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David Farrant with Kevin Crace 2006 © Kevin Crace

Another quiet day, so not much more to report really, although I spoke to my friend Steve Genier yesterday and agreed to be a guest on the panel of tonight’s Nocturnal Frequency Radio show.

It  is being broadcast live between 11pm and 1am Canadian time,  which means it commences at 4am UK time. I have invited quite a few of you already, and thanks for the response. I do understand that it may be a little early for some to listen live in the morning; but then think of me! As I shall be keeping awake to do it!

I understand the subjects are to be varied on the Paranormal, so I can’t really tell you at this point what exactly is going to be discussed. But the link for the streaming broadcast is here: [linked removed as no longer hosted – Ed.] and you can also listen to the archive of the show after 24 hours.

Anyway,  as it will be live, I would obviously be available to answer any queries or questions about the subject if asked. So come on, Cousin Hoggy, please put your identity where your mouth is, if you need clarification about any points. The phone-in is even free, as you can use Skype. If not, just listening is also ‘free’!

On another note, there will soon be coming up another Hallowe’en special on DFTVX: please watch out for this, as the initial rushes look very promising. (Cousin Hoggy is also in this – though not by my suggestion but in the film script which is obviously out of my hands).

And there is, of course, the new edition of the Comic Book which the American people are confident will be released before Hallowe’en. All in full colour of course, and will be available in all good bookshops, by mail order, and of course on Amazon.

A few of you may remember that in December 2006, I was interviewed by the film producer Kevin Crace and his film crew. I am led to understand that this film interview could be released fairly soon although of course, its not my personal copyright and so I would need to obtain permission to publish any clips. Anyway to finish off – as I have a long night ahead of me – I hope some of you will at least get a chance to listen to Steve Genier’s show. Who knows what’s going to happen?!

For the moment everyone,



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