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Would You Believe It?!!

Would you believe it?!  I actually got up at 10.30 today – though I had to get an alarm call to do it.

I got most of the things I missed yesterday done, including posting 6 copies to all the major University Libraries.  Actually, you have to do that by law, and I shall be doing it with the next book as well so everything is on public record to view or reference.  Never let it be said that I ever try to hide anything I have written!

Your book went too this morning Matt, (Ist) so hopefully you will get it tomorrow.

Anyway, that was just the start of what has proved to be a very long day.  It didn’t help that most of the places I had to go to were in the West End, and I just hate going down there!  But most of its done; though there’s a couple of places left to go to for tomorrow (I hope!).

Gosh, was I glad to get home.  I tried to time it to miss the rush hour, but guess who got caught right in the middle of it?!!  Yes, that’s right, but at least I was using buses as the tube’s even worse.

Letter-wise its been quite an eventful day as well.  Letter this morning from a girl in Cheltenham asking for details about the Society.  It seems quite genuine and she enclosed an SAE.  I really wish more people would do that when they write as postage can add up – especially with all the books to do as well.  I’ve said it before, but I really must get another personal secretary as I’m getting over-worked a bit!  Still, its all good fun and worth it!

There was another today (no SAE) from a guy saying he’d just formed a small ghost group called (well, I’d better not say its name here before I get his permission) and would O like to be an Honorary member.  Flattered I’m sure but I’ll have to find out more about it first.  Not too far away at least.

Back to sorting out some more stuff this evening.  Which reminds me, yesterday I found – or ‘re-found’ – the complete audio transcript to the Talk I gave for the Secret Chiefs on May 23 2006.  Somebody had put it on DVD and the quality is excellent.  I might transcribe the whole thing (Questions and Answers as well) as it would make a good little book.  But I just haven’t got time to take on that as well at the moment.

Well, on that note its off to open a bottle of wine and get back to work.

For the moment,



2 Responses

  1. Dear David
    Many thanks for the book, it arrived in this mornings post. A cheque is on its way to you. I shall sit down with your new book and beer or two tonight.
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks for letting me know about safe receipt of the book Matt. Must say I’m pleasantly surprised, with the post that is.
    Please do make any comments you want to here. I really don’t mind genuine criticism – unlike some people!
    The only ‘criticism’ I’ve had so far, is that there were too many ‘sexy bits’ in it. But as that was from a lady, I suppose that was understandable!
    But I hope you enjoy it.

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