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Last Night’s Show…

© Della Farrant

Just to bring you up to date everyone, last night’s show on Steve Genier’s “Nocturnal Frequency Radio” was apparently a big hit.

Steve’s guests included Don Ecker, Jason Day and Justin Villareal, and little ol’ me, David Farrant. Steve began very courteously by questioning us all about our involvements in paranormal research :  Don, as a radio interviewer who runs his own shows; Jason who runs his own UK based local paranormal group, and Justin, who runs US based Lake County Ghost Hunters Research Group.

The show went really well, with a lot of relaxed conversations involving all concerned. I didn’t manage to get off the phone til 6.30am, but luckily had a chance to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine with Della afterwards (hence the rather ‘spontaneous’ pic!). ‘In case anyone didn’t get to listen this morning, I understand it is now online and you can listen to it or download it.

On another matter, I heard from a friend called Trish today, a college student. I had not heard from her for some time, but she recently approached me with a project that she had in mind; i.e. that she would handle all queries about the Highgate vampire case, and deal with these appropriately. Well, I can’t really stop her, because the girl has got a mind of her own and if Trish says she wants to do something, she usually ends up doing it! Well, her apparent enthusiasm seems so great, that she has apparently elected to become a member of the BPOS. Dear Trish, I do wish you the best of luck, because we do have to deal with so many irrelevant complaints from nutcases!

Anyway, just ‘go for it’ sweetheart if you really feel capable. But I warn you, many imminent dangers lie ahead, wherein you will probably be besieged by a barrage of emails from a mass of aliases and hangers on / obsessives, as soon as you make your first public comment!

But thanks Trish, nice to hear from you, and I really appreciate your offer. Please just go for it if you want to, as I’m far too busy at the moment with other things.

Anyway not much has been happening apart from the above, but I’m really looking forward to the new Comic Book, which is due for release around Hallowe’en time.

Be in touch soon Trish, and welcome aboard!

For the moment,



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