here as it would take far too long.

My Halloween talk took place yesterday at the Central Kensington Library and everybody seemed to like it. I spoke at length on the long Highgate ‘vampire’ case mainly but included some other investigations from the time. It was a good audience and everybody seemed interested in what I had to say, especially K who had never heard me give a live Talk before. The whole thing lasted for almost over two hours if you include yet more questions and all the books I sold afterwards. Made a few useful contacts anyway. (Talking of which E, I received your email on the main Website but am just waiting to this to be forwarded to me so I can answer you personally. I’ll chase the person up so you can expect an answer soon. Or you can always reply to my Blog but just mark it personal then I won’t publish it).

The other South London talks is coming up in about two weeks (as I already mentioned) and the details are to follow. Just got to get some people and filming rights sorted out for that. Talking of filming, I heard from one of the students this afternoon who told me they are pleased with the film they made in September. I haven’t seen that yet, but obviously I know what the parts on myself were about as I was in it! I had a day in today as its turned much colder and, quite honestly, I still feel a little ‘drained’ from the hectic past couple of days. Got to go out tomorrow though as I’m getting a little low on essential supplies – wine for example!

Now, I can’t remember if I mentioned this (sorry everyone but I do have so many things to deal with that I can’t be expected to remember everything!), but a new book has just come out by Melvin Coverley which includes the Highgate case. It has been reviewed in the current Fortean Times and called Occult London. Just thought I’d mention it for the sake of any collectors!

And on that, I will close off for now everyone. More work to do on the new book tonight.

For the moment, David


14 responses

  1. Hello, David:
    It’s great that you enjoy giving these talks so often and I’m sure many people interested in paranormal/psychic/occult matters appreciate hearing them as well. And having another outlet to sell books never hurts, either!
    Thanks for mentioning the Occult London book also. I had a look at the synopsis and it certainly appears to be fascinating read.
    It looks as if your trip to the Silent Pools mentioned in the previous blog was an interesting one. I look forward to hearing about the hospital investigation.

  2. hi david im back!! been tied up over last few months but now ive been untied !! hope your keeping well, i heard about the talk you gave on thursday and planed to turn up and suprise you.but just as i was about to set off (wearing my thigh high boots) when we had a power cut and not knowing how long it would last (over 2 hours) i didnt want to leave my dogs.but i nearly got my hands on you and not going to give up till i do!! but glad to hear that your talk was a success dispite the sad little person who tried to get it cancelled.
    so david when are we going to meet? seems you been working hard and i think you deserve some play time and im ready to play………………..

  3. Hi again Speedqueen,
    Glad to see you’re back here after so long.
    I gather you must have seen all the advertising about my Talk all over London recently, and it was a pity you didn’t make it.
    You’ll be glad to learn, that ‘Cat’ seems to have disappeared for the moment, so you won’t be able to get your claws into him at the moment!
    As for me, well, we must still arrange that meeting. Greatly honoured to be able to announce that I’d finally met the ‘Queen on the Bikers’!
    Seriously, though, still like to meet you, so just let me know.
    David (Farrant)

  4. What has happened to the Phantom Menace? Has he metastatised elsewhere yet?
    Its quiet in Yorkshire though there is a bit of dickipoggy going on over a certain book—–but will update you on that privately as we know certain nosey parkers come a-snooping on here.
    The Robin Hood talks have done really well this year and two booked for next year already. The audience always love the bit at the end when I show the spooky photos and tell them about the Vampire and its hunter -=-they think its hilarious.
    Glad to hear yoiur talks are doing well as well, and hope to see your book(S) out by the end of the year, despite the bit at the end where I think I get entangled in a bit of dickipogginess.
    Well I am off swimming now–I went to church last night so thats okay—then its back to the grindstone, loads to do, a another book signing to do–though unless you are already famous , or infamous ,they can be a bit slow, still its great to be invited, some housework to do and more of my “promise boxes” to make–they go well at the talks as does the new book, even though there is no RH connection.Its freezing up here but I am not putting the central heating on after last years mega bills.
    tata to all

