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Cold Spell Has Gone Now

Dare not speak too soon, but it really looks as if that long cold spell has gone now and won’t be coming back.  My gut instinct is that it won’t, although even us ‘witches’ have known to be wrong sometimes you know!

I put the word ‘witch’ in quotes because this is how I’m seen to be by some people who won’t have it any other way – people who have either been indoctrinated by some ‘religious’ fanatics or who believe quite literally in the sensationalism they read in the tabloid Press.  My God!  I have been through enough of all that in my life, so I of all people should surely know about that!   If I haven’t been referred to as a ‘wicked witch’ in the Press (I kid thee not, that’s how one newspaper described me in the 1970’s!)  then I’m referred to with all the erroneous attributions that are seen to go with the word.

Getting away from the weather, I suppose that’s really the main reason I have written the current book.  To show some people how sometimes they can get things so very wrong.  But this is not a new phenomenon applicable only to myself  It goes back to those dark days of history when people held (and practiced) views that were seen to contradict those of the early Church.  So everything was ascribed as the ‘work of the devil’ and thousands of innocent men and women (and children) were tortured and put to death for merely worshipping that Divine Principle (or God) in their own particular way.  Times have really changed little; only nowadays this persecution takes place in a more ‘civilized’ way.  As I wrote somewhere in one of my books . . . “People no longer burn witches, that is true.  But they would think nothing, probably nothing, of attributing to them those same ‘crimes’ and absurdities which they stood accused of so long ago”.

That is really the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of the whole matter.  Civilization may change or improve with time; human nature most certainly does not.

Well, talking of the book, I’ve certainly got my work cut out tomorrow.  Not only more to be packaged and posted, by more visits to make regarding the distribution.  A ‘witches’ life is certainly not an easy one!

Then I’ve got to go through the whole in May/June when the next one comes out in June.  People seem more interested in that actually;  probably because they want to hear my answer to all the accusations that that have been published about me.  But that’s got to be finished yet although when it is, I shall be sending out a few advanced copies to selected people – Aldams Road, for example, to save a certain person the bus fare!  Got to be fairly limited to sending out advanced book copies though.  The books are expensive and giving away free copies certainly eats into the profits.

Talking of which, I believe I told you the current book has now been listed on Amazon.  They have got the Listing wrong though as they have put ‘KD’ as the author when he only wrote one of the introductions.  I’M the bloody author, no-one else!  So that will have to be changed by Amazon: though I’m not doing it at the moment – far too busy.

Anyway, aside from the books, I have still got to try and keep on top of  all the other work in the Society.  So many queries to answer – it just goes on!

So, with that I will leave you everyone.  But with all this work, I doubt that I will be doing any Blog tomorrow!

For the moment,



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