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Good to see you back again. Where have you been? On second thoughts don’t answer that, as I know that person reads this!
    The ‘Phantom Menace’ is still there as well trying to cause as much trouble but remaining ‘anonymous’ as usual.
    I have been a bit slow posting on the main Blog lately but that is only because I have to get my new autobiography finished for Christmas. I am also working on the other one (‘your one’) at the same time but that won’t be out until early after the Christmas period now. Don’t worry about your part in that book. I am really only dealing with your enquiries (with another) into that bogus ‘church’ and your findings most of which were sent to me anyway. I have not criticised you in anyway but just presented your findings. I am really not in the business of ‘attacking’ people in my books and other writings, but when deliberate lies are told publically about myself, I obviously reserve the right to correct the record. You were not one of the people who were doing this (though emphasis on the word ‘deliberate’ here!) so there is nothing really to have to correct.
    You will see anyway, as I’ll be sending you an advance copy. Anybody else (with the exception of some religious authorities) will just have to pay for theirs. An estimated page check on this book is about 350 bound pages. (Some pamphlet as said before!).
    But apart from that, its busy but quiet. Another Talk coming up soon but I can handle all those without needing any script.
    So, hope everything’s well.
    For the moment,

  6. Please dont say”dont worry” David–its one of those sayings I cant abide cos someone was always saying it to me when I wasnt worried in the least , its like” Bear with me” which I find patronising, irritating and jargony, I nearly gnash my teeth when you get the bear with me brigade on the phone passing you from one(usually) un decipherable department to another, and like if they want your name and address they say, “Thats brilliant Barbara”–well I dont know what is brilliant about telling someone my name and address.
    ThATS MY THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ANYWAY, for what its worth. Oh and my other special hate is when people knock at my door with s tupid offers I dont want–usually gas and telephone people, I am going to put a big red cross on my door saying I have the plague to keep them away seeing as my polite notice doesnt work. I got a guy who said he was colour blind and could not read my notice which is in black and white, he said I was “prejudiced” against colour blind people I ask you.
    Gosh dont I sound grumpy, its the thought of another day battlng with the book burning brigade, ie the local Inquisitiion, and my legacy from a friend which turned out to be stocks and shares mostly and it has gone all dickipoggy, now some long lost relatives have emerged–like they do1
    have a nice day anyway ! And you do also , “the others”
    TATA barbara

  7. Hi David,
    glad your talk went well, despite some deranged bugger making the usual phone calls. Speaking of deranged buggers, what happened to the ‘final countdown’ ? So there is no ‘game over’, not yet anyway. And who is this ‘M’, you sly old fox ? Glad to see you can still attract the ladies.

  8. rob i’m betting that the senile old fart was trying to get the talk closed hence the whole countdown.
    the clue was when he said “you’ll have nobody left to talk to”.
    brave words for a man who dresses up like a woman.
    anyway im off to listen to my ‘whores of venus’ megamix collection.
    p.s babs, bear with me but dont worry ok

  9. What happened to the ‘final countdown’? I really don’t know, Rob; he’s still counting I should imagine!
    As for ‘still attracting ladies’, trust you to imply that Rob!
    Its nothing like that. M is just a young lady who’s interested in the subject and posted up to say she enjoyed the talk, that’s all! In fact, I got several other emails about it to the main Website, and I’m always pleased to get positive response.
    Just out of interest, I sold 3 copies of your book “Return of the Vampire Hunter” down there, so stop your frivolity!
    By the way, if you need any more copies of “Return” for your local bookshops up there, just let me know.
    For now,

  10. That was probably the intention, Craig, but he didn’t account for the fact the Talk had been widely advertised by the Library for some 3 weeks previously all across the Borough’s of Kensington and Chelsea. It had also been advertised in several North London bookshops and Libraries (and of course on my main Wedsite) so it was really too ‘big’ for him to stop.
    I have allowed your post to Barbara, Craig as you know I don’t believe in unnesessary censorship.
    But please stop provoking Barbara. Your last comment really was not necessary.

  11. Well I was just having a moan this morning so you will have to bear with me(horrible thought when you think about it!) folks. What am I missing then, is the phantom still lurking around/
    tata barbara

  12. Just read Occult London. The book is otherwise very good though the author could have done much better by mentioning your take of the facts. Still he has given links to websites so that is good.

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